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The Benefits of Sex Toys

Sex Toys

Bringing sex toys into your intimate life

In recent years, the popularity and usage of sex toys has increased exponentially. There are numerous places to purchase them, but online sales have been booming. Buying sex toys online provides many advantages, including anonymity and competitive pricing. So, if sex toys are everywhere, what is the big deal? Are there any actual benefits to using them? Jimmy Jane, a high quality sex toy provider, shares some benefits of these adult products.

Whether single or in a relationship, sex toys can offer many advantages to their users biologically, psychologically and emotionally. Sexual intercourse itself has been shown to be a great stress reliever as well as mood enhancer thanks to the neurotransmitter soup that our brains get saturated before during and after the act. These same chemicals are released when a person uses a sex toy because the feelings and eventual orgasm are the same.

There are many dissenting opinions about using sex toys in a relationship, but research has shown that the use of sex toys in a monogamous relationship can help improve just about every aspect of that relationship, including emotional trust, satisfaction and overall happiness. Couples who have a successful sex life are much less likely to get a divorce than their unsatisfied counterparts.

Using a sex toy when one is single, however, seems to be much more accepted by the world at large. Being single doesn’t mean you have to forgo the benefits of experiencing a healthy sex life, even if it is just with yourself. Being single and using a sex toy offers similar benefits to the ones seen with couple usage. Sex (intercourse or with a sex toy) helps the brain de-stress by releasing endorphins and other mood enhancing neurotransmitters into the brain. This mixture of chemicals and endorphins released during orgasm are both good for overall health as well as psychological health. Experiencing a sexual climax offers the same benefits whether during intercourse or with a sex toy.

For couples, utilizing a sex toy provides a whole new dimension of lovemaking. In many relationships, over time, sex can become routine and sometimes boring. Sex toys offer the couple a unique way to spice up their sex life, which can have a great impact on their relationship as a whole. For a significant portion of women, penetrative sex is not enough to reach an orgasm. Sex toys, especially vibrators, help women with this problem, and also help men feel more confident and comfortable in their sexual abilities. Sex toys help relieve performance pressure as well as help alleviate body image issues by allowing both partners to succumb to the sexual experience of the encounter. For women the use of sex toys has been shown to decrease anxiety and negative body issues by helping place their focus not on their naked bodies, but on the physical experience itself. This can be great for both partners because it enables them to set aside insecurities and forge a relationship that is built on loving trust.

Using sex toys whether single or in a relationship offers many advantages. Having a successful sex life can improve overall happiness, self-confidence and reduce stress and anxiety. These benefits are well worth it, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to experience the pleasure of a successful sexual encounter?

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