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Everyone is welcome. Many men come here to discover new fantasies and have a good time. Many women too. And we do have transgender visitors, who particularly enjoy our hot tips!

Here you will find many ways to please yourself. The navigation is fairly simple, so I will let you explore by yourself.

For the curious ones, you can find out more about the backstage of “My Pouty Lips” in this About section. More about me, about my blog and about it’s meaning!

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  1. Pouty Lips !
    Allow me to advertize a little bit on your site πŸ˜‰ My site is http://www.dictionaric.com it’s a site with free dictionaries on line. I think you should translate Pouty Lips in different languages. I think the best translation in French is LÈVRES PULPEUSES. You know that in French every word has a gender, masculine or feminine. Luckily lip is feminine in French πŸ™‚

  2. Dear Angelicka,
    I have spent a few minutes glancing at some of your web site. In many ways, I am very impressed. I am not always sure when the words I am reading are a fictional story or the reporting of a true event. Do you feel that’s not relevant?
    I noticed that one piece, ‘Confessions Day Two’ was about a first date and another piece, ‘By the Fireplace’ was about a longer term relationship. Yet the sex seemed the same. Do you believe that sex can feel different between a couple who are just getting to know each other versus a couple who have been together for decades? I am not sure, but I suspect that it depends on the couple. For some people, being physically intimate is not connected to being emotionally or intellectually intimate. For others, it makes a huge difference. To get to know a person physically, emotionally and intellectually can take some time. More time if the couple are more developed and have greater sophistication physically, emotionally and intellectually.
    There are some other thoughts that have crossed my mind as I read some of you writings. But I will save them for a later time.
    AKA BertrandR1872

    1. Dear Larry,

      Thanks a lot for your reading and for your very sweet comment! It goes straight to my heart.
      Many of the words here are reporting to real experience, whether mine or of my close friends. I may change sometimes the location or some details to make the stories more interesting, but I must confess that 99% of what i write is based on real life experience.
      I tend to disagree regarding your comment on “Confessions Day Two”. I was meeting this online friend and got really turned on as i was really excited bye the situation and we clicked very fast. The was a lost of lust in that. Whereas in “By the Fireplace”, the sexual relation is more elaborate as they know each other well. Lust is still there but you can tell that they do know how to please one another.
      You do need a connection for having sex. Whether the little click of the beginning that will bring the lust in you, or the long time relationship that will let you know exactly how, when and where to “touch” your partner not only physically but also with words and all the available senses. Sex for a couple that know each other for long is more elaborate.
      What i can say though is that you never get to know a person completely no matter ho much you communicate.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
      Pouty Kisses!

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