cougar chronicles

The Cougar Chronicles #04 – Mom’s Tricky Treat, by Aramis


Lucky Michael gets a juicy Halloween treat

Today was Halloween, and next to Christmas it was Stella Howard’s favorite holiday for a couple of different reasons. She had always loved Halloween when she was growing up, having been a huge fan of the old horror movies (before the days of CGI) and all things spooky or scary for as long as she could remember. Her idol had always been “Elvira, Mistress of the Dark,” and when she tried to go to a Halloween party dressed as Elvira when she was a teenager her father had just about had a coronary.

She had filled out as she grew up and had a better body and much bigger bustline than Cassandra Peters ever did, so the costume she wore was very revealing. Her father absolutely forbade her to go to the party dressed like that, even though her mother was on her side and had no problem with it. She ended up sneaking out of the house and going in costume anyway, and while there was hell to pay with her father when she got home later that night the reactions and attention she got from every male at the party was more than worth it. 

The other reason why Halloween was one of her favorite holidays is that later in life after she had gotten married, her son and only child, Michael, was born on Halloween. Stella was still obsessed with all things Halloween, so it was only natural that she should name her boy child who was born on that holiday after the main character of one of the most famous horror movies of all time. She was delighted later on when Michael developed the same fascination with Halloween and all things spooky as she did, and it became something that led to a very close bond between them, a bond that was even more important when her husband was killed in a motorcycle accident when Michael was 13. Stella never remarried; her husband had been the love of her life, and she knew that she’d never love another man like that again.

Except for Michael. She loved him deeply, nearly as deeply as she loved her late husband, and as he grew into a strapping, handsome young man who looked more and more like his father every day, she felt a desire for him growing inside her as well. She knew the desire was wrong in the eyes of others and society in general, but she couldn’t help how she felt. She found herself sneaking looks at him whenever he was working in the yard without a shirt, and when they went to the beach she couldn’t help but wonder how big a package he was hiding beneath his swim trunks. On more than one occasion she had been sorely tempted to sneak into the bathroom while he was taking a shower to get a glimpse of him, but she never did. All she knew was the older and more mature he got the more he looked like his dad, and the more she wanted him. She didn’t know if it was because he reminded her of her late husband so much or if it was just because he was a hell of a good-looking, sexy man; all she knew was that she wanted him in the worst way, that she got wet every time she so much as thought about him, and that she had to do something about it – soon.

Accordingly, Stella had something special planned for this Halloween, something very special indeed since this was a very special Halloween. Today was Michael’s 18th birthday, the day he became a man in the eyes of society, and Stella was planning on making him a man in more ways than one.

Today was the day she was finally going to act on her desires and seduce her son.

And she knew just how she was going to do it, too. Two weeks before, the two of them had decided to have a combination birthday/Halloween party at their house, and of course it was going to be a costume party. When the discussion turned to what costume they were each going to wear, they came to the mutual agreement that Michael would dress up as Stella’s favorite character, and she would dress up as his. This meant that Michael would be coming to the party as ‘Captain Jack Sparrow;’ little did Michael know that the only other man who made her as wet as quickly as he did was Johnny Depp as Captain Jack, so having him dress up accordingly was sure to have quite an effect on Stella – which is exactly what she had in mind.

And, as luck would have it, Michael’s favorite character just happened to be ‘Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.’ Stella wasn’t sure if this came from his hearing her talk about Elvira all these years whenever the talk turned to horror and spooky stuff; all she knew was that she still had the costume she had worn many years before that caused her father to freak out, and that it still fit her just as good as it did when she was 16. Michael, on the other hand, had to get his costume together from scratch and was concerned about it.

– “I don’t know where to get this stuff from, Mom,” he had said, a look of concern on his face. “I mean, I might be able to get some of it in town, but as for the rest of it, well, I just don’t know.”

– “No problem, honey, we’ll just do an internet search for it; I’m sure we can find what you need there,” she said, smiling at him and patting the back of his hand as they sat at their kitchen table. “One thing I’ve learned is that you can find just about anything and everything on the internet, so I don’t think we’ll have any trouble finding what you need!”

– “Yeah, you’re right, but isn’t that going to be expensive?” he asked.

– “I’m sure we can find what we need of a suitable quality without breaking the bank,” she replied. “Besides, you only turn 18 once, so money is no object! This is a very special occasion in more ways than one, and I want to make sure it’s the most memorable night you’ve had in your entire life – so far, anyway!” she said, smiling bigger at him.

‘If you only knew what I have planned for you!’ she thought to herself as Michael smiled back.

– “Thanks, Mom, I appreciate it!” he said. “You’re the best!”

It took a little more than an hour for the two of them to do the internet search, find what they needed, and get it ordered. All of the orders arrived within five days since Stella had chosen expedited shipping for all of them, and they were both very pleased with the quality of the costume once it all arrived. Michael wanted to put the costume on and show her what it looked like, but Stella told him no, that she’d rather wait until the party to see him in it.

– “I want it to be a surprise,” she explained, not telling him that the real reason was she wasn’t sure she’d be able to resist jumping his bones right then and there, before his birthday, and that she didn’t want to walk around with her pussy wet for the next week if she didn’t jump him. So she convinced him to wait.

– “Then I guess I’m gonna have to wait to see you in your ‘Elvira’ costume too, huh, Mom?” he asked, giving her a sly grin.

– “Yes, you are, but I promise you that it’ll be worth the wait!” she replied, grinning back at him.

That was a week ago, and now the day had finally arrived. It was Halloween, the party was set, the house was decorated with spooky Halloween decorations inside and out, the catered food was laid out in the dining room, and the appropriate spooky music was playing on the sound system. Michael stood in the center of the dining room looking around, his ‘Captain Jack’ costume the closest thing to perfection next to the real thing himself. His mom had insisted on getting the best quality – and most expensive – clothing so he could be as close to a perfect match to the real thing as possible. He had no way of knowing it but Stella intended for him to use this costume more than once – many times more, if she had her way. Michael had practiced putting on the eye makeup for several days to get the ‘Jack Sparrow’ look just right, and he finally had gotten it down pat the day before the party. 

– “Well, I think we’re ready!” he said to the empty room, looking around and smiling. “Drink up, me hearties, yo-ho!” he said in his best Jack Sparrow voice.

– “Is that Captain Jack Sparrow I hear in my dining room?” his mom called from upstairs, and Michael could hear her footsteps as she came down the stairs from her upstairs bedroom.

He turned to look just as she rounded the corner into the dining room, and his mouth dropped open when he got his first look at his mom as ‘Elvira.’

She was simply stunning. She was as near to a perfect match for the real ‘Elvira’ as he was to ‘Jack Sparrow,’ and if he didn’t know that was his mom under the makeup and beneath the slinky black low cut dress she was wearing with the black bouffant wig and black pantyhose he would have thought Cassandra Peterson herself was walking towards him. She had a big smile on her face as she walked towards him, and the smile got a little bigger when she noticed his eyes locking onto her cleavage.

And what cleavage it was! Stella was bigger in the boobage department than the real Elvira was, and while they were waiting for Michael’s costume to arrive she had taken the dress to a seamstress friend of hers and had the V-shaped neckline widened a bit so that it showed more cleavage than it originally did. The neckline was now so wide that there was a real danger that her huge tits would fall out, and Stella was okay with that.

– “So who are you going to seduce this Halloween?” her seamstress friend had asked when Stella went to pick up the dress. “Who’s the lucky man who gets to see you in – and then out of, I imagine – this dress?”

Stella gave her a wicked smile as she replied.

– “Oh, just some young stud I have my eye on!” she replied, winking at her friend. “How much do I owe you, dear?” she asked, reaching for her purse.

Her friend just waved her hand at Stella as she replied.

– “Just tell me all of the dirty, nasty details when it’s all said and done, and we’re good!” she said, and they both laughed.

Now she was standing less than two feet away from her son, and she was getting exactly the reaction she had hoped for. She stood in her best ‘Elvira’ pose, one knee cocked in front of the other, hands on her hips, looking at him with a seductive smile on her face. She felt her heartbeat quicken and her breath come a little faster as she saw his eyes travel up and down her body, lingering on the massive amount of cleavage shown by the modified dress. She glanced down at his crotch and was pleased to see the beginnings of an erection showing beneath his pirate trousers.

‘Bingo!’ she thought to herself, and her grin widened a bit.

– “So what do you think?” she asked, breaking her son’s cleavage-induced trance.

He looked up at her, a bit startled and embarrassed as he knew she had caught him staring at her tits.

– “Holy shit, Mom, you look… wow! I mean, you nailed it!” he replied, stammering a bit. “You look just like her, I mean exactly like her! Except for… well…” he said, stammering again when he realized he had said too much.

Stella chuckled as she replied.

– “Except that my tits are much bigger than hers,” she finished for him, and Michael nodded at her in reply. 

– “Well, yeah, they are!” he replied, looking down at her massive chest.

She turned to the side to give him a different view, pausing for effect, and then took a couple of steps closer to him. She was less than a foot away from him when she stopped, looking into his eyes.

– “Do you like it, honey?” she asked, her voice soft.

She smiled as his eyes dropped down to her cleavage again and stayed there, longer this time, before he looked back up at her again. He swallowed hard before he replied.

– “Yes, Mom, I do. Very much!” he said, also in a soft voice. “You look… well, you look… I mean, you look hot!” he said, the uncertainty plain in his voice.

He wanted to tell his mom what he thought, but after all, she was his mom, for cryin’ out loud! How do you tell your own mother that she’s the hottest, sexiest woman you’ve ever seen in your entire life, and that she was giving you a boner by doing nothing but just standing there? Stella glanced down and saw the now-prominent bulge in his pants, and her smile got a little bigger as she looked back into his eyes and spoke again.

– “I had the dress altered to show as much cleavage as possible,” she said, her voice still soft as she spoke. “And I did it just for you, Michael. I wanted to make your birthday as special as possible, and this is just one of the ways that I wanted to do it!” she said.

– “Just one of the ways?” he asked, a confused look on his face. “What… what do you mean, Mom?” he asked, stammering again.

Stella laughed and then ran her hand along the side of his face as she replied, being careful not to mess up his makeup.

– “You’ll see, honey, you’ll see!” she said, kissing him lightly and quickly on the other cheek.

Just then the doorbell rang as the first of the guests arrived. She glanced back over her shoulder towards the front door, then looked deep into his eyes as she slid her hand down his face and chest to his crotch, turning her hand and placing it directly onto the lump of his hard cock. She gave it a gentle but firm squeeze that made him gasp in surprise as she continued speaking, her voice a husky whisper.

– “But that’s for later. Right now, let’s go greet our guests, shall we?” she said, giving his cock one last squeeze before releasing it.

Before he could reply she turned and walked away towards the front door, giving him a perfect view of her ass swinging beneath the tight dress as she walked away. He stood there for a moment, stunned, watching his mom’s ass as she headed towards the door.

‘Holy shit, did she just do that? Did my mom really just grab my dick?’ he thought to himself, both aroused and confused at the same time. His mom’s voice coming from around the corner brought him out of his trance.

– “Are you coming, honey? Your friends are here!” she said in her best Elvira voice.

– “Yeah… yeah, I’m coming, Mom, I’m coming!” he said as he started walking towards the front door, reaching down and adjusting his hard cock to a more comfortable position as he walked.

Two hours later the party was in full swing, the music and the mood being just perfect for the occasion, and it had turned out to be the best Hallowe’en party Michael and his friends had ever attended. Everyone had shown up in costume, of course, and while some of them were very good – the blonde girl who showed up as ‘Jeannie’ from “I Dream Of Jeannie” was one of the standouts – it was clear to all that the two best costumes there were his ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ costume and his mom’s ‘Elvira’ costume. His mom was really into the whole ‘Elvira’ persona, acting and talking just like her as if she’d rehearsed the role her entire life. Most of his friends had no idea that ‘Elvira’ was really his mom, and their jaws would have dropped clear to the floor if they ever figured it out. 

She had quickly become the center of attention with the male guests, and it was clear to Michael that she was having a ball with it. Michael was in constant wonder as to why his mom’s breasts hadn’t popped out of her dress by now, and there was a small part of him – the part that was about six inches long – that secretly hoped she did. What he didn’t know was that Stella had used a special two-sided tape on the inside of her dress to keep her big tits in place, a trick she learned while she was studying drama in college. So no matter how she moved around her tits were literally stuck to the inside of the dress, with there being no chance of them popping out while she was surrounded by an admiring flock of virile, young men as she was now, no matter how much all of them wished it would. Half of them had boners already, and the other half was working on it.

While his mom was a hit with the male guests, Michael was somewhat of a sensation with the female guests. As it turns out, teenaged girls think Johnny Depp as ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ was just the hottest thing ever, and Michael found himself to be the center of attention with the girls just as his mom was the center of attention with the guys. He did the best he could to act and sound like the real thing, but it paled in comparison to the job his mom was doing as ‘Elvira.’ Still, the females surrounding him didn’t seem to mind, and it wasn’t long before a couple of them had slipped him pieces of paper with their phone numbers on it, the blonde dressed as ‘Jeannie’ being one of them.

– “Call me, and I’ll make all your wishes come true!” she had whispered in his ear after slipping the paper into his hand.

She gave him a seductive smile and a wink before turning and walking away. 

Just about then the perennial classic Halloween song, ‘The Monster Mash,’ came on over the sound system, and Michael heard his mom shriek in delight as the song started. He looked over to see her hands thrown up in the air, a big smile on her face as she turned to look at him.

– “My favorite! I need a dance partner!” she cried out, and before any of the guys around her could respond she pointed at Michael as she continued.

– “Captain Jack! Come dance with me, I command you!” she said, pushing her way out of the throng of guys surrounding her and walking over to him.

The girls surrounding Michael moved out of her way, and she grabbed him by the hand and led him out into the middle of the living room. The furniture had all been pushed out of the way in preparation for the party, so there was plenty of room to dance.

And dance they did. Stella was a fantastic dancer, showing off the style of the ‘60s and ‘70s perfectly. Michael wasn’t a bad dancer himself, but he was no match for his mom. She mixed in just the right amount of sexuality and teasing with her dancing, even going so far as to bump her hip right into his crotch (and his hard cock) a couple of times. The rest of the crowd joined in, and soon everyone there was dancing and having a good time.

‘The Monster Mash’ was followed by a slow song, one that was perfect for slow dancing, and as soon as the song started his mom went over to the light panel and twisted the knob for the lights, dimming them way down so the room was mostly dark. Without missing a beat his mom then walked over to him and slid into his arms, sliding her own arms around his waist and looking up at him as she spoke, her voice soft and silky.

– “Slow dance with me!” she said, her eyes imploring and sexy at the same time.

Michael felt two things at once – he felt her tugging at his heartstrings, and he felt his cock beginning to shift as his mom pressed her body close to his. Without a word he slipped his arms around his mother’s trim body and held her close as they danced, being careful not to get caught up in the bouffant wig she was wearing. She turned her head to the side and rested her head on his shoulder as best she could, holding him close. Michael could feel the mounds of her big, firm breasts pressing into his chest, and he felt his cock responding accordingly. He tried to pull his hips back a little to keep from pressing it against his mom but she wasn’t having any of that – she slipped a hand down to the top of his butt and pushed him into her, pressing her body firmly up against his quickly hardening shaft.

– “Uh, Mom…” he started, but Stella shushed him with a finger to his lips.

She looked up at him and smiled, letting her finger linger on his lips as she spoke.

– “Don’t say anything, honey, just go with it!” she said, looking into his eyes. “It’s just another way I’m going to make your birthday a special one!”

Michael didn’t say anything else but looked back into his mom’s eyes, seeing something there that he had never seen in any woman’s eyes before. He had no way of knowing it then, but what he was seeing was his mom’s desire for him burning bright in her eyes. But he did what she said, going with it, and he felt his mom pressing her body firmly up against his, slowly grinding her hips against his as they danced. It only took a few moments for his cock to become rock hard and throbbing, and he heard his mom moan with pleasure as she pressed her body even closer to his.

– “Mmmmm, that’s nice!” she purred in his ear, “isn’t it, honey?” He paused a second before answering.

– “Yes, Mom, it is, but should you… I mean, should we be doing this?” he asked, torn between desire and common sense.

His brain was saying ‘NO!’ but his hard dick was screaming ‘YES!’ His mom looked up into his eyes as she responded.

– “Why not? I mean, we’re both grown adults now, aren’t we?” she said, her voice soft. 

– “Yes, but we’re also –“ he began to say ‘related’ but she cut him off before he got the word out.

– “Don’t you want me, Michael?” she asked, her voice husky as she pushed her body harder against his, looking deep into his eyes. “Because I certainly want you! Look into my eyes and tell me to stop. Look into my eyes and tell me that you don’t want this, that you don’t want me, and I’ll stop right now!”

He paused for a few moments, looking into his mom’s eyes, those beautiful, sexy eyes, before he finally found his voice and gave her his answer.

– “I don’t want you to stop,” he whispered, making a big smile appear on her face. “I want you, too, Mom!”

She reached up and kissed him quickly on the cheek before speaking again.

– “Good! Now go mingle a little bit, say around ten minutes or so, then excuse yourself by saying you have to go to the bathroom or something and go to your room instead!” she said, grinning at him.

– “My room? Why?” he asked, his brow furrowing.

Stella reverted back to her ‘Elvira’ persona as she replied, still keeping her voice low so that no one but him heard her.

– “Boy, you really are a babe in the woods, aren’t you?” ‘Elvira’ said, leaning back a bit. “Do you not want your dick sucked, or what?” 

– “Well, yeah, of course I do!” he replied, a confused look on his face. ‘What? My mom wants to suck my dick?’ he thought to himself in both surprise and amazement.

– “Then get going, stud!” ‘Elvira’ said, smacking him on his ass as she turned and walked into the crowd. 

Michael was still in disbelief as he did just what his mom had told him to do – he mingled with the crowd for about ten minutes or so, his cock rock-hard and throbbing the whole time in anticipation of what was going to happen next, before he made the excuse of having to go to the bathroom. He walked down the hall past the bathroom to his room, then opened the door and quickly stepped inside, closing the door behind him. He turned to see ‘Elvira’ sitting on his bed, her legs crossed, leaning back and resting on her hands. She had a big smile on her face as she spoke.

– “Well, it sure took you long enough!” she said, still in her ‘Elvira’ persona. Michael decided it was time for him to play along.

– “I can always leave if you want me to, mate,” he said in his best ‘Captain Jack’ voice, and much to his surprise he really nailed it. 

– “Not on your life!” his mom replied, sitting up on the bed and uncrossing her legs. She lowered her head a little and looked up at him from under her brows, then motioned him over to her with one finger as she spoke again.

– “Bring that hard cock over here!” she said, and Michael did just that.

He walked over to the bed and stood right in front of her, and she parted her knees to let him stand close. Without hesitation she reached up and unzipped his pants, then reached inside and grabbed his hard cock in her hand. He gasped a little bit as his mother’s cool fingers wrapped tightly around his warm cock. She pulled it out of his pants immediately, a smile breaking out on her face as she saw his erect cock for the first time.

– “Wow, me and your dad did really good with you, didn’t we?” she said as she looked at his cock and pumped it with her hand; she was rewarded with a clear job of precum that immediately appeared at the tip. “Let’s see if it tastes as good as it looks!” she said, glancing up at him and still smiling.

Then she opened her lips, pursing them outward slightly in a move that made Michael’s balls tingle, and leaned forward to take the head of his cock in her mouth, clamping her soft lips tight around it right behind the flared ridge of the back of his cockhead. She applied suction immediately, sucking the precum from him as she ran the tip of her tongue along the sensitive underside of the head of his cock. Michael jumped and gasped loudly at the sensations flooding through him.

– “MMMMMM!” his mom moaned around the head of his cock in her mouth, pumping the shaft with her hand while sucking on it harder to get all of the precum out of him that she could.

He could feel it being sucked out of his shaft, and he looked down and watched in fascination as his mom swallowed his precum down without hesitation. Then, much to his surprise and delight, she slid her mouth all the way down on his cock, taking his entire six inches into her mouth without any problems at all. She held her mouth down on his cock for several moments, looking up at him as she sucked on his shaft, maintaining eye contact as she slid her mouth slowly back up the length of his throbbing shaft until just the head was in her mouth. Then she repeated what she had just done, making Michael shiver and moan with pleasure. When she had just the head of his cock in her mouth again she paused, sucked on it hard, and then released it from her mouth with a loud ‘pop.’ She looked up at him with a smile, her hand wrapped around his cock and pumping it firmly as she spoke.

– “I hope you don’t mind, sweetie, but we don’t have a whole lot of time here so I’m going to make you cum as quickly as I can, okay?” she asked, still pumping his cock. Michael nodded quickly as he replied.

– “Okay, Mom!” he gasped, breathing hard and fast with excitement.

– “And I want you to cum in my mouth, okay, honey?” she asked, taking Michael completely by surprise.

– “In your mouth? Really?” he gasped, making Stella giggle.

– “Yes, sweetie, really! Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing and can take it!” she said, smiling up at him. “Besides, I really want to taste you!” she said, emphasizing the word ‘really.’ “Now, be a good boy and cum in mommy’s mouth, okay?”

– “O-okay, Mom!” he replied, gasping when Stella opened her lips, pursing them out again, leaned forward and sucked the head of his cock back into her mouth.

She continued down his shaft, sliding her soft, full lips all the way down until her nose rested in his pubic hair, holding it there and swirling her tongue around his cock for a few moments. Then she got to work.

Stella was in a hurry to make him cum for two reasons, the first being that she absolutely did not want to be caught giving her son a blowjob for obvious reasons. The second was that she was so incredibly horny and her pussy was so incredibly wet that she couldn’t remember when she had been either. She desperately wanted – no, she desperately needed – to feel her son’s cock pumping in her mouth and his cum shooting down her throat, so she did everything she could to make him cum hard and fast. She slid her wet, sucking mouth up and down his hard, throbbing shaft in a smooth, steady rhythm that was neither slow nor fast but just right, relying on her tongue and the suction she could apply with her mouth to get him off quickly. But just to make sure, she reached inside his pants and pulled his balls out as well, gripping them in her hand and massaging them as she sucked his cock.

Michael watched, fascinated, as his own mom sucked his cock like she was a porn star. He was utterly amazed at the fact that she was doing this to begin with, but she was without question giving him the best blowjob he’d ever had in his young life. He watched, wide-eyed and panting for breath, as his mom slid her mouth up and down on his cock again and again, his knees trembling as she swirled her tongue around his shaft as she tugged and pulled on his balls. His view of her massive cleavage was pretty spectacular from this angle, but he was concentrating instead on the incredible blowjob his mom was giving him. She glanced up at him as she worked him over, never slowing her motions for a moment, then looked back down again as she continued. He wanted to reach out and grab her by the hair, but he knew he’d pull her wig off if he did that so he refrained from doing it. When he heard his mom moan around his cock in her mouth he felt a big twitch in his balls, and he knew he’d be cumming in her mouth very shortly.

Stella knew it too, feeling the throbbing of his cock in her mouth increasing a bit as she felt his balls shift in her hand. He was rapidly approaching orgasm, and that’s what she wanted. Keeping one hand on his balls she reached down to her pussy with her other hand, slipping it under her dress and down inside her pantyhose to her wet pussy. She had intentionally not worn any panties, so that was one less obstacle in both hers and Michael’s way. She moaned again when her fingers touched her clit, and she began rubbing herself as she sucked on her son’s cock. She wanted to cum with him and knew that if she wasn’t careful she’d cum before he did, she was so excited and aroused. So instead of slowing the motions of her hand on her pussy she increased the speed and the suction on his cock, quickly driving him to the brink of orgasm. She heard his breathing quicken and felt him trembling, and knew he was mere seconds away from giving her what she wanted – a mouthful of his cum.

– “Shit, Mom, I’m gonna cum!” he gasped, panting for breath. 

– “MMM-HMM! MMM-HMM!” she cried out around his cock in her mouth, nodding her head quickly and keeping up the suction as she did.

She herself was right on the edge, and all she needed to push her over was to feel his cock pumping in her mouth.

And a split second later she got what she wanted. His cock exploded in her mouth, blasting a long, thick stream of hot cum into her mouth and down her throat, with Michael groaning loudly. He gritted his teeth and squeezed his eyes shut as the most intense orgasm he’d ever had ripped through him, clenching his hands into fists as his cock pumped and throbbed in his mom’s mouth, shooting stream after steam of his cum into her waiting, sucking mouth.

Stella gasped around his cock as it exploded in her mouth, the first blast hitting the back of her throat. She resisted the urge to swallow, as much as she wanted to, because she had something else in mind. She increased the suction on his cock and slid her mouth up and down his shaft a few more times as he came, then released his balls and grabbed his shaft with her hand instead, pumping it with her hand as she held his cock in her mouth and sucked hard. Her cheeks hollowed in from the suction she was applying as she pumped and sucked the cum from him, her mouth quickly filling with his cum.

Then she came, hard and fast, groaning nearly as loudly as Michael did when he came. She kept his cock in her mouth and kept up the suction, gripping it hard with her hand and breathing hard through her nose as her orgasm went crashing through her body. Michael saw her body shaking as she came, and this only made his cock pump harder. She rubbed her pussy furiously as she rode her orgasm out, and the room was filled with the aroma of her feminine musk.

It was over for both of them nearly as quickly as it had started, both of their orgasms fading at the same time. They were both left panting and gasping for breath, and while Stella took her hand away from her pussy she kept the other one gripped around his cock, her lips still clamped around the shaft as the last bit of his cum was spit out and onto her tongue. Her breath coming in short gasps through her nose she looked up at him as she slowly pumped his cock, squeezing it harder on the way up to pump the last bit of cum out of him, sucking hard on the head as she milked the last bit from him. 

When she was sure that she had it all she slowly slipped her lips from his cock, sucking firmly on it as she did, kissing the tip as her lips slipped from it. Then she held her head back and looked up at him as she opened her mouth to show him her mouthful of his cum. She rolled her tongue around in her mouth, swirling his cum over her tongue, lifting her tongue up through the pool of cum so he could watch it slip from the sides of her tongue. She kept her grip on his cock as she did this, and she could feel it throb in her hand as he watched her cum play. She smiled as she played with his cum with her tongue, then with her eyes still locked on his she closed her mouth and swallowed, moaning softly as his cum slid down her throat to her stomach. Then she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, showing him that it was all gone.

– “Mmmm, your cum tastes so good, sweetie!” she said, running her tongue over her lips and then kissing the tip of his cock as she held it in her hand. “Better than any cum I’ve ever tasted!”

– “Holy shit, Mom, that was hot!” Michael said, still breathless. “I can’t believe you just did that! That was so fucking hot!”

– “You ain’t seen nothing yet, stud!” she said in her best ‘Elvira’ voice, slipping back into that persona.

She released his cock from her hand and got up from the bed and stood in front of him, running her finger over her lips and then slipping it into her mouth, sucking on it to get the last bit of cum off. She smacked her lips and grinned at him, deep in the persona now, her eyes sparkling.

– “I’m going to go fix my makeup, so why don’t you go keep our guests entertained until I get back?” she said, patting him on the cheek.

He nodded in reply, at a loss for words.

– “Good boy!” she said, walking past him towards the door.

She put her hand on the doorknob and then stopped to look over her shoulder at him one last time as she spoke again.

– “And don’t forget to put your cock back into your pants before you come out, lover!” she said, and then she was gone.

– “Oh, yeah, right!” Michael said, tucking his now-soft cock back into his pants.

Then he turned and walked out of his room and back to the party, still in amazement of what had just happened.

* * * * * *

The rest of the evening was a blur to Michael as his head was still swimming from the fantastic blowjob he’d received from none other than his own mom. It took him a couple of minutes to get back into the swing of things once he returned to the party, and he was thankful that no one noticed that he and his mom had both disappeared. His mom, on the other hand, had no problems with it at all judging from the grand entrance she made back into the living room where the party was being held.

– “I’m baaaaack! Did you miss me, darlings?” she shouted from the entrance to the living room, a big smile on her face, her arms held out wide and one knee cocked in front of the other.

Her makeup was perfect and there was no sign of what had taken place just minutes before. Once again, she was the hit of the party with the guys just as Michael was with the girls. 

The party lasted for two more hours after that, with the last of Michael’s friends leaving around eleven PM. Stella and Michael saw them out with Stella waving at them and grinning broadly as they left, still deep into her ‘Elvira’ persona. 

– “Bye, now! Have a safe trip home! See you next time!” she cried out, grinning from ear to ear.

Michael just looked at her and smiled, shaking his head as he did. She closed the door and turned to face him, leaning back against the door and smiling.

– “Well, I think the party went rather well, don’t you, sweetie?” she said, coming out of her ‘Elvira’ persona and speaking in her normal voice for the first time in hours.

– “That’s the understatement of the year, Mom!” Michael replied, smiling back.

– “Good, honey, I’m glad you liked it!” she replied, her smile getting bigger as she reached out to run her hand along the side of his face. “So are you ready for the rest of your birthday present, sweetie?” she said, her voice soft and sultry, her eyes sparkling.

– “The rest? You mean there’s more?” Michael asked, surprised, his heart pounding in his chest. His mom chuckled softly as she replied.

– “Oh, yes, honey, there’s more… so much more!” she said, pushing herself off of the door and into his arms.

She slipped her arms around his neck and pulled his mouth down to hers, their lips touching in a soft, gentle kiss that quickly turned erotic when she slipped the tip of her tongue into his mouth to find his own.

Michael was taken completely by surprise and at first didn’t know what to do, but as his mom held him close and pressed her lithe body up against his he began to react instinctively. He put his arms around her waist and hugged her close to him, returning her kiss. He heard his mom sigh softly as he did, and she pressed her body up against him more firmly. He could feel the globes of her huge breasts pressing into his chest and her hips pushing up against him, and he knew she could feel the growing lump of his cock getting hard between them. He slid his hands down her body and grabbed her firm, rounded ass in his hands, squeezing it firmly and making his mom moan.

– “Oh, my God, I love feeling your hands on my ass!” she said breathlessly in his ear, breaking the kiss to speak. She ran her tongue around his ear and then dipped it inside, making Michael shiver and giving him goosebumps.

It also caused him to buck his hips up against her, and Stella laughed with delight.

– “Why don’t we go into the living room where we can be more comfortable?” she said, looking into his eyes while keeping her hips pushed up against his now-hard cock.

– “Whatever you say, Mom!” Michael replied, and Stella smiled as she took him by the hand and led him into the living room.

– “Boy, what a mess!” Michael said, looking around as they walked into the room.

There were empty solo cups, paper plates, plastic utensils and used napkins everywhere, and the tables where the catered food had been were equally as chaotic.

– “This is gonna be a lot of fun to clean up!” he said, stopping behind his mother in front of the couch.

– “We’ll worry about that later, honey,” she said, turning him so his back was to the couch. “But right now it’s time for you to get the rest of your birthday present, so sit down on the couch so I can give it to you!”

She pushed gently on his chest with both hands, and Michael sat down on the couch. He looked up at his mom standing in front of him, his heart pounding in his chest as he watched her unfasten the black belt with the fake dagger in it, dropping it on the floor next to her after she took it off.

– “So have you figured it out yet?” she asked, her voice soft and sultry, her eyes hooded with desire as she reached around behind her neck to unzip her dress. “Can you guess what the rest of your birthday present is?” she said, pulling the zipper down and shrugging the dress from her shoulders.

It was held in place by the sticky tape inside the dress that was stuck to her breasts, and she paused for a moment purely for effect. Michael’s eyes were locked onto her breasts, and she could see the lump of his hard cock pressing against his pants. She held her arms crossed over her breasts, hands flat against the huge mounds as she looked down at him and smiled. She was getting wetter by the minute, so wet that if she didn’t act soon her juices would be running down the insides of her thighs.

– “Can you guess, or would you like for me to tell you? Better yet,” she said, standing with her feet slightly apart and uncrossing her arms to grasp the sides of her dress with her hands, “would you like for me to show you instead?”

With that she pulled the dress open, and Michael could hear the tape coming unstuck from the skin of her breasts as she revealed them to her. She let the dress hang at her waist and cupped her big breasts in her hands, the nipples hard and erect, surrounded by small, light areolas that were crinkling as he watched. Stella pulled on her nipples, stretching them out a bit from her breasts, making Michael’s mouth drop open in surprise and delight. She chuckled as she held her big breasts up for him to see, jiggling them slightly in her hands.

– “Do you like my big breasts, Michael?” she said, squeezing them in her hands as he watched.

She smiled as she saw him unconsciously adjust his hard cock in his pants, and she knew that he was ready for her whether he realized it or not.

– “They’re beautiful, Mom!” he said, his voice low and soft. “You’re beautiful, the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen!” Stella smiled as she replied.

– “Thank you, sweetie, but like I said before, you ain’t seen nothing yet!” she replied, her voice just as low and soft, but with a sultry edge to it.

Michael watched in open-mouthed amazement and fascination as she released her breasts from her hands and slid the dress down her body and over her hips, letting it drop to the floor at her feet. She stepped out of it and kicked it aside, then stood there with her hands on her hips, wearing only the black bouffant wig, black pantyhose, and black spike shoes. Michael was surprised and pleased to see that his mom shaved her pussy smooth, and the sight of her standing in front of him like this made his cock throb even harder.

– “So do you like what you see, sweetie?” she asked, smiling seductively at him, “because I sure do!” she said, pointing at the lump in his pants.

She walked slowly over to him, never taking her eyes from his, her huge breasts swaying with her every move. He spread his legs wide as she got closer, and she stopped when she was standing with her leg almost touching the edge of the couch beneath him.

– “I think he wants to come out and play!” she said, bending over and quickly unzipping his pants.

She reached inside his pants and once more grasped his cock in her hand, pulling it out into the open air. She moved the sides of his fly out of the way and pulled his balls out as well, and was glad that he was going “commando” under his pirate costume pants. 

As Michael marveled at the sight of his mom’s huge tits hanging down in front of her and right in front of him as she was bent over his cock, Stella bent over even further and sucked the head of his cock into her mouth. Michael gasped as she sucked hard on the head, swirling her tongue around it as she gripped his shaft with one hand and his balls with the other. She sucked on the head of his cock for several long, enjoyable moments until slipping her mouth from it and releasing it, standing up straight in front of him. 

– “I think it’s time to give you the rest of your present!” she said, her voice husky with desire. “Slide down until your hips are on the edge of the couch,” she said, and Michael did as she directed, his dreadlock wig and leather tricornered hat slipping off of his head as he did.

He grabbed them and quickly tossed them aside as Stella stepped forward and climbed onto his lap, facing him and straddling his legs with a knee on either side of him, her huge mounds swaying as she moved. She put her hands on the back of the couch for support as she moved into position, her huge mounds swaying within inches of his face as she did so. She looked down and saw the look on his face and chuckled as she spoke again.

– “It’s okay, honey, you can touch them! Go ahead, I know you want to, and I want you to as well!” she said, holding herself in position above him.

Michael looked up at her for just a moment, then reached up and put his hands on his mother’s big breasts, gripping them firmly.

– “Squeeze them hard, baby, as hard as you want! Don’t worry, you won’t hurt me!” she said, her voice husky.

She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip, moaning as Michael did as he was told, squeezing the mounds of her big breasts hard. She gasped as he pinched her hard nipples in his hands and then tugged on them before squeezing her breasts again. She looked down at him as he played with her big tits, and she smiled at the look on his face.

Michael had never seen tits this big up close and personal in his entire life, and he just couldn’t believe that it was his mom’s tits he was playing with and squeezing in his hands. He loved the feel of her big mounds in his hands, and his cock was rock-hard and throbbing as a result. He was taken by surprise when his mom leaned over closer to him, then put her hand on the back of his head and pulled his face into one of her big breasts, her hard nipple pressing against his lips. He got the hint right away and sucked the hard nub into his mouth, flicking his tongue over it and making her gasp with delight.

– “Oh, yes, baby, that’s it! Suck on my nipple, baby, suck on it hard!” she hissed between clenched teeth as her son sucked harder.

She pressed his face harder into the huge mound of her breast, encouraging him to continue what he was doing, and she was pleasantly surprised when he took the initiative to switch to her other breast on his own. She moaned as he sucked her other nipple, and she could feel her pussy flooding. She was wet, very wet, and the aroma of her musk filled the room. 

After a few more moments of Michael sucking on her breasts, she sat up and reached down with both hands, gripping the crotch of the pantyhose in her fists. With one quick movement she ripped the crotch open, removing the only obstacle between her pussy and Michael’s hard cock. Then she sat down on Michael’s lap, pressing her naked pussy up against the underside of his hard cock and sliding it up and down his length. Her pussy lips spread open and enveloped his shaft as she slid up and down the underside, coating his cock with her slick juices. She moaned again as she felt his hard cock pressing against her pussy, and she knew that if she didn’t get his cock inside her pussy right now she was going to lose her mind.

– “It’s time for the best part of your present now, sweetie,” she said, her voice low and breathless.

She lifted her hips up from his cock and reached down to grasp the hard shaft with her hand, pointing it straight up at her pussy. She lowered her hips down until the head was pressing against her lips, then she rubbed it up and down her slit a few times before placing the engorged head against her opening and sitting down on it firmly. She was so wet that his cock slipped in easily, and she moaned loudly as his cock filled her pussy, stretching it out as she drove it deep into her tunnel.

– “Ohhhh, my God, yesss!” she moaned as she sat down on his cock, pushing her hips down hard on his lap and slowly grinding them around in small circles, her head back and her eyes closed as she moved on him, her hands gripping the back of the couch as she moved.

Michael was speechless with disbelief and in total awe of what was happening. He gripped his mom’s big tits hard in his hands as she rotated her hips on his cock; her pussy was incredibly wet, incredibly hot, and incredibly tight around his throbbing shaft. He had never felt anything this wonderful before, and his only hope was that he could hold out and not bust a nut in his mom’s pussy too soon. He looked down and watched her hips move as she ground her pussy onto his cock, marveling at the sight.

Stella opened her eyes and looked down at him, and while his eyes were locked onto her hips she began to slide up and down on his cock in long, slow strokes. He looked up at her as she rode him, sliding her pussy up until just the head of his cock was inside her, then sliding back down until she had it all as deep inside her as she could get it, fucking him in long, deep, steady strokes. They made eye contact, and Michael could see the desire burning brightly in his mom’s eyes as she steadily rode his cock.

– “Oh, my God, Michael, you feel so good inside me!” she said breathlessly as she rode him. “Your cock is so big and hard, I just love it!” she gasped, her hips twitching a bit.

– “You feel incredible, Mom!” he replied, looking into her eyes as he gripped her big tits in his hands, still squeezing them. “I’ve never felt anything like this before! This is fantastic!” he said, smiling up at her.

That stopped Stella in her tracks. She froze in mid-stroke, her mouth falling open and her eyes widening as the realization of what her son had just said hit her. She paused for a moment, looking into his eyes, still supporting herself with her hands on the back of the couch, before speaking again. 

– “What? You mean you’ve never… honey, are you a virgin?” she asked, totally surprised. 

– “Not anymore!” Michael replied, grinning from ear to ear, his hands still on her breasts. 

– “Then I guess I’d better take it easy on you and not make you cum too soon, huh?” she replied, beginning to ride his cock again as she spoke. “Then again, we do have all night, don’t we?” she continued, smiling a slightly wicked half-smile at him as she rode him a little bit harder.

– “We sure do!” Michael said, delighted at the prospect of fucking his extremely hot mom all night long.

Stella leaned forward and kissed him long and deep as she rode his cock, holding his head in her hands as her tongue slipped into his mouth to find his own. Michael let go of her tits and put his arms around her, pulling her down to him, and began thrusting his hips upwards to meet her downward motions. The kiss lasted for several long moments, their breath quickening along with their heart rates, as the tempo of Stella’s hips gradually increased. The air was filled with the aroma of her musk, and the room was filled with the sounds of her wet pussy sliding down onto his hard cock and their heavy breathing as the tempo and their desires quickly grew.

Michael knew that he was going to cum soon, especially when his mom sat up straight and drove her pussy down hard onto his cock, bracing herself with her hands on his chest. She was breathing very hard now, her huge tits bobbing on her chest with every breath, and Michael was right there with her. She looked down at him with hooded eyes as she spoke, her voice a breathless whisper.

– “Cum for me, Michael!” she gasped, her mouth hanging open as she rode his cock harder. “Cum for me, honey! Cum inside me, fill me up with your cum! Give it to me, baby, give it to me!”

She sat down on his cock hard and then changed her movements, keeping her body still while she rocked her hips front to back with his cock trapped deep inside her. Her hips were a blur as she rode him hard and fast, gasping for breath.

That was all it took. The increased friction on his cock caused Michael’s orgasm to hit, and it hit hard. He squeezed his eyes shut and groaned loudly through gritted teeth as his cock exploded inside his mom’s hot, wet pussy. He bucked his hips upward to drive his cock deeper inside here as it blasted stream after stream of hot, thick cum deep inside his mom’s pussy. He squeezed her tits hard as he came, and Stella cried out in pleasure as she felt her son’s cock pumping and throbbing inside her.

“Yes, baby, yes! Oh my God, yes!!” she cried out in ecstasy as she felt his cock shooting his cum inside her. This was all it took to send her over the edge as well.

– “I’m gonna cum, baby, I’m gonna cum!” she cried out, and then she moaned loudly as her own orgasm hit, exploding in her pussy and clit and racing through her body, crashing through her like a tidal wave.

She gritted her teeth and ground her hips down hard onto Michael’s still-pumping cock, groaning loudly as she came harder than she could remember. Her body shook with the force of her orgasm, and Michael watched in fascination as his mother rode it out.

The spasming and pumping of Michael’s cock deep inside his mom’s pussy finally slowed and stopped as his orgasm played itself out, his mom’s orgasm ending at just about the same time. She came to rest on his hips, his slowly softening cock still trapped inside her as she sat on him, and she smiled as she looked down at him. Their mutual cumming had left them both breathless, with Stella’s lithe body covered with a fine layer of sweat. Michael was still in his ‘Jack Sparrow’ costume, and he couldn’t wait to at least get his vest and shirt off so he could cool down a bit as well. 

– “Well, that was certainly something, wasn’t it?” she asked, gasping for breath.

Her black ‘Elvira’ wig was just a little crooked, sitting just a little off-center on her head, and she reached up to adjust it. 

– “Holy shit, Mom, that was hot!” Michael replied, returning her smile. 

– “Happy birthday, Michael!” she said, leaning over and kissing him briefly on the lips before sitting back up.

– “Thank you, Mom! That’s the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten!” he replied. He paused for a moment before continuing. “Did you mean what you said about us having all night?” he asked, hopeful.

Stella smiled seductively as she replied, her eyes sparkling.

– “I most certainly did!” she said, running a hand along the side of his face. “And this won’t be the last time, either, honey,” she continued, “not if you don’t want it to be, that is.”

– “Are you kidding? Of course I don’t want this to be the last time! I’d have to be crazy to turn that down!” he exclaimed, and Stella chuckled at his response.

– “I didn’t think you would!” she said, smiling. “Right now we need to get ourselves cleaned up, and then we need to clean up this mess if we’re going to do this again!” she said, slowly getting up from Michael’s lap and easing his softening cock out of her pussy.

She carefully climbed off of his lap and stood up next to him, then bent down to pick up her discarded dress.

– “Sorry about your pantyhose, Mom,” he said, sitting up on the couch.

She turned to look at him over her shoulder as she replied.

– “I’m not!” she said, smiling. “Now hurry up and go get cleaned up and changed so we can take care of this mess! We have other things to attend to!” she said.

Then she turned and walked away, across the living room and down the hall to her room, with Michael watching the firm globes of her ass flexing inside the pantyhose as she walked. Michael couldn’t see it, but she was grinning from ear to ear with satisfaction as she walked away.

– “Man, this is the best combination Halloween and birthday ever!” he said, grinning to himself.

Then he got up and headed to his room to clean up and change, excited about what lay ahead for both the rest of the night and the rest of his life.


(Author’s note:  this is a work of fiction.  Any resemblance to any person(s) living or dead is purely coincidental.  All characters depicted are at least 18 years of age.)

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