cougar chronicles

The Cougar Chronicles #03 – Hot June, by Aramis


June needs her thermostat fixed.

The bathroom was filled with steam as June stepped out of the shower, automatically reaching for the thick Turkish towel hanging on the rod next to the shower. Really hot showers had always been one of June’s favorite things and one of her ex’s least favorite things. He always bitched and complained about the bathroom being hot and humid after she finished, grumbling and cursing as he wiped the steam from the mirror over the sink, and she guessed that was just one of the many reasons why he was now her ex.

She stood on the mat in front of the shower as she toweled her body dry, then wrapped her wet hair in the towel and padded barefoot into the main bathroom. She walked over to the sink and picked the hand towel up from the ring hanging on the wall next to the sink and used it to wipe away the steam from the mirror, smiling to herself as she did so. After the mirror was mostly cleared she took the towel from her head and began drying out her hair, the long reddish-blond locks hanging down in front of her as she bent over from the waist. When she finished she stood up and tossed her head back, throwing her still-damp hair over and down her back, then stopped and looked at her reflection in the mirror.

“Not bad, girl, not bad at all for a 48 year old broad!” she said to her reflection, smiling as she put her hands on her hips and turned her body from side to side, examining her body with a critical eye and liking what she saw.

June did indeed look good for a woman of her age. She had taken great pains to take care of herself, always watching what she ate and trying to work out on a semi-regular basis. Her one and only marriage had been a fairly short one which did not produce any children, and she knew that had a great deal to do with the minimal amount of “softening” of her body that had taken place over the years. Her stomach was nearly flat with just a little bit of a bulge between her navel and her pelvis, and her waist was still slim at 27 inches. Her hips were still 36 inches around, her buttocks still firm and taut, her legs long and shapely.

There were two other benefits of not having had any children for which June was deeply grateful, the first being that her 36DD breasts were still round and full, standing out from her chest with a minimum of sag. Her nipples were still pert and firm, standing up prominently from the center of small, pale areolas which surrounded them and only accentuated their perpetual erectness.

There was a time in her life when June had gone to great lengths to conceal her very prominent nipples, wearing extra padding in her bra or placing Band Aids over them to hide them. This had all been at the demand of her then-husband who thought that her prominent nipples made her look “cheap,” and the first thing she did when she finally kicked him out of the house was to take off her shirt and bra, then yank the plastic bandages from her nipples and throw them in the trash.

She went to put her bra back on and thought better of it, tossing it on the coffee table and putting on just her shirt instead. Since then she wore a bra only about 50% of the time, no longer ashamed of how she looked and taking great pride in the lustful glances other men gave her whenever they saw her. She also loved the sensations created when she went bra-less, her full breasts bouncing as she walked, the nipples rubbing against the fabric of whatever shirt she was wearing.

The second benefit of not having had children was that her pussy was just as tight now at 48 years of age as it was when she was 18, and she had every intention of keeping it that way. She didn’t see either marriage or children in her future; she was having way too much fun being a cougar!

Yes, June Graham was a self-proclaimed cougar and was damned proud of it.

She had dated frequently in the years since she was divorced, and all of them had been men at least 20 years younger than herself. She had no intention of looking for any kind of a long-lasting relationship; she was instead looking for excitement and good sex, both of which had been lacking in her marriage and both of which she had found in dating much younger men.

June loved the fire, the passion, and the intensity of younger lovers, and she absolutely loved the look on their face when they slipped inside her for the first time and discovered how hot, wet and incredibly tight she was. She also loved their stamina and the intensity with which they orgasmed, either in her or on her.

Her youngest lover to date had been a young man barely 20 years old who became erect very quickly and stayed that way for more than an hour before finally exploding inside her, his entire body shaking as he pumped what seemed to be gallons of cum inside her wet, quivering pussy.

Being with much younger men had also allowed June to rediscover her own passions and desires which had been quickly dampened during her first marriage. She felt like a woman reborn, and she was loving every minute of it. She had just as much fire, just as much passion, just as much intensity, and just as much stamina as her younger lovers, something which never ceased to surprise them. She especially liked being on top, something that she found her young lovers also liked. The sight of a hot, enticing older woman riding on top of them and being in control of what was happening turned them on almost to a man, and almost always resulted in a very intense orgasm for both of them.

June looked over her reflection in the mirror for a few more moments, examining the small “landing strip” of pubic hair on her mound to see if it needed trimming, then continued on with her bathroom routine. When she had finished drying her hair and putting on minimal makeup, she went into the bedroom to get dressed. She had already selected her outfit and laid it out on the bed, a pair of white short-shorts that were very short and very tight, and a green halter top that did a spectacular job of showing off her ample bosom while still holding her breasts in.

There were no panties lying on the bed for the simple reason that June no longer wore them – most of the time, anyway. And when she did wear them they were thongs. She smiled to herself as she reached for the white shorts and stepped into them, sliding the very tight shorts up her legs and feeling them gently squeezing the firm globes of her rounded ass as she wiggled into them. The halter was next, and as soon as she had it tied into place she could feel her nipples hardening. She wasn’t sure if that was due to the fabric of the halter rubbing against them or the thoughts of what she had planned for today.

June had selected this particular outfit specifically for what she had planned, and that was to put the final touches on her seduction of Kevin, the 22 -year-old assistant maintenance man of the condo community in which she lived. She had been working on Kevin for the past two weeks, making sure she wore more and more revealing outfits whenever she “accidentally” ran into him, filling her conversations with innuendos and words with double meanings, and making sure that he got a good look at her figure. June knew from the moment she first saw him that she wanted to fuck him, and he was certainly worth the trouble of a good seduction.

Kevin was 5’11” tall with dark, wavy hair, a chiseled face with the deepest brown eyes June had ever seen, and a lean, taut, muscular body that was ripped just enough to show off his muscles without going over the top. He also had the tightest, cutest ass she had ever seen, and she couldn’t wait to get her hands on it! She didn’t know if he was married or not – she suspected no – but she really didn’t care. She wanted him, wanted him bad, and today she was going to have him!

After tying her halter in place and slipping on a pair of sandals, June walked into the living room of her spacious condo – for which her ex-hubby was paying a pretty penny – picked up the phone and called the number for the Maintenance Office. She smiled as Kevin answered the phone.

– “Maintenance, this is Kevin.”

– “Hi, Kevin, this is June Graham in Apartment 584. I’m sorry to bother you, but I’m having some trouble with air conditioning in my unit. I’m not sure if it’s the thermostat or what, but do you think you could drop by and take a look at it if you’re not too busy?” she said, smiling to herself as she laid the final snare in her man-trap.

– “Sure, Ms. Graham, I can do that. I can be there in about an hour, is that okay?” Kevin asked.

– “An hour is fine, and please call me June, okay, Kevin?” she asked, twirling a lock of hair in her fingers as she spoke.

– “Okay, June, I’ll see you in about an hour,” Kevin said, and then the line went dead as he hung up. June smiled to herself bigger than ever as she put the phone down.

– “Oh, you’ll see me all right, Kevin,” she said, leaning against the back of the couch and crossing her arms under her ample breasts as a slightly evil grin crossed her face. “You most certainly will!”

An hour later the doorbell rang, and June felt her heartbeat speed up in anticipation as she walked across the spacious living room to answer the door. The door opened to reveal Kevin standing there in a black t-shirt that was just tight enough to show off his torso, faded blue jeans, and a pair of well-used work boots. He was carrying a tool bag in his right hand, and June thought he looked sexy as hell. By the momentary look of surprise on his face, June could tell that he was thinking the same thing about her. She was instantly glad she chose the outfit she did.

– “Hello, Kevin!” she said, a bit breathlessly as she held the door open wide. “Please come in!”

– “Hello, Mrs. – I mean, June,” Kevin replied, smiling at her as he walked into her condo. June admired his tight butt as he walked past, closing the door behind him and then following him into the room.

– “You got here so fast! Thank you so much for that,” she said, following behind Kevin as he walked over to the thermostat on the wall. She couldn’t take her eyes off of his butt, and she felt a twinging deep inside her pussy.

– “It’s no problem, June, really,” Kevin replied, and June saw him looking her up and down quickly as he turned to look at her when he reached the thermostat. “I’ll just take a look at your thermostat first, since most of the time that’s the issue,” he explained, stealing glances at June’s figure as he did so. “If the thermostat is bad I can replace that, no sweat, but if it’s the main unit I’m gonna have to call in the HVAC guys to fix it as that’s way out of my league,” he said.

– “Whatever you have to do, Kevin,” June replied, her green eyes flashing as she smiled at him.

She leaned her butt against the arm of the couch that was in the center of the room, crossing her legs at the ankles and her arms under her big breasts.

– “It doesn’t seem hot in here right now, though,” he said as he took the cover off of the thermostat.

– “Not right now, but it will soon enough,” June said, hitting him with one of those double-meaning sentences again.

– “Huh?” Kevin replied, both surprised and puzzled as he turned to look over his shoulder.

– “I mean, it isn’t hot in here all the time,” she replied.

‘Only when you’re in the room!’ she thought to herself.

– “Oh, okay,” he said, turning back to the thermostat.

After a minute or two of working at it, he put the cover back on and turned to face her again.

– “It’s not the thermostat; the unit has power and it came on and shut off when it was supposed to, so that means it must be the external unit,” he explained, bending down to pick up his tool bag.

‘Not so fast, Kevin!’ she thought to herself.

– “Do you think you could check out the thermostat in my bedroom, just to be sure?” she asked, standing up and taking a step towards him. “I mean, it gets awfully hot in there sometimes, too,” she said.

Kevin looked over at the entrance to her bedroom which was just down the short hall from the living room, then looked back at her as he replied.

– “There’s no thermostat in your bedroom, Mrs. Graham,” he said, reverting to a more formal approach and looking her in the eyes as he spoke.

He had a feeling he knew what was about to happen, and he was torn between turning down the hottest woman in the entire complex and keeping his job, or just going with the flow and letting whatever was going to happen just happen. And his hardening cock wasn’t making his decision any easier, either.

– “I mean, I know the floor plans of these condos like the back of my hand, and none of them have a thermostat in the bedroom,” Kevin continued.

Even though she knew she was caught, June never missed a beat. She stood up from the arm of the couch and walked slowly over to Kevin, smiling a seductive smile as she spoke. Her nipples were hard as rocks now and were standing out prominently beneath the fabric of her halter, and June knew it was taking every ounce of his concentration not to talk to her boobs instead of her face. She felt the familiar tingling inside as her pussy began to get wet as she crossed the small space between them.

– “Okay, Kevin, you caught me,” she said, her voice slightly husky now as her own passions began to rise quickly. “You’re right, there’s no thermostat in my bedroom,” she said, now within inches of him and her nipples almost touching his chest.

She closed the gap and put her arms around his neck as she pressed her body against him and continued, her voice dropping an octave as she spoke.

– “So I guess I’m just going to have to fuck you out here instead!”

Before Kevin could respond she pulled his head down to her and kissed him, closing her eyes as their lips met.

He resisted for just a moment, but all resistance vanished when she pressed her body full against his and slipped her long, talented tongue into his mouth. He returned the kiss as her tongue found his, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close to him as their tongues danced.

June’s breath caught in her throat as she felt the large lump of his quickly-hardening cock pressing against her abdomen, and she was surprised at just how quickly he got hard.

‘He feels big!’ she thought to herself, sliding a hand in between them and down his stomach to the growing lump in his jeans.

She squeezed the lump hard, feeling it pulsing beneath her touch even through his jeans, and she could feel the juices in her pussy really begin to flow. She felt his cock quickly hardening and getting bigger, and she squeezed it again as his hand slid between them to grasp one of her large breasts.

He squeezed her breast firmly in return, pinching the nipple between his fingers through her halter, and she moaned slightly as he ran his other hand down her back to her ass, squeezing one of the round, firm globes with his other hand.

She pulled his head down to her firmly with her other hand, the first still gripping and squeezing his cock as his hands squeezed her breasts and ass. When the fiery kiss finally ended and their lips separated, they were both slightly breathless – she more than he. She spoke first.

– “So is it getting hot in here, Kevin, or is it just me?” she asked, looking up at him and smiling as she continued to knead and squeeze his now rock-hard cock with her hand.

– “Oh, yeah, it sure is,” he replied, smiling back. “And I have a feeling it’s gonna get a whole lot hotter before the afternoon is over!”

He slipped his hand from her big breast and slid it down and around her lithe body to grip the other globe of her firm ass, pulling her into him as she spoke.

– “You have no idea just how long I’ve wanted to fuck you!” she said, still breathless. “And now that I’ve finally got my hands on you, I’m not going to let you go until I’m finished with you – for today, that is!” she said, her green eyes sparking as she looked up into his.

She could feel his now-rock hard cock through his jeans as he continued to pull her close. She pulled his head down to her again and kissed him once more, harder and with more passion this time, squeezing and kneading the hard tube of his cock in her hand as she did so. She could feel it throbbing beneath her touch, and she couldn’t wait to get her lips around it.

They kissed passionately for several minutes, Kevin squeezing her ass with both strong hands while she gripped and tugged at his cock until finally June couldn’t wait any longer.

She broke off the kiss and stepped back, panting slightly, and with hooded eyes gave Kevin a seductive look as she reached behind her back to untie the halter. Then she pulled the halter up over her head and tossed it aside, revealing her huge, firm breasts to Kevin for the first time. Her nipples were so hard they were throbbing, and she reached up to tug at them with both hands as Kevin looked at her.

– “Holy shit, they’re huge!” Kevin said, watching as she pulled and tugged on her engorged nipples.

– “And today they’re all yours, Kevin,” June replied, smiling a crooked smile at him. “Among other things, that is!” she said.

She dropped her hands from her big breasts and slid them down her body to her shorts.

Kevin watched in disbelief as she unfastened her tight shorts and slid them down over her lush hips and down her long legs, never taking her eyes from his as she stepped out of the shorts and tossed them aside to land next to her halter top. Her full, heavy breasts swayed and bobbed as she moved, and Kevin felt his cock twitch at the sight. She paused for just a moment before walking over to Kevin, her big tits swaying as she moved, keeping Kevin mesmerized. He was so fixated on her tits that June wasn’t sure if he’d even noticed her trimmed pussy yet!

June reached out and began unfastening Kevin’s jeans, never breaking eye contact with him as she got them open and pulled down the zipper. She dropped to her knees in front of him and finally broke eye contact with him to look at the large lump of hard cock directly in front of her. She grabbed his jeans and shorts at the same time, pulling them down over his hips and down his legs to set his cock free. She smiled in delight as Kevin’s big, thick, hard cock popped out right in front of her face. June absolutely loved the sight of a man’s hard cock and thought that all cocks were absolutely beautiful in that condition, but Kevin’s was something special and she knew it right away.

He was big, just as she thought, but not so big as to be uncomfortable or unmanageable. She guessed he was about seven and a half inches long and about five inches around, which made him absolutely bigger than the “normal” male. But it wasn’t the size that made his cock so beautiful to her; no, it was more than that. The head of his cock was perfect, big and flaring out, shiny and taut, and the shaft was laced with large veins that she could see pulsing slightly as the blood pumped through them. His balls were proportionate to his cock size, big and full, hanging heavily beneath the base of his cock. She was also very pleased to see that Kevin’s balls were shaven clean, something she particularly liked as it made ball-sucking much easier and much more enjoyable for both her and her lover.

June had a feeling that Kevin was going to give her the fucking of a lifetime, and she intended to give it right back.

She reached up and grasped Kevin’s big, throbbing cock in her hand, wrapping her fingers around it and squeezing as she slowly pumped her hand up and down the shaft. She was immediately rewarded with a big drop of clear pre-cum which popped out of the slit at the end of his cock, and Kevin moaned slightly as she leaned forward and licked it off with the flat of her tongue.

She swallowed the clear liquid down, loving the slightly salty taste of it on her tongue, and Kevin shivered a bit as she held his cock up in her hand and ran the flat of her tongue along the underside of the head. June squeezed his cock harder and pumped it several times again, and was once again rewarded with an even bigger drop of fluid at the tip. She put her lips on the tip of his cock and sucked it off, making Kevin’s hips buck. She sucked on just the tip of his cock for a few moments before releasing it and then looking up at him past his throbbing cock as she spoke.

– “You make a lot of pre-cum, Kevin,” she said, smiling up at him.

– “Yeah, I do,” he replied, looking down at her and seeing the unadulterated lust in her eyes. “Always have, don’t know why.”

– “Oh, I’m not complaining, trust me!” she said, still smiling as she pumped his cock slowly in her hand. “I bet you cum big, too, don’t you?” she asked before sucking the next drop of pre-cum from his shaft.

– “Well, I’ve – ahhh! – never had any complaints so far,” he gasped as she sucked on the tip of his cock, then slid her lips down and over the bulbous head to enclose it in her wet, hot mouth.

Kevin’s hips bucked again as she swirled her tongue over and around the head of his cock, her hand gripping it hard and pumping more pre-cum out of him.

June greedily drank it all down as she worked more and more of his big, throbbing cock into her mouth until she had nearly all of it in her mouth. She held his cock deep in her mouth for a moment, then slathered her soft, wet tongue along the underside as she slowly slid her mouth back up his cock to the tip. She paused for a moment with just the tip of his cock in her mouth as she reached up and grasped his big, heavy balls with her other hand. June kneaded them firmly but gently in her hand as she slid her mouth back down his shaft, sucking hard on him as she did so until she felt the head of his cock hit the back of her throat. She held him there for a moment before repeating the process all over again.

June worked on Kevin’s cock like this for several long, very pleasurable minutes, making Kevin buck his hips and moan with pleasure as she worked him over. She was good at sucking cock – very good, actually – and she knew it, but she also knew that she didn’t have to worry about Kevin blowing his load down her throat until he was really ready to do so. No, something about him just told her that he wasn’t the “quick-fire” type, and that made her happy because she didn’t want the first round to end too quickly.

Kevin threw his head back against the wall and just stood there as the hottest, sexiest, most beautiful woman he’d ever seen sucked his cock like her life depended on it. He’d had the hots for June ever since he first laid eyes on her, but he never thought he’d stand so much as the smallest of chances with her for several reasons, the age difference being one of them.

But now here he was, standing in her apartment with this beautiful, sexy red-headed woman working on his cock like it was the last one on earth, and he just couldn’t believe it. He knew this was just the beginning of what was going to be a very interesting and pleasurable afternoon, and he couldn’t believe that either. Things like this happened in porn movies, not in real life, yet here he was! He looked down and watched June’s head move up and down on his cock as she worked him over, and when she glanced up to look at him and saw him looking down at her she smiled at him around his cock and winked at him, never breaking stride.

After several long, pleasurable minutes during which June was sure she’d pumped at least a tablespoonful of pre-cum from Kevin’s beautiful, hard cock she paused in her efforts, sliding her lips from his throbbing shaft and giving the head one last lick with the flat of her tongue before she stood up. She kept one hand on his cock as she looked into his eyes and spoke, her voice low and breathless.

– “One of us has too many clothes on, don’t you think?” she asked, tugging on his cock as she spoke.

– “Yeah, I do,” Kevin replied.

He quickly stripped off his black t-shirt, showing his slightly muscled chest to June for the first time, and she smiled as she got her first look at him. He looked down at her hand wrapped around his cock and then looked up at her, saying:

– “You’re gonna have to let go so I can finish.”

– “Damn,” she said, smiling impishly at him as she let go of his throbbing cock.

Kevin quickly unlaced his work boots and kicked them off, then pulled off his jeans and shorts as June walked over to the couch. Kevin watched her firm, taut ass flexing as she walked, and he felt his cock twitch at the sight.

She stopped in front of the couch and turned to face him, pointing to the couch as she spoke.

– “Sit here, please,” she said, and Kevin found himself attracted at the way she wasn’t afraid to take control.

He actually liked aggressive women, something that most me wouldn’t admit, and it turned him on to have a woman take control sometimes. And this was definitely one of those times. June had been in control since the moment he walked into the condo, and he now realized that for the first time. He’d been set up, and he loved it.

Fully naked now, he walked over to the couch as told, and June watched his cock bobbing and swaying in front of him as he walked. He sat down on the couch as told, June moving in between his legs and spreading his knees apart as she knelt in front of him. Kevin slid down on the couch until his butt was on the edge as June grabbed his cock with one hand, his balls with the other, and dropped her head down to suck his cock deeply into her hot, wet mouth. Kevin let his head drop back to rest on the back of the couch and moaned as June began sucking hard on his cock, squeezing his full, heavy balls in her hand as she slid her hot, wet mouth up and down his hard shaft in a steady, easy rhythm.

She worked at his cock intently, taking it all the way into her mouth until the head bumped the back of her throat before sliding her mouth up the shaft, running her tongue along the underside as she sucked hard on it. She never fully released his cock from her wet, sucking mouth, always keeping the head inside as she slipped her tongue around and around the tip before sliding down onto his shaft again.

After a few minutes of this she slipped his cock from her mouth and slid her lips down the underside of his shaft, licking as she went, headed straight for his smooth balls. She kept one hand wrapped around his cock as she latched her soft, wet lips onto his balls, opening her jaw wide and sucking both of them into her mouth at the same time. She pumped his cock in her hand as she rolled his big, heavy balls in her mouth, pulling and tugging on them with the great suction she was creating with her mouth, rolling them around on her wet tongue before pulling her head back and tugging on them firmly.

Kevin moaned as she did this, and she increased the suction on his ball sack until he felt like he’d been hooked up to a vacuum cleaner. She gripped his cock hard as she sucked on his balls, finally releasing them from her wet, sucking mouth with a gentle ‘pop.’ Then she ran her tongue and lips back up his cock to suck on the tip, looking up at him as she did so. June sucked on the tip for a moment or two, sucking still more pre-cum from his shaft, before releasing it from her mouth. She looked up at him and smiled that evil half-smile as she spoke, her hand still pumping his cock.

– “Are you ready for me to fuck you now, Kevin?” she asked, looking up at him from beneath her brow, her head slightly lowered as she spoke. “Are you ready to feel my tight, hot, wet pussy wrapped around your big, hard cock?”

– “Not only yes, but hell yes!” Kevin replied.

June smiled as she got up from between his thighs, releasing his cock from her grasp as she stepped up onto the couch with her knees.

Kevin watched her full, heavy breasts swaying on her chest as she moved into position above him, straddling him with one knee on either side of his hips until her sopping wet pussy was positioned directly above his cock.

June placed one hand on the back of the couch next to his head for support as she reached down and grabbed his cock again, pointing the head straight up at her pussy. She lowered her hips slightly and rubbed the bulbous head of his cock up and down her wet slit, separating her outer lips and rubbing up against her clit at the same time. She gasped as little electric shocks ripped through her body from her clit, and she bit her lip as she ran the big head of his cock over the hard little nub again.

In a matter of seconds, the head of his cock was slick and glistening with her juices as she pushed it back to the opening of her pussy. She lowered her pussy down onto his cock, the bulbous head pushing past her inner lips to penetrate her wet pussy, and she gasped as the head slipped inside her. She could feel the big head of his cock stretching her opening as it slipped inside her tunnel, stretching it as well as it slowly slipped inside her.

– “Oh, God, your cock is so big!” she moaned as she removed her hand from his shaft and placed it on the back of the couch on the other side of his head.

She closed her eyes and moaned again as she slowly lowered her pussy down onto Kevin’s throbbing cock, feeling it stretch her pussy more and more as it invaded her. June moved her hips slowly around in a circle as she continued to slip down onto Kevin’s hard cock, and she gasped loudly as Kevin reached up and grabbed her big breasts, pinching hard on the nipples. She groaned as he gripped her big, firm tits in both of his hands, squeezing them hard as her hips settled onto his. June had fully engulfed Kevin’s hard shaft, the globes of her firm ass resting on his balls as she ground her hips down onto him. She clenched her inner muscles and squeezed him inside her, making him jump at the sensation. June giggled as she looked down at him.

– “You like that, huh?” she asked, gripping him again as she spoke.

Kevin jumped again as her pussy clamped down on his cock once more.

– “That’s fantastic!” he replied, looking up at her as he continued to grip and squeeze her big breasts with both hands. “Where did you learn how to do that?” he asked, his naiveté and inexperience showing.

June thought it was cute, and squeezed him again as she replied.

– “That’s not important right now, Kevin,” she said, speaking softly as she lowered her face down to his to kiss him softly on the lips before continuing. “What’s important is that I can, and that I’m doing it to you!”

Then she kissed him again, longer and deeper, slipping her tongue into his mouth as she slowly began riding his hard cock.

Keeping her hands on the back of the couch on either side of his head and maintaining the kiss, June slid her hot, wet pussy slowly up and down Kevin’s hard shaft, gripping and squeezing it as she went along. Her pussy was wetter than it had been in a very long time, and Kevin’s cock was glistening with her juices as she rode him.

Kevin continued squeezing her big breasts as she rode his throbbing cock, squeezing and pulling on the hard nipples as she rode and squeezed his cock. June rode his cock hard and deep, grinding her hips down onto him as she took the entire length of his cock as deep inside her pussy as she could, twisting her hips slightly as she did so.

She could feel the beginnings of what she knew was going to be a powerful orgasm building inside her, and her motions increased slightly. June finally broke off the kiss as she began to slide faster up and down on Kevin’s cock, opening her mouth to breathe as her breathing became faster and faster.

Kevin lifted one of her big breasts to his lips and clamped them around her hard nipple, sucking on the hard nub firmly and making June cry out.

– “Ahhh! Yes, that’s it! Suck my nipples, Kevin, suck them hard!” she exclaimed as Kevin sucked the little nub harder while pinching the other in his fingers.

After pulling the nub into his mouth and twirling his tongue around it for a moment he changed breasts, repeating the process with her other nipple and causing June to cry out again.

She clamped down on his cock hard with her pussy muscles as the waves of pleasure shot out from her nipples straight to her brain and her clit, and she knew she was going to cum on Kevin’s cock very soon.

– “Oh…oh, my God, Kevin…I’m gonna…I’m gonna cum!” she gasped as the motions of her hips increased.

She thrust her pussy down onto Kevin’s hard cock harder and faster, gripping and squeezing his shaft with her pussy as she twisted her hips around and around, her clit rubbing against the base of his cock as she moved.

Kevin continued sucking hard on her nipples, one after the other, again and again, and it wasn’t long before June’s orgasm finally broke.

She threw her head back as she cried out, her eyes squeezed shut, as the waves of her orgasm crashed through her body, emanating out from her pussy and running through her entire body. She continued sliding up and down on Kevin’s cock, slamming her hips down onto his as she impaled her pussy onto his cock hard as the intense orgasm rocked her.

When her orgasm reached its peak, she lowered her head and opened her eyes, looking directly into Kevin’s as she dropped her hips down and held them there, impaled on his throbbing cock, and Kevin could feel her pussy fluttering around his shaft as she gripped and squeezed it with her inner muscles. June’s mouth was hanging open as she gasped for breath, a fine layer of sweat covering her body and making it shine as the last vestiges of her orgasm finally began to fade away.

Kevin kept his hands on her breasts, gripping them firmly and gently tugging at the nipples as she slowly came down from her orgasmic high.

When it was over she was left panting for breath, finally dropping her torso down onto Kevin, pushing her big, firm breasts against his chest as she did so.

Kevin put his arms around her and held her close, his hard cock still buried inside June’s sopping wet pussy. June stayed like that for several moments to catch her breath, then pushed her body up again with her hands on the back of the couch once more.

– “Oh, my God, Kevin, I haven’t cum like that in a long, long time!” she said, smiling at him as she continued to sit on his hips, his cock deep inside her. “But now I think it’s your turn, don’t you?” she asked, sitting completely upright on his cock.

– “Yeah, I do,” he replied, resting his hands on the tops of her thighs as she sat on him. “You gonna make me cum now, June?” he asked, smiling at her.

– “Yes, I am, and I know just how I’m going to do it, too!” she said, smiling that evil smile at him again.

Reluctantly, June lifted her hips up and let Kevin’s cock slip out of her as she stood up, his glistening cock slapping wetly against his abdomen as she did so. She turned around so that her back was to him, giving Kevin a good look at the firm, rounded cheeks of her ass as she pushed his knees apart and moved in between them. She backed up so that her ass was right above his cock, the backs of her calves touching the front of the couch.

Then she turned to look back at Kevin as she reached around and grasped his cock, pulling it towards her until it was pointed straight up at her pussy. She lowered her hips down until the head of his cock was touching her outer lips, and then rubbed the big, bulbous head up and down her wet slit a few times before placing it against her opening. She lowered her hips and took the head of his cock inside her wet tunnel, sighing as she felt it stretching her out once again as it slipped inside. Still looking back at Kevin she pushed her hips down in one slow, firm, deliberate motion, her pussy swallowing up Kevin’s throbbing cock until she was sitting on his pelvis.

Kevin watched June’s pussy swallow up his cock in awe and fascination, and the sensations of her wet, hot, and incredibly tight pussy sliding slowly down on his cock made him harder than ever. She had a sensational ass, firm and round and tight, and he moaned a bit when June sat up straight and ground her hips down on him and around in a circle. She threw her head back and ran her fingers through her long auburn hair as he watched her slowly grinding on his cock, and he could feel the head of his cock touching the end of her tunnel. Then he gasped as June grabbed his balls firmly in one hand, squeezing and kneading them as she began to slowly slide up and down on his cock.

She began squeezing his shaft with her talented inner muscles in time with her hand squeezing his balls, and he knew immediately that if she kept that up she was going to make him cum in no time flat.

June knew it, too; she could tell by the way Kevin flinched and by how his cock jumped inside her when she squeezed it with her pussy. She looked back over her shoulder at him, her auburn hair partially hiding her face as she spoke.

– “Not yet, baby, not yet,” she said softly, releasing his balls from her hand and smiling at him. “Soon, but not just yet!”

Turning around to face Kevin’s feet again, June leaned forward and placed her hands on the top of Kevin’s knees for balance as she began to slowly slide her pussy up and down on his hard shaft. She lifted her pussy up from his cock until just the head was still inside her, then slid back down on the throbbing shaft until her ass bumped against his pelvis. She rode him like this in long, slow, deliberate strokes, twisting her hips slightly as she slid down on his cock, knowing that he was enjoying the view of her ass as she fucked him. Kevin’s cock filled her up more than any lover she’d had in recent memory, and she decided right then and there to make Kevin her new “boy toy.” She was quite sure he wouldn’t mind, not after the fucking she intended to give him!

She continued to ride Kevin’s cock in long, firm, and deliberate strokes without squeezing him with her inner muscles or her hand on his balls for several long, enjoyable minutes, and June could feel her own orgasm slowly beginning to build deep inside her sex. As her own excitement once again began to build, she increased the tempo of her hips as she moved up and down on Kevin’s hard cock, twisting her hips as she rode his cock deeper and deeper. She gripped his knees firmly with both hands as the motions of her hips increased along with the building of her own orgasm. She was breathing heavily now, her heavy breasts bobbing and swaying on her chest as she rode Kevin’s cock, and her mouth fell open as the building of her orgasm took a quick turn.

Without realizing it she clamped down hard on Kevin’s cock with her pussy, squeezing it hard as her hand once again found Kevin’s balls. She squeezed the full sacks firmly in her hand as she squeezed the hard cock inside her just as hard, and Kevin gasped and moaned at the sensations.

He gripped the cushion on either side of him with both hands as June fucked him hard and fast, squeezing and clutching at his cock with her talented pussy while her hand gripped and squeezed his balls as if she was trying to pump the cum from them. The sight of June’s firm, rounded ass bouncing up and down on his cock as she rode him was having the desired effect, and he felt his orgasm quickly building. He hoped June was going to cum with him, because he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. And as soon as he had that thought, June answered the question for him.

– “Oh, my…Gawd…” she gasped, her hips literally flying up and down as she rode Kevin’s cock harder and faster, “Give it…to me…Kevin, give it…to me! Cum for…for me, Kevin! Cum inside me…cum inside…me!”

– “Any second now,” Kevin grunted as he felt his balls shift, a sure signal that he was about to explode. June felt it too, and it was enough to set her off.

– “I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cum!!” she cried as her orgasm hit.

June slammed her hips down hard with every downstroke onto Kevin’s cock, and she involuntarily clamped down on his cock with her pussy as hard as she could. She also squeezed Kevin’s balls, pulling on them without realizing it, and this was enough to set Kevin off.

With a loud grunt and a powerful upward bucking of his hips Kevin’s cock exploded inside June’s pussy, the stream of hot, thick cum blasting out of the end of his cock deep into June’s wet pussy. June cried out again as she felt the first blast of hot cum spewing inside her, and the sensations of Kevin’s cock pulsing and throbbing inside her as it pumped her pussy full of cum made her cum yet again. She kept riding his cock, driving her hips up and down onto his pumping, throbbing cock as his cock blasted stream after stream of hot cum deep inside her.

Then she dropped her hips down onto Kevin’s cock and held them there, squeezing his pumping cock as hard as she could with her pussy while also squeezing and tugging on his balls. She was intent on milking every last drop of cum from his balls, and she wasn’t going to stop until she was sure she had.

Kevin gripped June’s hips in both hands as soon as they dropped down onto him and stopped moving, pushing his cock upwards into her as his orgasm ran its course. He was cumming hard, harder than he ever had, and just when he was beginning to think that his cock would never stop spewing his spunk into June’s pussy he felt the spasms begin to slow.

Finally, after what seemed to be hours instead of just seconds, Kevin’s cock stopped pumping and throbbing, his orgasm coming to an end. June was right there with him, the last waves of her orgasm fading as she felt the pumping inside her slow and finally stop.

When it was all over they were both left gasping and panting for breath, both of their bodies covered with a fine layer of sweat. June could feel how full her pussy was with Kevin’s cum, and she didn’t think she’d ever been that full before. She fell back onto Kevin, still keeping his cock trapped inside her, resting her head on his shoulder as his arms enveloped her. They lay still for several moments, both of them catching their breath, before June finally turned her head to look at him and spoke.

– “Wow!” she said, smiling at Kevin. “You came hard, and you came a lot!”

– “Thanks to you, yes,” Kevin replied, smiling back at her.

She reached up and put her hand on the back of his head, pulling his face down to hers so she could kiss him. The kiss was brief but intense, and June felt something stir inside of her – namely, Kevin’s cock, which was still semi-hard.

– “Would you like to share a shower with me, Kevin?” she asked, her hand still on the back of his head and his cock still inside her. “And maybe after that, we can go to my bedroom and do this all over again on my bed instead of on the couch,” she continued.

– “But I have to get back to work,” Kevin replied, a sad look on his face.

– “Call in sick,” June said, giving his cock a hard squeeze with her pussy for emphasis.

And he did.

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