Cindy's wildest fantasy

Cindy’s Wildest Fantasy by Purgatorio Profonda


Cindy's wildest fantasyA fantastic lesbian erotic story

[dropcap2]C[/dropcap2]indy lived alone in an apartment in the middle of the city. Her party attitude had not faded since college and she had a knack for being a bit of an outgoing girl. She tried to keep her life exciting by venturing into one-night-stands and hook ups with both guys and girls. In fact that is how she met Hannah. One drunken night in a bar led to Cindy taking this cute blonde girl home with her for the most amazing night of sex Cindy had ever had. Cindy doesn’t remember much of that night, as she was fairly drunk, but what she does remember was magical. She remembers Hannah’s touch and how Hannah really knew what Cindy wanted. It wasn’t one of those “a girl knows what a girl wants” sort of things; it was different.

It had been over six months since Cindy saw Hannah, and she would be there at any minute. Cindy tried and tried but could not get the fireplace to start. So much for setting the mood.

When Cindy woke after her one night stand, Hannah was gone, and all that was left was a note that said, “see you again soon”. Cindy had no recollection of her leaving, but then again, she was drunk. Hannah’s absence that morning was actually a good thing. The last thing Cindy wanted was for her boyfriend to find out that she had sex with a girl and he wasn’t invited. Now Hannah wasn’t the hottest girl that Cindy had hooked up with, but she was a lot of fun, and her boyfriend still would have wanted to join. But her boyfriend was now her ex-boyfriend, and Hannah was coming over.

Cindy still couldn’t get the fireplace started.

Cindy broke up with her boyfriend no more than a week ago when she got a call from Hannah. Cindy couldn’t remember if she gave Hannah her phone number or not. Maybe she had, but her timing was too perfect. Single again, Cindy wanted to see Hannah again without fear, and sober. Now Cindy had no intention of dating Hannah at all. She wasn’t a lesbian. Not that it mattered if she was, as she really had no close family or friends to judge her. Honestly, she didn’t prefer labels. She was going to be with who she wanted to be with on any given night from now on, guy or girl.

Cindy wondered how she looked as she checked herself out in the bathroom mirror. It had been a while since she worked out and she hoped Hannah was still as promiscuous as she was then. She looked at her hair, and it looked great. It was long and brown, with a slight curl to it. Cindy knew she could go out looking like this and get any guy she wanted. But she didn’t want any guy, or a guy for that matter. She wanted Hannah, and then she just remembered that her hair was up when she met Hannah, and she wasn’t sure which Hannah preferred.

“Up or down?” she said out loud in her tiny bathroom.

She thought if she put her hair up, not only could Hannah be more attracted to her, but it would make things seem just a little more casual. Maybe Hannah wasn’t as promiscuous as she was before. Cindy didn’t want to scare her away. At least they could be friends. Cindy really needed to tone things down. This wasn’t a date, it was just seeing a friend she hadn’t seen in a while. Granted, the only time they had seen each other was for sex, but Cindy didn’t want to jump to any conclusions.

She fixed her pink top around her breasts, which had grown a little since she last saw Hannah. They were now a C-cup. She pinched her waist and pulled at a small layer of fat. Maybe that was why her cup size had grown.

With her hair up and her top and jeans looking as good as they could, Cindy decided she was ready. She looked at herself in the mirror one last time.

“Okay, now I just need to wait for Hannah.” Cindy said, and not a second went by when there was a knock at the door. Cindy stepped out of the bathroom, and found her way to the front door. She opened the door, and there stood Hannah.

Hannah was a very cute blonde girl. She had short hair, just barely to her shoulders. She was wearing a white tanktop with a white jacket, and dark jeans. She didn’t seem to be made up much at all, and was dressed more to just hang out. She had a similar build to Cindy, only Cindy noticed that Hannah probably weighed just a little bit more than her. Cindy remembered Hannah to be hotter, but oh well. Cindy wasn’t after Hannah for her looks. She just wanted to get Hannah in her bed. That’s what made Hannah so magical to Cindy.

“Hannah!” Cindy shouted as she saw her friend.

“Cindy! Good to see you!”

They hugged, and there was a brief second of silence.

“Come in!” Cindy said, to break up the silence.

Hannah entered Cindy’s small apartment, and looked things over. “I think I remember this place.” Hannah said.

Cindy looked back at her as they walked towards the living room, and she giggled as they both were thinking about the last time Hannah was over.

“Did you want a drink or something?” Cindy asked.

“No. I’m fine. Don’t wanna get too drunk tonight.” Hannah said.

“Well, I’m going to get one. Make yourself at home.”

Cindy walked into the kitchen. She was slightly disappointed in Hannah’s answer, but got over it. Cindy thought that if Hannah didn’t seek Cindy out to drink and go crazy, then why did she? She got a beer out of the fridge and walked back out to the living room.

“So… did you wanna go out or something? Hit the bars?” Cindy asked, but then she realized that the fireplace was roaring.

“No.” Hannah said.

“You got the fire started?” Cindy asked.

“Yeah. It just needed my ‘magic touch’.” Hannah answered in a laugh.

Cindy shrugged it off, and they each sat on the couch.

“Then if you don’t want to go out, what’s up? I haven’t heard from you in a while. Why’d you call?” Cindy asked. “I don’t mean to be blunt, but…”

“Look,” Hannah started. Hannah was definitely having a hard time talking to Cindy. “I called you because, well, I didn’t want to scare you but I know you broke up with your boyfriend recently, and …”

“How do you know that we broke up?” Cindy asked, alarmed. Hannah sat closer to Cindy on the couch. She took Cindy’s hand in hers, and looked closely at her. They were alone in a large dark apartment, and Cindy was scared as to who Hannah really was. Was she a stalker of some kind? How did she know so much?

“There’s something I wanna tell you, but I don’t want to freak you out.” Hannah said.

“Tell me.” Cindy said sternly.

“Well, there’s just things about me that I want to tell you, but you have to promise to keep in a secret. You can’t tell anyone.”

“But we don’t really have any mutual friends. It’s not like …”

“Trust me. If I tell you what I have been longing to tell you since we met, you would probably tell the whole world.” Hannah said with absolute certainty. “You have to promise that everything that I tell you tonight remains between us.”

Cindy was really confused, but she agreed.

“Okay. I promise.” Cindy said. “So what is this huge secret?”

Hannah thought for a few seconds. “Maybe it’s easier to show you.” Hannah said as she stood up. She walked into the middle of the living room and presented herself in front of Cindy.

“Just, promise not to freak out.” Hannah said.

Cindy nodded, unsure of what was going to happen. Hannah smiled, and closed her eyes. She stood up on her tip-toes, and then slowly rose her hands up from her sides. Cindy was confused to no end. Hannah just stood there, on her toes, with her eyes closed and a large smile on her face. Suddenly, Hannah’s toes slowly lifted off the ground about an inch. Cindy didn’t realize it at first, but she sat up as soon as she noticed that Hannah was somehow floating in mid-air in the middle of her living room. Cindy stood up and slowly walked around Hannah as she floated there, with her eyes closed and her arms extended. She was easily over a foot off the ground now. Cindy examined all around to see if this was some elaborate trick, but as far as she could tell, Hannah was flying.

Then a flash of light exploded out from Hannah, and blinded Cindy and she covered her eyes. As soon as the light dimmed, a brand new Hannah was floating in the middle of her living room. Her normal clothes were nowhere to be found, as she now wore a sheer white robe that was left open so that Cindy could see that she wore a tiny pair of white panties that barely covered her at all. She had on a tiny bra over her breasts, which were much larger and firmer. They seemed to stress the limits of the tiny bra as they pushed out through the top, sides, and the bottom, leaving little to the imagination. Her body was no longer the same either, as her waist was much smaller and her butt was firm and tight.

But even the floating, changes to her clothes, and enhancements to her body didn’t compare to what seemed to fill Cindy’s living room. Hannah had sprouted a magnificent pair of angel wings that didn’t flap at all, but still kept her body just above the ground. There was a wind blowing from nowhere, blowing her hair and robe about. She was a whole new person in a whole new body, and Cindy had no idea what to do or say. Hannah simply floated in front of Cindy in the middle of the living room, beaming light out from her gorgeous body. Hannah finally opened her eyes, and smiled at Cindy.

“This is the real me, Cindy.”

Hannah slowly floated in front of Cindy with a magical wind still blowing her hair about. Hannah lifted her finger and motioned Cindy to come to her. Before Cindy could even think about walking towards her, she was suddenly pulled towards Hannah by some force, and now she stood face to face with Hannah. Cindy looked over Hannah’s wings, her body, and finally to her face.

“Are you like… an angel?” Cindy asked.

Hannah laughed.

“You mean these things?” Hannah said, as her wings flapped a little bit behind her, as if dancing to Hannah’s words. “I just like them. I know that you like me in white, so I thought I would dress up for you. The wings simply add to the costume I guess. If you don’t like them I can get rid of them.”

“Well, it’s not that, its just… how… how do you… ?” Cindy tried to ask.

“I taught myself a long time ago, Cindy. I taught myself how to get whatever I want just by thinking it.”

“Taught? You mean like a witch?”

Hannah laughed again. “No. Not like a witch.”

Hannah landed on her feet, and stood in front of Cindy. She leaned toward Cindy to kiss her, but stopped and talked directly into her lips. “It doesn’t matter what I am. All that matters is that I can do anything I want, and I want to share my true self and my magic with you. Do you want to do this?”

“What… what would we do?” Cindy asked, slightly scared to realize that her new friend seemed to possess magic powers.

“Well, for starters. You were wrong about your hair.” Hannah said. “I like it down.”

Hannah flicked her hand at Cindy, and the pins that held Cindy’s hair up fell out. Her brown hair fell down around her shoulders, and she shook it out. She then realized what had happened earlier.

“Wait, you were listening to me?” Cindy asked. Hannah suddenly vanished right in front of Cindy, and reappeared behind her, with her lips at Cindy’s ear.

“I was merely listening to your thoughts. I have been since I met you.” Hannah answered, and she started to caress Cindy shoulders. Cindy could feel Hannah beautiful body pressed against her own. Cindy realized that this how Hannah knew about her break up; that’s how Hannah knew her phone number; that’s how she got the fireplace started; that’s even how Hannah knew when to knock on the door.

“Stop thinking so much.” Hannah told Cindy as she kissed her neck and played with Cindy’s breasts. “Let’s have sex, and you will begin to learn how to do magic too.”

Hannah’s arms wrapped around Cindy, and she grabbed onto Cindy’s breasts. She squeezed Cindy’s breasts, and Cindy could feel them growing. She looked down and watched as her waist started to shrink down. It didn’t hurt, in fact if felt warm and soothing. Hannah kissed Cindy’s neck as she squeezed Cindy’s breasts harder. Hannah’s hands suddenly sank through Cindy’s pink top and, she grabbed directly onto Cindy’s breasts. Cindy started to embrace Hannah’s touch like she had done before.

Cindy reached back and grabbed onto Hannah’s cheek, and pulled Hannah’s lips to her own. They started to kiss slowly and passionately. Cindy pressed her newly enhanced breasts against Hannah’s and continued to kiss Hannah harder, and harder. Hannah pulled her hands away from Cindy’s breasts and out of her top. She placed them on Cindy’s face, kissing her with more passion and fire. Their tongues danced in each others mouths.

“This is what I have waited for for so long, Cindy. I’ve been wanting… so bad… to show you the real me.” Hannah said between kisses.

Cindy suddenly felt her top being pulled down over her breasts, even though Hannah’s hands were still on her face. Soon, Cindy’s breasts bounced out of her top, and were exposed to Hannah. Hannah and Cindy booth looked down at her breasts, and Hannah smiled.

“Oops.” Hannah giggled. “Sometimes my mind just wanders, and my magic gets the best of me.”

Cindy rubbed her hands over her new breasts slowly, feeling how full and firm they were. They could have been bigger than D-cups.

“Do you like what I did for you?” Hannah asked.

Cindy felt the weight of her breasts, but then realized how weird this was. Never in her life did she think that she would be kissing the most beautiful girl she had ever seen. Not only that, but this girl was in her arms in nothing more than sexy white lingerie. On top of that, this girl had her own pair of angel wings and seemingly unlimited magical powers which she was using to remove her clothes. It was too much to handle. She looked at Hannah in fright, turned, and began to walk away. She grabbed her top, which was now around he waist, and pulled it back up over her exposed body.

“This is too weird.” Cindy walked out of the room, and toward her bedroom as Hannah was left floating in mid air, half naked. Cindy entered her room, and shut the door, trying to ignore what she just saw. She turned and started to walk into her room, but was shocked by what she saw.
Her room was not her room.

Her small bed was now a large king size bed. It was made neatly with silk sheets and large feather pillows. There were candles lit, curtains drawn to the city night outside.

“What happened to my room?”

Suddenly, Hannah walked through the solid door as if it wasn’t even there. She still wore her silky white lingerie, but no longer had her angel wings. Cindy turned and watched as Hannah seductively passed through the doorway and into her modified room.

“I did this.” Hannah told Cindy.

“What? When?” Cindy asked.

“While we were in the living room. I thought your room could use a little change. I hope you like what I created.”

“I don’t understand any of this. You… you can fly. You just had angel wings. You changed my bedroom into this just by thinking about it. You… you walked right through my door. How is this even possible?” Cindy asked as she walked around her new bed.

Hannah walked to the foot of the bed and glared at Cindy. “How many times do I have to tell you… I can do anything I want.” Hannah stated. She leaned over the bed, allowing Cindy to get full view of her perfect large breasts tucked away under her tiny bra. Cindy looked down at them, and for a brief second, Cindy thought about how longed to see them again.

“You can if you want.” Hannah stated.


“You can look at my beautiful tits if you like. You long to look at me naked. I can see your thoughts, Cindy. You need to remember that you can’t hide anything from me. I know you planned on having sex with me tonight. Why stop now? Just because I can do anything I want… anything we want?” Hannah stood back up again, and presented her body to Cindy. “Go ahead… look.”

“But…” Cindy started, but she stopped talking as Hannah looked down at her own body, and her bra and panties just seemed to evaporate off of her body in a magical white mist. Hannah closed her eyes and smiled as she used her magic to expose her perfect naked curves to Cindy; her gorgeous breasts, her tight waist, her shaven pussy tucked between her long and full legs. Cindy wanted it all. Hannah moved her hands from her inner thighs up over her tight pussy, around her little waist, and up over her perfectly firm breasts. She squeezed them a little, and moaned. As she moaned, she opened her eyes again and looked at Cindy.

“Now you’re excited.” Hannah said of Cindy as she read her mind again. Hannah stepped into the air again, and slowly floated around the bed and toward Cindy. Hannah took pleasure in floating around Cindy’s room basically naked in front of her. Her breasts, her legs, her hair; her whole body moved about so magically in front of Cindy. Cindy stepped back, slightly afraid of Hannah’s magic, but at the same time she longed to share it. Hannah stopped her mid-air dance, and gazed at Cindy. She slowly moved her body closer to Cindy, presenting perfection to her.

“I use my powers to alter my body to blend in with everyone else. This body is the real me. The perfect body. You can have this too.”

“How?” Cindy asked.

“I can show you how.” Hannah said. “After tonight you will get a small taste of my powers. Just watch what I can do to you, and what one day you will be able to do it to me. It’s only weird if you don’t embrace it.” Hannah floated in the air in front of Cindy, wearing nothing more than her sheer white robe and her white stockings.

“This has to be a dream.” Cindy said.

Hannah spun her self around and slowly floated away from Cindy. She was trying to come up with a way to convince Cindy to play with her without using her magic to force her. She knew she could make Cindy madly in love with her and make her so aroused that she would rip both her and Cindy’s clothes off if she simply thought it. But Hannah wanted Cindy to join her under her own will. She had been using her magic for ages to have one night stands with countless guys and girls. Her mere appearance made everyone desire her. But now that she exposed her magic to Cindy, she had to convince her that it was okay and nothing too out of the ordinary. She wanted Cindy to become her equal. She wanted Cindy to use magic too. She wanted to take pleasure in watching her friend do everything she ever wanted. She got an idea.

Hannah landed on the ground, and turned back to Cindy. “How about this. Suppose this is a dream. Suppose your are sleeping right now and the fact that I have magic is nothing more than a dream. Then what have you got to lose?”

Cindy thought about Hannah’s logic, and couldn’t find it flawed.

“I guess you are right. But then… what if this is real?” Cindy asked.

“If it is real, then there is no end to what we can do and how long we can do it. Anything you ever wanted to do, feel, see. Anything you can imagine can be yours in a second.”

Cindy thought about what Hannah was trying to tell her. “So…” she started.

“So…” Hannah said as she stole the words from Cindy. She took one step towards Cindy, and in an instant she vanished and reappeared with her lips just outside of Cindy’s lips. “… regardless of how you feel, you are going to have the most excellent sex you have ever had in your life with your dream girl… tonight.”

Cindy closed her eyes, and slowly leaned into kiss Hannah back as her seductive voice was so enticing. As she leaned in for the kiss, she soon realized that Hannah wasn’t even there anymore. Cindy opened her eyes again and saw Hannah across the room, with her robe off her shoulders and her left breast in her left hand.

“So?” Hannah asked as she massaged her own body. Cindy started to wonder if Hannah was even more horny than she was.

“Okay…” Cindy agreed nervously.

“Then how about this for starters?” Hannah said as she quickly browsed through Cindy’s desires. She held out her hand toward Cindy and both Cindy and Hannah’s bodies started to glow just slightly. Light seemed to pour from Hannah’s hand, and Cindy watched as her pink top and jeans seemed to burn off her body in a yellow glow as Hannah now was changing her clothes with mere thoughts and ideas. Cindy was shocked to find that a white polka-dot bikini covered her body instead of her panties. The bikini accented her new body perfectly. It was like the bikini was made just for her.

“How’s that?” Hannah asked as the magical glowing from her hand and body dissipated.

“Where did my clothes go?” Cindy asked.

“Does it really matter?” Hannah quickly snapped back. “I can always bring them back if you really want them.”

Cindy realized that Hannah really was after pleasure tonight, and she should start embracing the idea. She looked over her new bikini, and smiled back at Hannah.

“No, this is fine. Why a bikini, though? Why not some sexy lingerie?” Cindy asked as she playfully modeled her new body for Hannah.

“Because tonight is all about showing off how fantastic our magic can be.” Hannah answered. “This isn’t about kissing, touching, and trying on new clothes. This is about so much more. This is about doing the impossible. We can experience things that no one can experience. This is about… well…”

Hannah stopped talking, and walked to the foot of the bed. She extended her hand over the bed, and then looked back at Cindy.

“This is about doing things like this…” Hannah stated, and she seemed to conduct her hand over the bed as if conducting music with her hands.

Suddenly, the center of the bed began to glow. A circle began to from in the middle of the bed, and the blanket inside the circle began to slowly swirl. Nothing outside of the glowing circle seemed affected. Cindy watched in awe as the blanket started to steam, and she soon realized that the blanket was no longer a blanket at all. It was water, hot bubbling warm water. Hannah had used her magic to place a hot tub in the middle of her bed. Hannah stopped her magic and the hot tub stayed.

“Shall we?” Hannah asked, and she dropped her robe to the ground. The only thing she still wore were her white stockings. Hannah then stepped into the air again, and lifted her body up into the air above Cindy’s bed. She floated for a moment, enjoying the hot air coming up from the bubbling water. Hannah then slowly lowered herself down into the water; her toes, her knees, her waist, her breasts. She lowered herself from the air all the way down to her neck.

With water up to her neck, Hannah smiled seductively at Cindy. She then slowly stood up in the hot tub, and Cindy quickly noticed that Hannah now wore a small white string bikini over her perfect body. Hannah sat on the edge of the hot tub, and beaconed Cindy to join her.

“Do you want to join me?” Hannah asked. “It’s harmless and as good as it looks.”

Cindy smiled and nodded. She placed her hand in the water, and felt its warmth. With Hannah leaning seductively at the edge of the tub, Cindy lifted her leg over the edge of the tub and into the water.

“Let me help.” Hannah told Cindy, and without a single gesture, with just a mere thought, Hannah lifted Cindy’s other leg up off the carpet of her bedroom with her magic and into the air. Cindy used Hannah’s help to place both legs into the hot tub. She leaned over and breathed the steam of the tub into her lungs, allowing it to warm her insides.

As Cindy leaned forward over the tub, Hannah tried to glance up over her bikini top at her huge breasts. Cindy’s gorgeous cleavage was not enough for Hannah, and Hannah soon found her magic getting the best of her as she accidentally pulled Cindy’s top down so that her large breasts could fall out.

Cindy looked down at what Hannah had done, and then looked up at Hannah.

“I love where this is going Hannah.” she said as she pulled her top back up over her breasts. Cindy then leaned into kiss Hannah, and she talked into Hannah’s mouth. “But if you want my tits, I’d rather you took them out with your own hands.”

Cindy grabbed Hannah’s hands, and lifted them up to her own breasts.

“No amount of magic can replace your hands.” she said, and she slowly kissed Hannah.

Cindy let go of Hannah’s hands, and Hannah left them on Cindy’s breasts. Hannah slowly pushed backwards, and they slowly fell into the hot tub. They kissed. They touched. Their hands roamed all over each others firm and tight bodies as they slowly made out in the hot tub.

Cindy began to pull at Hannah’s top, trying to get her naked once again. After seeing Hannah’s perfect body as it floated and glowed in her bedroom, she had to see it all wet and in her own hands. But before Cindy could remove Hannah’s top, Hannah broke their kiss, and waded out to the middle of the hot tub.

“I see you’re eager to play,” Hannah stated. “… so I think I should demonstrate some more of my abilities. You’ll never experience anything like this unless you let me teach you how.”

Hannah then slowly lowered herself deeper and deeper into the hot tub. She closed her eyes as the water flowed up over her head, and she disappeared into the bubbles of the water. Cindy wondered what she was planning. Within a few seconds, her white bikini floated to the surface.

This only excited Cindy. She hoped that Hannah would soon arise from the water naked, or perhaps she planned on flying out of the water in a splash and float above her under her magic. Hannah remained underwater for longer than Cindy hoped. She decide to look through the water, but found that Hannah is gone. There was no sign of her anywhere. Cindy picked up Hannah’s bikini top off the surface of the water, and found all the strings still tied.

Hannah was definitely planning something beyond Cindy’s imagination.

Suddenly, Cindy felt hands around her thighs and her calves. Soon hands rose up her legs and were all over her body. Not just one hand or two hands, but many hands, all caressing her and fondling her body. Cindy looked down into the water to see who was touching her, but found no one. The water penetrated her bikini, and massaged her clit and her breasts. Suddenly she heard a voice gently talking in her head. It is Hannah’s voice.

“Do you like it when I touch you like this?” Hannah asked.

“Yes.” Cindy says aloud. “Where are you?”

“I am the water.” Cindy heard Hannah say in her head. Hannah continued to speak to her as she massaged Cindy’s body. “I merely melted away into the water that fills this tub. I now control it, in fact, I am water. As the water, I can touch you everywhere at once. I can feel every inch of your body.”

Cindy was shocked to suddenly find her bikini bottoms being pulled down her legs by the watery hands of the hot tub. Her pussy was now exposed and in that instant she felt fingers probe her vagina. She felt hands rubbing her tight butt. She felt a fingers spread her wide and fill her up slowly.

“I… I don’t…” Cindy said under heavy breaths, wondering if this magic had gone too far, wondering if all this was weird or merely a new way to experience pleasure.

“Shh…” Hannah said to her again. “Embrace it, baby. Let me please you. I guarantee you that I am getting more pleasure out of my experience as I swirl about your body.”

Cindy was so close to climaxing already. “I… I want to see you…” Cindy said aloud to Hannah. “I want to kiss you, please!” Cindy shouted.

Suddenly, Hannah rose again from the water, only to Cindy’s surprise, Hannah was made completely of water. She stood before Cindy, clear and bubbly. Cindy was still having a hard time understanding how all this was possible, and Hannah new she needed some convincing.

“It’s real.” Hannah said, showing off liquid body to Cindy. “Go ahead, and touch me, Cindy. I want you to touch me.”

Cindy did as she was told, and slowly rose up from the side of the hot tub, and reached her hand out towards Hannah. She touched her watery body, and just like water, her hand sunk into Hannah. Cindy could feel the warmth of the hot tub as she squirreled her around in Hannah watery stomach. Cindy looked up at Hannah and saw that she was enjoying Cindy’s touch. Her liquid breasts rose and fell as breathed deeply, and she quivered every so often as if Cindy was doing something more than just touching her stomach.

“You’re going to make me cum if you keep touching me like that.” Hannah told Cindy.

“But I’m barely touching you.” Cindy reminded her.

“It doesn’t matter. I feel you’re hand inside my pussy, on my tits, on my ass.”

Hannah’s hand shot out and grabbed onto Cindy’s hand with a splash. She tossed Cindy’s hand from her, and then pounced from her standing position and in a splash she pressed her naked liquid body against Cindy’s. She maintained her form, and became more solid as she started to kiss Cindy. As Hannah returned to her solid form, she pressed her huge bare breasts against Cindy’s. As they kissed, Cindy reached around and pulled Hannah’s firm butt so that Hannah was tight against her. Hannah pulled at Cindy’s breasts, longing to get at her nipples. She slid her solid knee between Cindy’s leg, and began to rub her bare pussy with it.

The back of Cindy’s bikini top magically unhooked and Hannah pulled away slightly from Cindy’s kiss. They both watched as Cindy’s top floated up into the air off her her huge breasts. Hannah flicked her hand towards the wall and the top flew in the directed she flicked, and bounced off the wall. Hannah smiled and slowly dove back towards Cindy’s naked body. The two gorgeous naked girls kissed and rubbed each other’s bodies together. Hannah pressed her tits firmly against Cindy’s and Cindy moaned back against her, pushing her tits against Hannah.

“I want you do be able to do what I just did.” Hannah said into Cindy’s lips as she kissed her uncontrollably. “Do you want to be able to become the water?”

“How?” she asked. “How is that possible?”

“Shh.” Hannah said. “Just understand that I can give you that kind of magic. Do you want it?”

“Yes, please!” Cindy commanded, now longing to join Hannah and her powers.

Hannah smiled, and pushed herself off of Cindy’s body. She stood up in the hot tub with the water dripping down her naked body and her clean pussy.

“Let me take control of you.” Hannah suggested, and she rose her hand into the air again. She lifted Cindy up out of the tub and into the air with her magic. Cindy felt so calm and at peace as she floated. Hannah set her on the edge of the hot tub with Cindy’s gorgeous wet body spread and exposed. With her giant new tits, her firm body, her long wet legs presented before Hannah, Hannah slowly sunk back into the water, and started to kiss Cindy’s inner thigh. As she kissed deeper and deeper towards Cindy’s pussy, Cindy began to moan. Cindy placed her hand on the back of Hannah’s head as Hannah found her way to Cindy’s shaven pussy. Cindy was startled at first, but as soon as Hannah’s tongue met Cindy’s clit, she knew she wanted nothing more than to have Hannah between her legs forever. She simply sat on the edge of the hot tub and let Hannah eat her pussy.

“There’s more.” Cindy heard Hannah say in her head. She looked down at Hannah and Hannah was looking back up at her, smiling between her licks. Hannah’s tongue seemed to go deeper and deeper into Cindy’s pussy, climbing up inside her and making sure that Cindy felt it everywhere. Hannah looked up at Cindy’s tits, and she felt fingers on her nipples, but there were no fingers to be seen. She could see the motions of the fingers and hands surrounding and massaging her huge tits. This only made Cindy push Hannah’s face harder into her pussy.

“Now I can share my magic with you.” She heard Hannah say in her head once more. Hannah focused her magic, and her entire body began to glow yellow. Even the hot tub beneath her naked body glowed a bright white. Hannah’s tongue dove deep into Cindy’s pussy, bringing out an intense orgasm. Cindy screamed out, and pressed her large tits into the air. The orgasm rocked Cindy’s body. It was so powerful and intense. As her juices flowed into Hannah’s mouth, Hannah body seemed to fade ever so slightly. Her magic was getting hard to control.

Suddenly, Cindy lost her balance and fell backwards off the edge of the hot-tub and the bed. Yet, just before she hit her head on the floor of the bedroom, she stopped, and floated inches off the ground. Cindy just floated there, upside-down, still trying to keep her senses about her after cumming the hardest she had ever came in her life. Hannah stood up in the hot-tub with water running down her breasts and her thighs. She had caught her friend from falling, and with a simple thought she pulled Cindy back up using her magic. She pulled Cindy right to her mouth so that they could kiss. Their tongue’s met, and Hannah pulled Cindy towards the middle of the hot-tub.

“That was amazing.” Cindy said, caressing Hannah’s wet hair and face.

“Just you wait.” Hannah said as they kissed. “The sex we shared was still the same you have always experienced. You haven’t experienced the impossible yet.”

“I want to.” Cindy said, still kissing Hannah and playing with her lips with her tongue. Cindy’s kisses became ferocious as she began to discover just what Hannah was able to do. She could taste her own juices on Hannah’s lips, and that only made her even more horny. “I want to experience everything.”

“We’ll, let’s just start with this one bit of magic first.” Hannah giggled back to Cindy. “I can’t give you all my magic… well, not yet. I want you to learn over the course of many weeks. Many magical, sex filled weeks.”

“Okay.” Cindy agreed.

Hannah lowered herself into the tub, and looked back up and her friends naked body. She watched as water dripped off her massive breasts and her amazing curves. She couldn’t wait to watch her friend use magic for the first time.

“I want you to relax, baby.” Hannah said. “You are in total control of what is about to happen to you. You just need to relax, and think softly about changing into the water that fills this tub.”

Cindy was scared at first, but trusted Hannah. She looked down at the water, and thought about her body being made of water as well. Suddenly she could feel her body getting warmer. Within seconds, the water from the hot-tub seemed to creep up her body, and she watched as her thighs became transparent like the water. She could no longer feel her feet or her legs that were complete submerged into the tub, but she could feel Hannah’s curves. She could feel every part of Hannah that was under water.

“Change completely.” Hannah told Cindy. Cindy continued to concentrate, and watched as her breasts, her arms, and eventually her entire body changed into liquid. Hannah gazed at Cindy as she too was now completely made of water. Cindy just stood there before Hannah. She held her hand up so she could see for herself, and her hand was clear and bubbly. She could see Hannah’s naked body though her hand.

“Changing back is just as easy as changing into water.” Hannah instructed Cindy. “But I don’t want you to change back just yet. I want you to feel safe as the water. I want you to lose your form and change completely into liquid. No body. No curve. No face. Just lose yourself in the water of the tub.”

Cindy was unsure what to do, but she imagined just collapsing into water. She imagined losing her perfect figure. She imagined her body exploding like a water balloon. As soon as she thought it, she burst. Hannah covered her face as the water that once made up her friend splashed onto her and fell into the tub. Hannah was now seemingly alone, naked in the hot tub. She smiled, and leaned back. Nothing made her feel better than letting her friend experience what Hannah had experienced so many times before.

Cindy had no idea where she was. It was like she was submerged underwater, but she could see and breathe. She could feel every inch of the hot tub. She could see the body of Hannah in the hot tub. Not only that, but she could see her body from every angle. She could fell Hannah’s body from every angle. She could see her legs, her firm thighs, her tight shaven pussy, her cute little ass all in the same bubbling moment. She thought about touching Hannah’s body, and running her hands up her legs. She thought about caressing the inside of her thighs. She thought about running her hands up her waist and around her perfect breasts and her tiny nipples.

On the surface, Hannah could now feel every touch that Cindy had thought of. Cindy swirled around her as the water, touching every inch of her body. Hannah felt Cindy’s hands everywhere. She could feel Cindy’s fingers climb inside her pussy as she spread her legs over the edge of the hot tub.

“Yes, Cindy! More!” Hannah cried out in the bedroom.

Hannah felt Cindy’s hands climb deeper into her pussy. At the same instant, Cindy’s hands ran over her soft breasts, squeezing and and stroking them. Even more hands created by Cindy’s thoughts found their way around Hannah’s ass, spreading her cheeks and rushing around her asshole. Cindy rushed around Hannah, splashing water out of the tub and up her body. She shot powerful jets of water up and around Hannah’s pussy and up her ass, completely filling her.

“My god, Cindy!” Hannah screamed out. “Just fuck me! Please! Yes!” As the water, Cindy swirled Hannah out into the middle of the tub, floating her above the bottom. In a wave of water, Hannah was tossed onto her stomach, and shoved against the side. There Hannah leaned her tits against the side of the tub, and spread her legs and her ass wide as a current of water filled her up. Cindy bubbled around Hannah, and fucked her hard with the watery jets.

“Do you like that?” Cindy tried to ask Hannah. The waves of her voiced seemed to echo through the water, and echoed in Hannah’s mind.

“Yes.” Hannah said. “This is what I want. Fuck me harder, Cindy. Please!”

Cindy did as she was told, and blasted Hannah hard with a rush of water. It put Hannah over the edge. “Oh fuck! I’m cumming, baby!” Hannah screamed, and as she came she too exploded into water, exploding over the edge of the tub, and simply melting into liquid.

Above the hot tub, it seemed empty. Just a bubbling hot tub full of water and some left over parts to a tiny bikini strayed around the room. No one who saw this could imagine that below the surface of the water, these the two magic girls caressed each other. Cindy and Hannah now shared the water, and passed through, in around, and all over each other. These two beings seemed to merge into one pool of ecstasy and orgasmic bliss.

Soon, the water in the middle of the tub seemed to bubble upward, and two liquid versions of Cindy and Hannah bobbed their heads up in the middle of the tub. As they rose higher from the surface of the water, it was plain to see that they were in a deep embrace, with their hands on each other’s faces and they tongues deeply intertwined. As two liquid beings, they slowly merged together and separated again, enjoying the ability to share each others bodies and touches. Their hands passed through each other’s liquid forms and they could feel each other’s touches electrify their bodies. As they continued to play, their face changed from liquid to soft skin. Cindy pushed Hannah slowly onto her back, and leaned her against the side of the tub. She floated down Hannah’s body, and danced her tongue around Hannah’s nipples. As Cindy continued to caress Hannah’s body, Hannah looked down and watched as Cindy’s body slowly changed from transparent liquid to her perfect human form.

Hannah relaxed as Cindy lay on top of her, caressing her perfect tits. She closed her eyes and used her magic to lift both her and Cindy up out of the tub, and slowly into the air about it. Hannah lifted them higher out of the tub, their naked bodies intertwined, and dripping into the tub. As they floated in the air, Hannah’s thoughts ceased her magic below and the hot-tub vanished, leaving nothing more than the bed below them. Hannah slowly lowered them back down toward the bed with her thoughts, and rested them both gently on the soft dry bed. The two naked and soaked girls just sat up on the bed, kissing soft romantic kisses and touching each other’s perfect bodies.

“That was everything I hoped.” Hannah told her as she slowly rubbed her thighs against Cindy’s and intertwined their bodies together.

“Hmmm…” Cindy moaned back to Hannah. She pressed her breasts firmly against Hannah’s. “I love your body. I love it against mine.” she told Hannah.

Hannah pressed her breasts back against Cindy’s, and rubbed their nipples together. Hannah then pushed Cindy onto her back, and then rolled over the side, leaving Cindy’s touch.

“Do you want to learn more magic?” Hannah asked as she sat on the side of the bed.

“Yes. What else can I learn tonight?” Cindy asked, looking up at her friend.

“Nothing more tonight, baby.” she said. “This was just a taste.”

She leaned back and arched her back, letting her breasts point into the air. Her body started to glow, and her favorite sheer white robe materialized over her body. Cindy watched as Hannah used her magic to dry her body and her hair. Wind blew in from nowhere and took away all the water on both their bodies. Cindy was still left naked and voluptuous with the perfect body, laying on her back staring up at her friend.

“I want to share myself with you another time, and you can learn more.” Hannah said. She leaned down and kissed Cindy one last time.

Cindy felt Hannah’s magic flow from her lips. She felt her body grow warm, and soon, she felt her mind grow tired.

“Don’t tell anyone about our magic.” Hannah reminded Cindy. “This is our secret.”

In an instant, Cindy fell asleep. Hannah wanted Cindy to sleep soundly after such an eventful night, and not loose any rest. As Hannah’s lips left Cindy’s, she passed on the promise of pleasant dreams.

Hannah then rose from the bed, and walked towards the middle of the room. She looked back at Cindy, and instantly sprouted large angel wings once more. Her magnificent wings filled Cindy’s bedroom, and she stretched them out beyond the boundaries of the bedroom, allowing her perfect nude body to glow brightly. As she glowed and exposed her true form, her toes lifted up off the floor. Hannah looked down at her lover and she floated her body higher and higher. She then looked up at the ceiling, and floated herself directly through the ceiling.

Hannah flew through the apartments above Cindy’s, higher and higher towards the roof. When she finally arrived at the roof top, she floated right up through the top of the building and into the night sky. With her robe blowing out behind her and her firm nude body being caressed by the cool breezes of the night, she flapped her large angel wings, and shot up into the clouds like a beam of white light.


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