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Confessions – Day Twenty Eight


Masturbation as meditation?

You know me. As much as I am in touch with my sensual side, I also seek to satisfy my sensorial nature. Imagine my delight when I discovered that there was a way to enjoy sexual fulfillment combined with gaining insights into the nature of everything! In short, that having my genitals touched would help me get in touch with the universe!!

My mother told me that stroking my clitoris would make me go blind but, according to a growing movement in the US and globally, playing with yourself can open whole new fields of consciousness and drastically increase your energy levels. It’s called Orgasmic Meditation (or OMing) and it’s an exciting new meditation technique whereby mindfulness is heightened by the application of a finger to the genitalia.

Theoretically, OMing is for everyone but in reality it seems that it appeals mostly to women. While masturbation is a lonely and solitary pursuit, what makes OMing more appealing is that it is practiced in pairs. One partner strokes the genitals of the other while both focus and share the experience.

I had to try it! OneTaste is an organization dedicated to spreading the word about Orgasmic Meditation. As an introduction to the technique, they run something called TurnON events. I decided to attend one of these events to see what would happen…

A group of us met one evening and engaged in a number of games that would supposedly increase connectivity and authenticity between us. One exercise was called the Hot Seat, where one of the group was asked a number of searching questions. Quite frankly, it was interesting but didn’t bring me any closer to my objective of being turned on, getting off and tuning into the universe.

Undaunted, I felt it was time for a bit of ‘do it yourself’. YouTube features a number of ‘how to’ videos on OMing. Armed with this information, and with the aid of Charles, a close friend and sometime sexual partner, I tried to become one with everything through having my clitoris stroked.

We placed cushions and a blanket on the floor, creating a ‘nest’, as they called it in the video. I lay back and butterflied my legs out. Charles sat on my right side and wrapped his left leg over my belly and put the other leg under mine. Donning latex gloves, moistened with a little lubrication, we were ready to begin.

Timing is vital in OMing, so we set an alarm for 15 minutes. Charles placed a finger at the bottom of my vagina and began to gently stroke my pussy lips with his other hand. Working upwards, he started to gently massage my clitoris and, while he focused on giving me pleasure, I lost all focus and abandoned myself to wave after wave of sheer orgasmic delight.

Speaking softly, Charles took me to places where I’d never been before. It was as if my body had been electrified as I bathed in warm and liquid sensations. Afloat in a miasma of ecstasy, I was surprised when the alarm rang to signify the end of our 15-minute session.

Many practitioners of OMing claim that it increases your overall vitality, lights you up from the inside and boosts your energy. They say it reduces stress and irritability while aiding your powers of concentration and attention. Other potential benefits are heightened libido and greater intimacy with your partner.

But what was my impression of it all? There’s no doubt that I enjoyed the physical sensations. What woman could resist a session of focused and intensive foreplay? However, I did not feel that I gained any spiritual insights or heightened awareness.

Advocates of OMing say that it is an ongoing process. That is should be practiced regularly and enthusiastically. I’ve spoken to Charles about having another session together and he’s all for it. Maybe the next time I’ll find the meaning of life while basking in a glorious and soul shaking orgasm…

Watch this space.


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  1. My wife and I practice OM. She’s a Relationship Coach who is adding Coaching OM Coaching to her quiver. , We live in the Berkeley, CA and often attend Turn-Ons. I’d like to suggest you go to another one with any of your selected friends and get the basic OM training and then OM as often as you like. We regularly OM every day with some days more. It’s revitalized our lives.

    Good luck with your journey,

    Kai Shuman

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