cougar chronicles

The Cougar Chronicles #01 – The Cougar and the Valet, by Aramis


When a cougar goes hunting on the sea side…

Jennifer Mann – “Jenny” for short – was one very busy woman.  As the first female head of a major stock trading company, she had her work cut out for her in more ways than one.  The job itself was stressful enough, but when combined with the never-ending fight to prove to the “good old boys” on Wall Street that she was just as good – if not better – at her job as any of them could ever hope to be, at times it became almost too much to bear. 

She had been fighting this fight for her entire professional life, all twenty-five years of it, and it seemed that the older she got the harder it was to take sometimes. Turning 50 this year hadn’t helped any, either; it only made things worse at times.  And whenever it got that bad, Jenny made it a point to get away from work for a while, as far away from it as she could, to just relax and unwind, and start hunting as the cougar she was.

And it had gotten that bad earlier this week.  The stock market had tanked with more bad news from Washington, D.C about the federal deficit and the ongoing failure of Congress to pass a budget yet again, so she had investors screaming at her in dismay from all points on the compass.  After soothing all of the fears of her clients, which took the better part of the week, when Friday morning came around she figured it was time to take care of herself.  She could feel it building up inside her and knew that it was time to get away, so she picked up her phone and pressed the button to ring her secretary.

“Yes, Miss Mann?” her secretary said.

“Debbie, would you be a dear, please, and call “The Windjammer” and make a reservation for me?  I’ll be arriving tomorrow afternoon by car and will be staying for a week,” Jenny said.

“The Windjammer” was her favorite beach resort hotel, and it was her favorite “getaway” spot whenever she felt the need to get away – like now.

“Yes, ma’am,” Debbie said.

“Thank you, Debbie!” the cougar said, then hung up.  Fifteen minutes later Debbie called back to confirm that the reservation was made.

“There was a little bit of trouble with the short-notice at first, but as soon as I told them who the reservation was for they were only too glad to take care of it!” Debbie said, and Jenny could tell by her tone of voice that she was smiling.  “You have your usual room, the Admiral’s Suite on the top floor, seaside.  And the manager said that there will be a bottle of Dom Perignon in a chiller waiting for you in the room when you arrive.”

“Thank you, Debbie, you’re the best!” Jenny said, chuckling to herself just a bit.  ‘Sometimes it’s good to be the queen!’ she thought to herself.

“You’re welcome, Miss Mann, enjoy your vacation!” Debbie said, then hung up.

After hanging up the phone Jenny got up from behind her desk, taking her purse out of the bottom drawer of her desk and then walking over to the coat rack and picking up her suit coat.  She put the purse down on the floor as she slipped the coat on, then picked it up again and headed for her private entrance.

“If I’m going to spend the next week at the beach, then I need some new bathing suits!” the cougar said out loud to herself as she opened the door and walked out of the office.

At a little after four o’clock in the afternoon the next day Jenny pulled her red Camaro convertible into the drive of the hotel and parked in front of the entrance doors.  She always enjoyed road trips, and knowing that her destination this time was her favorite beach resort hotel had made the long trip all that much more enjoyable.  She got out of the car and walked through the doors into the lobby, the ocean breeze blowing her blonde hair around her face for a moment.  The cougar checked in at the front desk, then gave her car keys to the valet so he could park her car and then bring her bags up to her room.

She had never seen this valet before, but then that wasn’t too unusual considering how often staff changed at these hotels.  Still, this one was something else to see – tall, lean, with what appeared to be a pretty good build beneath his white shirt and black vest, a shock of dark brown hair that was so dark it was almost black, and a chiseled face.  When he smiled at her she noticed near-perfect teeth, and when he walked towards her car she noticed quite a tight little butt beneath his black dress slacks.

‘My, isn’t he something!’ she thought to herself.  ‘He can drive my car any day of the week and twice on Sunday!’

Then the cougar headed for the elevator and went up to her room to freshen up a bit and relax for a while before going out to get something to eat.  She opened the door to her room and the first thing she saw sitting on the dresser was a chiller with a bottle of Dom sitting it it, just as promised.  She smiled and tapped the cork of the bottle as she went past on her way out to the balcony, and once there she opened the balcony doors and stepped out to enjoy the view.  The weather was perfect, as usual, and the view was stunning, also as usual.  She lifted her face up to the ocean breeze and closed her eyes, smiling at the sensation of the breeze on her face, the sound of the ocean, and the smell of the beach.

‘This is my favorite place in the whole world!’ the cougar thought to herself, and her smile widened.

The knock on her door snapped her back to reality, and with a sigh she turned and walked back through the room and opened the door.  The valet was there with her bags, so she let him in to bring them inside.  She noticed the name “Paul” on his name tag as he walked past to set the bags down on the floor at the foot of the bed, then turned to face her before leaving.

“Will there be anything else, Miss Mann?” Paul asked, smiling at the cougar.

“Thank you, Paul, no,” she said, walking over to him and handing him his tip, returning his smile.  As she looked at him close-up she saw he had the prettiest gray eyes she’d ever seen, so clear and deep that she felt she could easily get lost in them.  “And please, call me Jenny,” she added, making his smile broaden just a bit.

“Enjoy your stay, Jenny, and please don’t hesitate to call me if there’s anything you need,” he said, quickly tucking the bill into his pants pocket without looking at it.

“Thanks again, Paul, I most certainly will!” Jenny said, and was then treated to another view of his butt as he walked out of the room.

‘He’s a real pro,’ the cougar thought to herself as she headed for the bathroom to wash her face.  ‘He never looked at the size of the bill I gave him, yet he still said what he did and sounded like he meant it.  Yes, this one is a real pro!’

“And that could be a problem,” she said out loud as she turned on the water.

After washing her face and changing her shirt, Jenny left the room and went down to the lobby to retrieve her car.  To her dismay Paul was gone; looking at her watch she saw that it was just after five PM, so she figured that Paul was off for the day.  A little disappointed, the cougar smiled at the valet who held the door to her Camaro open for her – a skinny kid with red hair who couldn’t hold a candle to Paul – and then got in, putting the car in gear as the door closed and then driving away.  She drove to “The Gull Reef Club,” her favorite place to eat while at the beach.  They had the best shrimp in the whole world there, and that’s exactly what she had.

The meal was excellent as usual, but all through the meal Jenny found her thoughts drifting back to Paul, the valet from the hotel.  She didn’t know what it was, but there was something about him that touched her, spoke to her, made her… well, tingle in all the right places.  And that didn’t happen too often – even less since she became successful – so when it did happen she paid attention to it.

“I guess I’m just going to have to seduce him!” the cougar said softly to herself, smiling over her glass as she took a sip of her wine.  The prospect brightened up her entire evening, and she slept soundly that night.

She awoke fairly early the next day, Sunday, and was intent on doing nothing except laying out on the beach and getting a tan.  That was one of her favorite ways to relax, and as soon as she had showered she opened up her suitcase and got out one of the new bathing suits she had bought on Friday.  It was a bikini, of course, and was a little risque for someone her age – at least, that’s what most people would have thought.  But then, she never really gave a damn about what most people thought to begin with. 

She had bought three suits on Friday, and this one was white.  She cut the tags off of it and then dropped it on the bed before walking over to the full-length mirror on the bathroom door.  The cougar stopped in front of the mirror and looked at her nude body, placing her hands on her hips and turning from side to side.  She was pleased with what she saw.

Jenny made it a point to take care of herself and stay in shape, and it showed.  She was a little more than 5’7″ tall and weighed in at 140 pounds, which wasn’t bad considering she had just turned 50.  Her legs were toned and shapely, no signs of varicose veins at all, and led up to a firm, rounded ass that would compare to any 20-year-old’s – well, almost any.  Her stomach was taut and flat, her waist narrow where it was supposed to be, and the “landing strip” of blonde pubic hair on her pubic mound was closely trimmed above her smooth-shaven outer lips. 

Moving her eyes up her body to her bust-line, the cougar was pleased to see that her breasts still showed very little sign of sag.  Considering that she wore a 36D bra and her breasts were very full and heavy, she was surprised that they didn’t sag any more than they did.  But she wasn’t complaining, by any means! 

She had never been married and had never had children, and she knew that was the main reason her breasts didn’t sag and that she was able to stay in the shape she did.  A woman’s body changed after childbirth, and that was something that she never wanted to go through.  She slid her hands up under her big breasts and lifted them in her hands, feeling their weight as she hefted them. 

Her breasts were capped with silver-dollar sized areolas and pert nipples that were slightly smaller than a pencil eraser, but grew to nearly twice their size when she was aroused.  She squeezed her breasts in her hands and then pulled on both nipples, watching the areolas crinkle and the nipples grow quickly at her touch.  She couldn’t help but imagine how this would feel when it was Paul’s fingers pulling on them, and the thought only made her nipples grow harder.

The cougar walked back over to where she had dropped the bikini and put it on, returning to the mirror to see how she looked.  She smiled when she saw her reflection, very pleased with what she saw.  She was certain she could give any 20-year-old girl a run for her money, any day of the week.

“Not bad for an old broad!” she said out loud, laughing.  “I just hope Paul thinks so, too!”  Then she picked up her beach towel, wrapped it around her hips like a sarong, picked up her beach bag with her suntan lotion, radio, and assorted other “beach” items, and headed for the beach.

Jenny spent the entire day at the beach, relaxing on the sand and working on her tan, taking an occasional break to swim in the ocean and cool off.  The only other time she left the beach was to hit one of the ocean-front restaurants for lunch, and when she finally had her fill of sun and sand – for today, anyway – it was close to four o’clock in the afternoon. 

As the shadows of the hotels on the beach front behind her got longer and began to creep up and encroach on the sunny part of the beach, Jenny packed up her stuff and shook the sand out of her towel before wrapping it around her hips once again.  Then she picked up her bag and headed for the hotel, looking forward to taking a shower and then going out for some more seafood.  It only took her a few moments to reach her hotel, and when she opened the door and stepped into the chilly air inside the hotel, she felt her body tremble and her nipples harden.  When the cougar walked around the corner to the main lobby to get on the elevator, she felt her nipples get even harder.

There was Paul, standing at the door to the hotel, holding it open and handing a set of keys to a stately woman who was walking out.  Paul followed her to the Lincoln waiting in the driveway, opening the door for her as she entered and closing it when she got in.  Jenny saw the woman give him a tip, which Paul once again pocketed without even glancing at at.  Then he turned to walk back into the hotel, spotting Jenny who had come to a standstill in the center of the lobby.  As soon as he saw her he flashed her a big smile with his near-perfect teeth, and Jenny felt a twinge that started at her nipples and ran through her whole body, stopping at her clit.

“Good afternoon, Jenny,” Paul said, walking over to her, still flashing that smile of his.  Jenny smiled back and tried not to act like a schoolgirl with a crush on the teacher.

“Good afternoon, Paul,” the cougar replied, returning his smile.  If he noticed her attire, specifically her hard nipples that were about to tear through the fabric of her bikini top, he was doing a very good job of hiding it.

“How was your day on the beach?” he asked, sounding genuinely interested and not just making small talk.

“Wonderful!” Jenny replied.  “The beach is my favorite place in the whole world, and when I retire I may just move down here!”

“So now it’s a shower and then dinner, right?” he asked, standing in front of her with his hands behind his back, always the professional.

“Yes, it is,” the cougar replied.  She had a quick flash in her head of the two of them in the shower, and she felt her pussy begin to moisten at the thought.  “I love seafood, and I have a mad craving for it today!”

“If I may, I’d like to recommend a restaurant for you,” he replied.  “It’s on the outskirts of town, just on the edge of the tourist section, and it’s called ‘The Gull Reef Club…”  Jenny broke in before he had a chance to go any further.

“Yes, I know it well!  It’s my favorite restaurant, and I always eat there whenever I’m at the beach!” the cougar said, smiling up at him.  ‘Nice to know we have something in common!’ she thought to herself.

“They have the best shrimp!” Paul said, and Jenny nodded in agreement.

“Yes, they do, absolutely fabulous!”

“Well, then, don’t let me hold you up any more,” he said, stepping back a pace.  “Please, enjoy your dinner and tell me all about it when I see you next!” he said, and Jenny was sure he meant it.

“Why, how sweet!  Thank you, Paul, I most certainly will!” the cougar said, then turned to walk towards the elevator.  She didn’t know if he stood there and watched her ass wiggle as she walked away, but she doubted it as that would have been unprofessional – and from what she’d seen so far, he was anything but unprofessional.  When she got to the elevator and pushed the ‘up’ button, she turned around and looked back at the lobby.  Paul was gone, and when the doors opened she stepped inside, a little disappointed, and pushed the button for her floor.  The doors closed and as the elevator started up, she let out a sigh and spoke out loud to her reflection in the highly-polished chrome doors.

“I am going to have you, Paul, one way or the other!”

The meal at The Gull Reef Club was fabulous as usual, making up for Jenny not seeing Paul again when she came downstairs to get her car.  It was after five by then and Paul’s shift had ended, so he had left.  The cougar had chosen her outfit in hopes of running into him again, selecting a pair of white shorts that fit her like a second skin and a lime green halter top that showed a generous amount of cleavage.  Since she didn’t want any panty lines she was wearing a white thong under the shorts, and completed her outfit with a pair of sandals and a small purse on a thin strap.

But he wasn’t there, and Jenny felt like it had all gone to waste.  He was all Jenny could think about during the meal; she was determined to get him into bed, but she was at a loss on how to do it.  Jenny was going to have to break through that professional armor he was cloaked in, and she had no idea how.  The cougar had hoped to see him in the restaurant, hoping against hope that it would happen, but she wasn’t surprised when it didn’t.

It was full dark by the time she pulled her Camaro into the drive of the hotel, giving the keys to the same skinny kid as the night before.  Instead of going up to her room and stewing over Paul, the cougar headed for the boardwalk.  She felt like walking on the boardwalk for a bit, maybe wandering down into the now-cool sand of the dark beach, before going up to her room. 

It was Saturday night and the boardwalk was jumping, the ocean-side cafes and clubs doing a brisk business, the boardwalk itself filled with people.  She walked down the boardwalk for a short distance, then stopped and turned to lean on the railing and look out over the ocean.  The moon was just starting to rise, casting its light on the ocean’s surface, the sounds of the breaking waves soothing to her ears.  She lost herself in the view and the sounds, relaxing and enjoying it all.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Paul said from behind her.  Her eyes flew open and she grinned in pleasant surprise, catching and composing herself before she turned to face him.  He was wearing a red polo shirt that fit him very snugly, showing off his physique, and a pair of khaki slacks that also fit him very well.  On his feet were a pair of well-worn leather boat shoes, and she noticed that he wore them without socks.  His outfit made her tingle again, and she felt her nipples begin to harden as he smiled at her with those incredibly white teeth.

“Yes, it is,” the cougar said, looking up at him to see him smiling at her again.  ‘And I hope you enjoyed the view of my ass, too, because I wore these shorts just for you!’ she thought to herself.  “I just love the beach at night!  Well, I love it during the day, too, but the night holds a special kind of attraction for me,” Jenny said, trying to explain how she felt and feeling like she wasn’t doing a very good job.

“I know just what you mean,” Paul replied, slipping his hands into his pockets as he looked over her shoulder at the dark ocean and the rising moon.  “It’s a special kind of serenity that you feel more than see,” he explained, and Jenny felt her pussy begin to moisten as she watched his dark hair blowing in the ocean breeze.  “The moon shining down on the surface of the ocean, the breeze coming off of the water, the sound of the waves crashing onto the beach, it’s all just so… so…”

“Seductive,” the cougar finished for him, looking up at him and meeting his eyes as he looked down at her.  She held her breath for a moment as his expression didn’t change, hoping that her decision to just go for it had not been a wrong one.  Jenny felt a wave of relief wash over her as his gaze softened and the corners of his mouth turned up in a smile as he looked back at her.

“Seductive, yes,” he said, looking deep into her eyes and nodding slightly.  “Just like you, Jenny,” he continued, “seductive.”

“I was afraid you wouldn’t notice,” the cougar said, feeling her nipples harden and her juices begin to flow.  She saw his eyes flick down to her breasts for a moment, and she knew that he had seen her nipples harden as well.

“I noticed you from the moment I first saw you,” he said, his smile growing a bit.  “It’s hard not to notice you, Jenny.  You have such an air of confidence about you, and you’re so beautiful that any man would have to be blind not to notice you,” he said, pausing for a moment before continuing.  “And he’d have to be crazy not to want you as well.”

Jenny felt her heart skip a beat at this, and her eyes widened a bit with surprise and delight.  She looked into his eyes as she replied.

“And do you want me, Paul?” the cougar asked softly.

“Yes, Jenny, I do,” he replied, nodding slightly, never taking his eyes off of hers.  “Very much!”

“Prove it!” she said, her eyes sparkling as she smiled up at him.  ‘Gotcha!’ she thought.

Without a moment’s hesitation or even a glance around, Paul stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Jenny, pressing their bodies tight together.  He lowered his lips to her and kissed her, deeply and passionately, pulling her even closer to him as their lips parted and their tongues danced.  Jenny felt her pussy flooding as he slipped a hand down to her firm ass and pulled her into him, and she gasped slightly as she felt the tube of his cock begin to harden and press up against her. 

The cougar wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back, pushing her breasts with their rock-hard nipples into his chest as he gripped her ass with both hands.  He squeezed the firm globes in his hands and she moaned slightly, pushing her tongue further into his mouth.  She ground her hips into him and felt the hard tube of his shaft again as she ran her fingers through the hair on the back of his head.

It was easily the most intense, erotic, and exciting kiss Jenny had ever experienced, and when the kiss finally ended and their lips parted Jenny was left nearly breathless.  She was soaking wet by this time and in the back of her mind hoped that it wasn’t showing through her white shorts – and in the front of her mind she really didn’t care.

“Wow!” the cougar breathed, smiling up at him, her arms still wrapped around his neck and his still wrapped around her.  He smiled back as he replied.

“How’s that?” he asked.

“Not bad for starters,” she said, teasing him.

“You want more, huh?” he asked, teasing back.

“Yes, I do,” she replied.  “And I want it right now!”  ‘If I don’t get his cock inside me soon I’m gonna die!’ she thought to herself.  Paul took one look over her shoulder, then slipped his arms from around her and grabbed her by the hand.

“Come with me, then!” he said, leading her off of the boardwalk and down onto the beach at a trot. 

Jenny laughed as he pulled her along behind him, wondering what he was up to and where they were going.  The beach was dark once you got away from the lights on the boardwalk, and Jenny really couldn’t see where they were going.  Paul led her a short ways down the beach to a lifeguard station, a small building up on stilts, and suddenly the cougar knew what he had in mind.  His idea was so outrageous and so juvenile that it was incredibly exciting, and the thought of what was about to happen made her smile.  They stopped when they reached the bottom of the short ladder leading up to the station, and Paul turned to her as he spoke.

“Ladies first!” he said, holding his hand out towards the ladder palm up, grinning from ear to ear.

“Ooh, kinky, I love it!” Jenny said, mounting the ladder and quickly climbing up into the small station.

Paul followed her, and as soon as they were both standing on the small covered porch he pulled her to him and kissed her just as hard and just as deep as before.  He slipped his hands down to her ass and pulled her close to him again, and she could feel his rock-hard erection pressing against her.  She moaned into his mouth as she slipped her hand down his side and in between them, sliding the palm of her hand over the hard tube of his shaft and rubbing firmly.  He moaned slightly at her touch, and she felt him jump just a bit when she gripped his cock in her hand through his pants and squeezed. 

The cougar could feel his heat and the throbbing of his shaft through his pants, and she guessed that he wasn’t wearing anything under his khakis.  Still locked in a fierce, deep kiss she found the tab of his zipper with her fingers and pulled it down, quickly sliding her hand inside his pants and discovering that she was right – her fingers closed around the warm, hard tube of his cock, and she tugged on his shaft as he gripped her ass harder in his hands.  His cock felt good in her hands, and she could feel the blood pulsing through it as it throbbed against her palm.  She kept her grip on his cock when the kiss finally broke a few moments later.

“I feel like a school girl again!” the cougar said, looking into Paul’s eyes and smiling as she tugged on his cock.

“Prove it!” he challenged, grinning at her.

Jenny grinned back as she released her grip on his cock to push him back against the railing.  She kissed him again as she worked his hard shaft free of his pants with both hands, pulling it out into the night air and then wrapping one hand around his shaft while the other gripped his full, heavy, and smooth-shaven balls.  She squeezed his balls gently in her hand as she pulled on his shaft, looking into his eyes as she did so.  The cougar gave him a slightly wicked smile before dropping to her knees in front of him, pulling his cock out and pointing it at her face. The cougar looked at his cock in the moonlight for a moment, noting the veins that stood out on his shaft as it throbbed in front of her. 

Then without further hesitation she slipped her soft lips over the head of his cock and sucked it into her mouth, pulling the precum from the tip as she drew it deeper into her mouth and onto her tongue, giving him a juicy blow job.  She heard Paul gasp with surprise and pleasure as she ran her tongue along the underside of the head of his cock, and she glanced up to see him leaning there with his head slightly back and his eyes closed.  She sucked on his shaft hard which made him look down at her, and after looking in his eyes for just a moment she lowered her gaze and went back to sucking his cock deeper into her mouth. 

The cougar bobbed her head up and down, working her mouth further down onto his throbbing shaft, sucking more of his cock into her hot, wet mouth each time as she pulled and tugged on his balls.  Paul gripped the railing as she took more and more of his cock into her mouth with each bob of her head, and he was surprised when she took it all without pause.

Jenny loved the feeling of Paul’s hard, thick cock in her mouth and on her tongue, and when she felt the head of his cock tickle the back of her throat she just relaxed her throat and let it slide through. 

Her college roommate had taught her years ago how to deep-throat a man’s cock, and when she felt her nose being tickled by Paul’s trimmed pubic hair she knew she had it all. The cougar held his entire cock in her hot, wet mouth, swallowing around the head and making Paul jump.  She sucked on his shaft hard, then slowly slipped her mouth up his shaft until she had just the head of his cock in her mouth.  She sucked hard on the head and swirled her tongue around it before she sucked it back into her mouth again, this time taking it all down her throat in one fluid motion.

“Oh, my God,” she heard Paul gasp as she slid her mouth up and down his shaft in long, slow strokes, sucking his entire cock into her mouth with each stroke.  After several very enjoyable minutes of this, she slid her mouth from his cock and looked up at him, smiling as she gripped his shining cock in her hand, pumping it as she spoke.

“How’s that?” she asked, her eyes flashing in the moonlight, the sounds of the waves crashing on the beach behind them.

“Not bad for starters,” he replied, a bit breathlessly as he looked down at her upturned face.  ‘Not bad, my ass!  That was fuckin’ fantastic!’ he thought to himself.

“You want more, huh?” the cougar said, grinning at him and happy to play the game with him.

“Yes, I do,” he replied, grinning back at her.  “And I want it right now!”

Jenny smiled a wicked smile at him for a brief moment before dropping her head and engulfing his throbbing cock into her wet, sucking mouth again.  As she slid her mouth up and down on his shaft, she released it and his balls from her grip to reach around behind her back and untie the bottom of her halter top.  As soon as the knot was untied and the bottom swung free, she did the same for the knot behind her neck.  The halter top fell to the floor, allowing her full, firm breasts to sway unfettered in the moonlight, and Jenny heard Paul gasp as he saw them for the first time. 

Her nipples were rock-hard and throbbing, and her pussy was getting wetter by the minute.  As soon as her halter top hit the floor of the lifeguard hut she grabbed Paul’s cock and balls in her hands again, pumping the shaft as she slid it in and out of her mouth and tugging firmly on his balls.  The cougar could feel her breasts swaying and bobbing with her movements, and she knew that Paul was enjoying the show.

“You keep that up, and I’m gonna cum!” Paul warned, gasping for breath as Jenny worked relentlessly on his cock.  She sucked him once more, long and hard, before slipping her mouth from his shaft and releasing it with a slight ‘pop.’  She looked up at him and smiled, still pumping his cock in her hand and tugging on his balls as she spoke.

“Oh, you’re gonna cum in my mouth, all right,” the cougar said, her voice husky with desire, “just not right now!”  With that she stood up and threw her arms around Paul’s neck, pressing her body up against his as she gave him a searing, tongue-dancing kiss.  Jenny pressed her mound against his throbbing shaft as he slid a hand up between them, closing his hand over one of her full, firm breasts.  She gasped in his mouth as he gripped her breast, pinching the rock-hard nipple between two fingers as he did so, and she pushed her mound against his throbbing cock harder.  The cougar slipped her tongue deeper into his mouth to dance with his as the kiss intensified, and she knew that she was going to fuck him – right here, right now!

Not wanting to but knowing she had to, Jenny finally broke off the kiss and stepped back from Paul, both of them breathless.  She looked him right in the eyes, her own eyes burning brightly with her desire, as she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her skin-tight shorts and peeled them from her body.  She let them drop to the floor and then kicked them away, immediately reaching for her thong panties to do the same.

“So do you want to fuck me or not, Paul?” the cougar said in a low, husky voice as she slowly slid her thongs down over her hips.  Paul’s eyes were glued to her body until she spoke, and then he looked up at her as he replied.

“More than you know,” he replied, his cock throbbing in front of him as proof.

“Then get out of your clothes!” she replied. 

Paul’s hands flew to his belt and then the fastener on his pants, and a few seconds later he had kicked out of both his shoes and his pants.  He pulled his shirt up over his head and tossed it aside with his pants, and as soon as he was naked she was on him again, engulfing him in another soul-searing, tongue-dancing kiss.  Paul slid his hands down to her firm, rounded ass and gripped it hard, pulling her tightly up against him as she pressed her body against his. 

The cougar could feel the hard shaft of his cock throbbing against her skin, and as she slid her hand down to grip and pump it in her fist he slid a hand up to grab onto her breast again.  He squeezed the mound in his hand as she tugged on his cock, gasping as he pulled hard on her nipple.  The waves crashed onto the beach behind them as they totally lost themselves in the moment, giving in to their desires and not caring if anyone walked up on them or not.  The two of them, their bodies, and their burning desire was all that mattered now.

After a few more moments Paul broke off the kiss, pushing himself up from the railing and moving quickly behind Jenny.  He reached around her body and grabbed both of her full, firm breasts with both hands, squeezing the twin mounds hard as Jenny pushed the firm and rounded globes of her ass directly against the hard tube of his cock.  Paul pulled and tugged on both nipples, making Jenny cry out and grab the railing for support.  The cougar pushed her ass back against his cock harder, squeezing the cheeks of her as around the length of his cock, and both of them had the same idea at the same time.

Paul released her breasts from his hands and stepped back, and Jenny stepped back as well, spreading her feet apart as she did so.  Her mouth was hanging open with desire as she turned to look behind her, watching as Paul grasped his thick, throbbing cock in his hand and moved into position behind her and between her outspread feet.  Her pussy was soaking wet, and she could feel the sea breeze blowing over her wet, shaven outer lips. 

Paul put one hand on her ass as he guided the bulbous head of his cock to her outer lips, and she gasped as he ran the head of his cock up and down her vulva, spreading her outer lips apart as he spread his precum along her slit.  After a few strokes to get the head of his cock slippery enough to penetrate her – which he didn’t think was going to be a problem considering how wet she was – Paul placed the head of his cock against her opening and pushed, releasing his cock as the head slipped inside easily.  Paul groaned aloud as the hot, wet folds of Jenny’s pussy embraced the head of his throbbing cock.

“Oh, my God, that feels good!” Jenny moaned, throwing her head back as the head of Paul’s cock slipped inside her pussy.  “Give it to me, Paul, give it all to me!  Push that big, hard cock into my pussy and fuck me!” the cougar begged, gripping the head of his cock with her inner muscles and pushing her ass back towards him.

Without hesitation Paul put his other hand on her ass and gripped her hips firmly with both hands, and in one long, gentle but firm push forward he slid his entire cock deep into Jenny’s tight, wet, clutching pussy.  They both moaned as his cock penetrated her, and Jenny gasped when she felt the head of his cock nudge her cervix and his balls gently bump against her clit.  The cougar gripped the rail hard with both hands as she clamped her pussy down around his cock, squeezing it as hard as she could.

‘Damn, this woman is tight for someone her age!’ Paul thought to himself as he felt her pussy contracting around his cock.  ‘And strong as hell, too!’  He moaned as Jenny ground her firm, rounded ass back against him, keeping herself impaled on his thick cock as she rotated her hips around and around on his shaft, squeezing his cock all the while.  Paul stood there for a few moments, his hands gripping her hips, and just watched as she worked her ass around as she squeezed her pussy around his cock.

“I could stand here and let you do that all night!” he said, causing Jenny to turn and look over her shoulder at him.  She smiled as she spoke.

“And later on I will, but right now,” the cougar said, pausing to re-adjust her footing and her grip on the railing, “right now I want you to fuck me, and I want you to fuck me hard!”  She gave his cock a hard squeeze for emphasis, pushing her ass back against him as she did so.

“I can do that!” Paul replied, tightening his grip on her hips and settling his feet back just a bit.  “Just remember, you asked for it!” he cautioned.

Then Paul began to move, thrusting his hard, thick cock in and out of Jenny’s tight, wet pussy in long, hard, and very deep strokes.  He started off slowly, reveling in the feeling of Jenny’s tight, hot pussy wrapped around his cock, but began to quickly increase the pace, the head of his cock bumping against the end of her tunnel with every thrust.  Jenny could feel his big balls bumping against her clit as he moved, and she tightened her grip on the railing while she pushed back against him to take all that he could give her. 

It had been a very long time since she’d had a hard cock inside her, and she was nearly overcome with the erotic sensations that flooded through her as Paul increased the tempo of his thrusts.  The cougar closed her eyes and moaned, gripping the railing hard as the long, hard pole of Paul’s cock slid in and out of her tight, wet pussy over and over again.

Paul looked down to watch his cock slid in and out of Jenny’s pussy, his hips bumping against her rounded ass with each thrust and causing a ripple to go through them.  This was one of his favorite positions for sex, and he could feel his cock getting harder as he looked down.  Jenny’s pussy was incredibly hot, incredibly wet, and incredibly tight.  The cougar leaned forward until her upper body was parallel to the ground to let him go even deeper, and when she did this he slid his hands around and under her body to grip her big, heavy breasts in his hands.  He squeezed the huge globes firmly, making Jenny moan, and when he pulled and pinched on her rock-hard nipples she gasped loudly and clamped her pussy down hard on his cock.

Using his grip on her breasts as leverage Paul began pounding Jenny hard, slamming his hard cock in and out of her pussy in long, hard, and deep strokes.  Jenny pushed back, matching him thrust for thrust as he fucked her, both of them trying not to forget where they were and make too much noise lest they be caught.  But then again, that was part of the thrill for the both of them, and it only added to the eroticism of the moment.

“Oh… my… God…” the cougar gasped between thrusts, “I’m… gonna…. cum… I’m… gonna… cum!”  The sensations were building quickly inside her pussy, and Jenny knew she was moments away from what she was sure was going to be an earth-shattering orgasm.  It was all she could do to hang on to the railing as Paul’s big cock pounded in and out of her pussy.

“So cum then,” Paul gasped back, never slowing his thrusts.  “Cum for me, Jenny, cum all over my cock!  Let me hear you cum for me!” he said as he drove his cock deeper and harder into her pussy than ever, and that was it for Jenny.

She came hard, her orgasm exploding out of her pussy and the waves of intense pleasure rocketing through her body like a tidal wave.  The cougar cried out briefly and then bit her lip, squeezing her eyes shut and gripping the railing until her knuckles were white as she rode out the intense orgasm.  Her body shook as she came, and she pushed her hips back against Paul to drive his cock as far into her as possible.  Paul could feel her pussy clutching and squeezing at his cock as she came, and he kept up the motions of his thrusts to make her cum as hard as he could.  He only hoped he could hold out for just a little bit longer, and that was getting more difficult to do with each passing moment.

“Nnnnnnggggghhhh!” the cougar cried out quietly through clenched teeth as her orgasm peaked, Paul’s cock pounding in and out of her relentlessly.  Her nipples were so hard they hurt and were throbbing like two extra clits – and that was throbbing as well.  Her mouth dropped open and she gasped for breath, pushing her hips back again as she rode out the slowly diminishing waves of the most intense orgasm she’d had in a very long while.

Paul could feel his balls tightening, and he knew that he was moments away from cumming himself.  The way Jenny was squeezing his cock with her pussy as she came had done the trick, and he squeezed her big, heavy breasts hard as he spoke.

“Get ready, Jenny, because now it’s my turn!” he said as he moved his hands from Jenny’s breasts to her hips, slowing his thrusts just a bit and pushing his cock in deeper than ever as he gripped her hips hard.

“Yes, Paul, yes!  Give it to me, give it to me!  Cum inside me, fill me up with your cum!” the cougar replied urgently, looking back over her shoulder at him as she spoke.  She squeezed her pussy around his shaft hard, as hard as he could, and the combination of that squeeze and the look in her eyes was all it took to set Paul off.

He groaned loudly and shoved his cock into Jenny hard as he came, yanking back on her hips with his hands and making Jenny cry out as his cock hit bottom inside her.  His cock exploded inside her tight, gripping pussy, and Jenny could feel the blasts of hot, thick cum shooting inside her as his cock pumped and throbbed in her pussy.  Paul threw his head back and groaned as his cock pumped again and again inside Jenny’s pussy, and Jenny cried out and gripped the railing hard as his cock emptied itself in her pussy.  His cock pumped again and again, blasting stream after stream of hot cum deep into the recesses of her pussy, and Jenny thought he’d never stop cumming.

“Oh, my God!” the cougar gasped quietly as Paul’s cock continued to pump and throb inside her pussy, and she clamped down on it again as hard as she could to get it all out of him.  She wanted every drop of his cum and wasn’t going to stop until she had it.

Finally the throbbing of Paul’s cock slowed and then stopped, leaving both of them gasping for breath.  Paul pushed forward and held his cock deep inside Jenny’s pussy, and Jenny pushed back and squeezed the slowly softening shaft again, massaging it with her talented inner muscles.  They stayed like that for several moments as they caught their breath, the cool ocean breeze blowing over their bodies and cooling them off.  The cougar was reveling in the feelings of Paul’s cock inside her pussy and her pussy being filled with his cum, and Paul was enjoying the sensations of Jenny’s wet pussy gently squeezing his shaft as it slowly softened.  It was Paul that finally spoke.

“This is going to get messy,” he said, “I have a handkerchief in my pants but I can’t reach it.”

“No worries, lover, I got this!” the cougar said, standing up and quickly spinning around as she dropped to her knees in front of him.  She scooped up his cock and sucked the glistening, softening shaft in her mouth, sliding her lips all the way down to the base as she began slowly sucking him clean.  She loved the taste of her pussy juices and his cum on his cock, and she took her time in cleaning him off. 

Paul just stood there and watched in amazement as this refined, mannered older woman sucked his cock like an eager teenager.  She looked up at him as she slid her mouth slowly from his cock, sucking hard to pull the last drops of cum from his shaft.  There was a soft ‘pop’ when she released the head of his cock from her mouth, and she smiled up at him as she spoke.

“Are you surprised, Paul?” the cougar asked, knowing that she had read him right.  Paul smiled down at her as he replied.

“To be honest, yes, I am,” he said as Jenny slowly pumped his now-soft cock in her hand, then leaned forward to suck the tip for just a moment, never taking her eyes off of his.  Then she stood up, not releasing his cock from her hand, and looked deep into his eyes as she continued.

“There’s so much about me that no one knows,” the cougar said in a low, husky voice, “so much inside me that I’ve been wanting – needing – to get out for such a long time, and I think you’re just the person for that.  Don’t you?” she asked, slowly stroking his cock.  She was pleasantly surprised to notice that it had stopped getting soft and was actually starting to harden a bit in her hand.

“I certainly hope so, Jenny,” Paul replied, reaching up and running the backs of his fingers along the sides of her big, heavy breasts as he spoke.  She smiled at his words and felt her nipples harden at his touch.

“Good!” the cougar said, squeezing his shaft in her hand as she continued.  “Now why don’t we get dressed and go back to my room so we can do this right?  I want to make you cum in my mouth so I can swallow every drop,” she said, and she felt his cock twitch in her hand at the words.

“We have to be very careful, Jenny,” Paul said, sliding his fingers around to her nipples and pulling on the now-erect nubs with both hands.  “It would be very bad for me if I were to be seen going into a female guest’s room at this time of night.”

“But that’s part of the thrill, isn’t it, Paul?” the cougar asked, the excitement showing in her eyes.  “The thrill of discovery, the risk of being caught?”  Paul gave her a small, wicked smile in return.

“Yes, it is,” he said, “just as what we did out here in the lifeguard house.”

“So I guess you’re just going to have to figure out a way to get us back into the hotel without being seen,” she said, reaching up and kissing him softly and gently, still gripping his cock in her hand.  Their tongues danced briefly for a moment before she ended the kiss and spoke again.  “Can you do that, Paul?” she asked.

“I can do that,” he replied, smiling at her.  “I can also get out again without being seen.”

“Who says I’m going to let you out?” the cougar replied, grinning up at him as she squeezed his cock hard.  He was growing longer and thicker by the moment.  She looked down at the hardening cock in her hand and then looked back up at him as she continued.

“I think we’d better get going, don’t you?” she asked.  Paul smiled back at her as he replied.

“Absolutely!” he said, leaning down to kiss her briefly but deeply.  Then they both reluctantly released the other and reached for their clothing, quickly getting dressed before climbing out of the lifeguard house.  Paul helped the cougar down from the ladder, after which they joined hands and ran across the sand towards the motel like a couple of teenagers.

It was the beginning of one of the most memorable nights in their lives for each of them, one that neither of them would ever forget.

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