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Guest Author: Stephen Wart

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Meet Stephen Wart

Stephen Wart, the author of “The Innocent Pollinator: Erotic Stories from India”, has seduced many women, even before he joined the Indian army as an officer. His sexual adventures picked up steam after he became a Subaltern, and remained active throughout his service life. Even after retiring from the army, more so after his wife died, he stayed very active sexually. He has a keen eye having seen a variety of women and can sniff out the right ones.

Providentially, he has a larger than normal phallus and plenty of good luck, with a considerable staying power which drives women crazy. He innocently impregnates every female he seduces, and most of the time, only those who need a child land up into his inviting arms. In almost all cases, their husband are impotent in someway or the other, and they drown their deficiency in alcohol.

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