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Anal sex is probably the most taboo sex act of all. Often feared, most of the time misunderstood, it remains a rather uncommon practice, although it can lead to great pleasures.

It usually takes a while before a couple even start talking about sodomy. Most of the time, the topic is opened by guys rather than girls. Why? Because they watch more porn than us and they see it often there, and also because it is naturally tighter than our vagina, thus making it more pleasurable for them. Girls usually agree to it either to please their partner (or on a special occasion), or as a token to bargain something else (often as a way to trade sodomy for cunnilingus, or a nice gift).

Unless you have friends in the gay community, very little is known about anal sex. The first time I had it was a horrible experience, because my partner was absolutely not knowledgeable about it, and he just rammed into it like he would have done with my pussy, which is totally wrong. After this first painful experience, I decided to take things in hands and to become an expert in the subject, putting in practice the knowledge I gathered here and there, and eventually writing a sex guide about anal sex “Anal Sex Tips for Guys and Girls”, available on Amazon and other major bookstores).

Recently, a close friend opened the subject to me, as her partner was pressing her to try it. She had very interesting questions, so I decided to share them with you guys (and girls) and hope that it will help you better understand anal penetration.

Q1. Is it painful?

Angelicka: The first time, it was hell. My partner was very big, and he had no experience about sex in the butt. The other thing was my lack of relaxation. You really need to relax, breathe deeply, and slightly push as if you wanted to poo. You should prepare yourself first, and there are quite a few tips that can really help you making it a pleasant experience, even for the first timers. Don’t hesitate to use sex toys to prepare your orifice as well.

Q2. Why did you do it in the first place?

Angelicka: I wanted to try because some of my girlfriends tried it before and loved it. It is also a way to get thrilled by doing something taboo and forbidden. Plus it makes me feel really dominated and at the mercy of my partner, which is extremely exciting.

Q3. Who talked about it first? You or your partner?

Angelicka: Him. But I was very willing to try it and it kind of relieved me when he talked about it; I just didn’t want to sound like a dirty lil’ slut, if you see what I mean. But be sure that if I didn’t want it, it wouldn’t have happened, no matter how pushy men can be.

Q4. The first time you tried, how did it feel?

Angelicka: Painful. First of all, his cock feels much bigger back there. The first part was kind of OK, when he inserted the head of his dick; there was some resistance first due to the fact I was not relaxed, but then I breathed and the head went in, as if my ass just gobbled it. I felt really filled but I must admit it was pleasant. I thought that was it, but he kept pushing it in, a bit too fast to my taste. Then there is a second muscle inside the anus, and this is where I felt pain. I wasn’t ready and not only it hurt, but i really felt like i was going to make a poo. His cock inside had exactly the same feeling. I had to tell him to stop and tried to breathe deeper, but couldn’t take it. We had to try a few times more before he could put it all in, and then it was kind of just OK.

Q5. So after your first experience, did it keep on feeling the same?

Angelicka: As I started learning more and more about anal sex, the feeling drastically improved. It is not natural, so it takes a bit of learning and adjustment, but once you got it, it can be really delightful, and it is opening new sensations that you wouldn’t get through vaginal sex.

Q6. How good can it feel?

Angelicka: Some love it, others just find it hardly bearable. It takes time and patience to learn about sodomy and enjoy it. It also depends on how big your partner is! As far as I am concerned, I just love it.

Q7. Is it a must to be clean shaven/waxed back there?

Angelicka: Thats a very personal question. For me, I prefer to be totally waxed, front and back. I think it is sexier, smoother, and more hygienic.

Q8. Can you go for anal on the first date?

Angelicka: You may, but you risk being labeled as very slutty! I would recommend to let the man ask for it and play the shy girl, even though you would crave for it. It’s best to see how he performs in bed first; if he is a rough beast, then you probably don’t want to engage in anal intercourse!

Q9. Do you recommend using lube?

Angelicka: Yes it’s a must! And there is never enough. Use lots of lube, in you, on him, during foreplay and again just before penetration.

Q10. Does it get messy?

Angelicka: The only mess I ever got was from over-lubrication. Some lubes tend to mark the bed sheets so I usually put a large towel if we do it on the bed. I also have the habit to clean myself up regularly, and eat healthily, so my backside is always clean. It’s better to use condom in the first times, although I find it uncomfortable. But then you have to trust your partner…

Q11. What practical advice could you give me?

Angelicka: You have to make sure you pick a comfortable position, especially for the first times. Newbies tend to think doggie style is the best. I wouldn’t recommend it as it changes the angle of penetration, and it is more difficult to relax in that position. Prefer to lay flat on your tummy (you can really relax like that) or get on top and ride him (to get total control).

Q12. Can we orgasm from anal sex?

Angelicka: Definitely yes!

Ready to cross the line and get a taste of this forbidden pleasure? Go for it but make sure you do it right! For more insights, grab your copy of “Anal Sex Tips for Guys and Girls” on Amazon to learn all you need to start exploring virgin territories…

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