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Publication of our new guide: Anal Sex Tips For Guys And GIrls!

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The Complete Anal Sex Tips eBook!

Learn everything about anal sex and how to do it in the best conditions. The is the ideal guide for beginners and those who want to explore new pleasures.

I had a lot of inquiries about anal sex on my blog, and many readers are actually asking me how to perform it, if it hurts, if it gets dirty, etc… I always reply individually to every single communication I receive, but due to the amount of questions on the topic, I have decided to create this illustrated anal sex guide for first timers. It is now available at all major eBook retailers, including Amazon, Apple, Sony, Barnes & Noble…

So here we go! Welcome to our new title: Anal Sex Tips For Guys And Girls! It retails for $2.99 only and there are different versions adapted to different readers for the best reading experience.

Anal Sex Tips For Guys and Girls [illustrated]

If you have some hot tips you want to share, why don’t you contact me as well and we could publish them in my “Sex Tips” series?

Please note that this title is available as follows:
eBook Edition:
Paperback Edition:


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