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8 Tips To Cater For His Sex Drive During Your Periods

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I have a very rich sexual life. I do enjoy the physical encounter with my partner(s) and climbing up to cloud nine. However, as you know, we girls regularly have some hmm… little problems! Once a month we raise the red flag. That usually puts our lover’s libido in a coma, and for a few days, our sex life comes to a full stop. Period. So for those of us who are lucky enough to have painless periods, here a few tips to still enjoy decadently good times with your lover even if you’re menstruating! This makes me think that – may be – that’s why we like vampire stories so much!

Before anything else, take your monthlies as an opportunity rather than a curse. It gives you the chance to explore new ways to enjoy sex with your partner(s) once a month, so don’t miss it. Use it to break the routine and start an adventurous and sensual exploration of hidden pleasures. Putting yourself in the right state of mind first will increase your climax tenfold. Now, time to learn how to indulge without getting messy!

Sex During Your Period Tip #1: Secure The Neighborhood

Girls you want to be hyper clean and smell good when you plan on having some good time during your bad time of the month. So take extra care of yourself, needless to say. Indulge yourself in a luxuriating bath before the action. Sitting in warm bath water for a while tends to slow down the amount blood flow. Once you are dried up and fresh, play it safe by using a menstrual cup or a tampon (sorry guys if you read this, that’s for girls only OK, so don’t give me your ‘yukky’ face!). Keep it discreet. You don’t want the string to hang low down to your knee level! Shorten it with a cute knot or just cut the extra length. I usually wear a tiny bitsy G-string to hide it completely and feel more sexy, and I keep it on all the time. If my man want to go for anal, he can just pull the string aside! Feeling sexy and confident is the secret to open the highest levels of orgasmic pleasure.

Sex During Your Period Tip #2: Milk Him With Your Breasts

Tit Fucking is awesomely delicious for both partners. You don’t need to have a huge pair of boobs to be able do offer this pleasure to your partner. It is more a matter of finding the right position. Although it can feel more comfortable if you lay down on your back and let your man ride you, this position is more adapted to watermelon size hooters. For me, with my rather modest size, I find it more pleasurable if I am sitting (facing him) with my breasts at his navel level. He would just stand and fuck my titties like crazy! This position gives more volume to your jugs, and lets you easily squeeze them to wrap his cock. You may as well grab his ass and make him give it to you harder. You will surely be rewarded with a nice gooey pearl necklace. Feeling him rubbing his hard cock between my boobs just drives me wild, and I very often climax when he squirts longs shots of sperm up to my neck and chin.

Sex During Your Period Tip #3: Hot Dog

Hot Dog? Yeah, hot dog: a bun and a sausage. Not everyone is into anal (although those who aren’t are really missing something!). But it doesn’t mean that you both can’t get pleasure by using your round butt! Lay on your tummy, let your lover drip some massaging oil or baby lotion in your crack. Now let him rub his cock between your ass cheeks, just like he would do if he were tit fucking you.The area around the anus is very sensitive and has lots of nerves. This non penetrative technique will definitely stimulate you while giving him a very good time!

Sex During Your Period Tip #4: Arm Pit

No, we are not talking about the brother of Brad Pitt (his name is Doug, not Arm!). So our little pussy is kind of unreachable at this time, and we need to give our horny man the pleasure he wants before he starts thinking of an alternate solution. Let me tell you straight: this technique is VERY horny. Especially for the guy. Start hardening his cock with a good stroking, make sure you use baby oil so that it will easily slide, and when hard enough, let him fuck your armpit. Try it from front and from behind as both ways give different sensations. Your man can go very wild like this. Make sure to vary the squeeze on his cock by pressing your arm more or less against your chest. I personally prefer from behind because he usually can’t help grabbing my boobs and playing with my tits, which I definitely love. And also because when he comes, I can see him squirt, and this is really a turn on for me. The rubbing under the arm gives awesome sensations. It was only recently that I discovered my armpits were an erogenous zone!

Sex During Your Period Tip #5: Peep Hole People

That one is one of my favs. First of all, I want to say that unlike guys, we can climax with only our mind. We don’t always need to ‘get it’. So always make sure to build the right atmosphere to increase your pleasure. So your man is horny and your love hole is in ketchup mode: you could go for just a plain blow job to keep your man happy. But I would advise you to go the extra mile: a peep hole. A peep hole is a hole n a wall and a common practice in sex clubs. You can either try to find an abandoned place which already has a hole in the wall, or build yourself one at home (I am sure your man will volunteer without hesitation to do that!). Make sure your guy doesn’t really break the wall, carried away by the excitement of what will come next. A cut out cardboard can do as good! So the thing is, guys put their cock through the hole, and they don’t see who sits behind it. They only feel that someone is sucking their cock and playing with it. The best thing to do is prepare the setup in a private part of your house and leave it there permanently. Want to be extra kinky? Invite 3 of your best friends (girls). They don’t have to know about your setup if you don’t want to, they only need to be in your house. Discreetly tell your man to go to the peep hole corner. After a few minutes, join him there. But don’t talk. Just let him think this could be one of your friend rather than you giving him pleasure. Isn’t that naughty?

Sex During Your Period Tip #6: Hello Dolly

Feed your man a Love Doll. This is not for the soft hearted. You can go for a cheap blow up doll or for the realistic kind if you are ready to spend hundred of bucks on it. Besides making a great present for a guy, it opens the door for lots of sexy games and fantasies. A doll is a safe and faithful playmate, always ready to join you in a threesome. Become the Lady Dominatrix and order your man to pleasure the doll all possible ways. Did I mention before that pleasure was mostly a mind game? Watching your guy getting horny on that latex body could definitely make you fly high. You can actually ‘see’ what he is doing to you when the red flag is not raised. Voyeurism. Domination. Threesome. Fetish. You name it!

Sex During Your Period Tip #7: Best Friends

I should put a warning and a disclaimer here because that’s not for everyone. So your monthlies are here, you are not in the mood, may be feel pain, but still want to satisfy your partner? Invite your best friend over and offer her to him (as long as she agrees of course). Yeah I know what your thinking. I hear you scream and see you jump from here. Well first of all you don’t have to. Every adult involved must be willing. For me, I don’t feel that I ‘own’ my partner. I do love to make him and see him happy, and so does he. We are very open in our relationship, and I do like giving him little surprises from time to time, like inviting my best friend over once in a red moon.

Sex During Your Period Tip #8: Bare Foot

Many men fantasize on our feet (I mean the good looking ones, with our nails done, and round soft heels). It is a good idea to use hand sanitizer on your feet before everything, just to make sure they are perfectly safe… for his manhood! Yes we are going to give him a nice foot job! If you have never tried that, you’ve really got to do it once in your life, at least! So let your man lay down, and start massaging him with your feet only. First his tummy and his thighs, and when he starts getting aroused, start gently rubbing his dick up and down. Pour scented oil for extra benefits (smoother sensations for him, and a good way to hydrate our feet in the meantime!). When he gets really hard, gently squeeze his rod between your two lovely feet and start stroking him. Not only you will get a great foot massage and the pleasure to feel his stiff bone between you feet, but you will also enjoy the sight of him releasing his gush!

Please note that you can find more tips about Anal and Oral Sex in my ‘hot tips’ section. I have 2 different posts dedicated to this, and they do complement these tips very nicely! Make sure you check them out.

Sex with an ardent and horny lover is always exciting, but sensual play with an adventurous lover is even better!

Tell me about your lusty periodic sex!


6 thoughts on “8 Tips To Cater For His Sex Drive During Your Periods

  1. Hi Angelicka. I married in 1970. My ex was a gal who was very ‘regular’ and with 2 adjustments in her schedule, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. One house calendar was devoted personal data including her menses onset. When we married and were together pretty much all the time , I noticed and she confirmed that a few days after 1st flow, she was very horny as was I. We commandeered our oldest bath towel,  put it folded up in quarters under her backside, and fucked every bit as heartily as we had on our honeymoon. That towel became a special project for us to pre-soak in cold water and wash separately for years to come. I like your column very much.    

    1.  Hello Michael,

      Thanks a lot for your testimonial! It seems you were a great couple!
      It is true that our periods influence our hormones. I usually get a big horny peak a couple of days before my periods and it lasts for 3-4 days.
      Did you guys give your towel a special name? I am curious to know…

  2. Hi Angelicka,

    That was never a problem with us. We’ve been together for 43 years and, until she went through menopause and had a hesterectomy, we just “Kept It Up”. She was never into oral so that was not a problem. I’m not sure I would have anyway.

    Thanks for all this insight. Guys that don’t pay attention will suffer in the long run.


  3. I am extremely blessed, my boyfriend is completely open to having sex when the red flag is raised, in fact he is the one who made me comfortable with it. It can actually be some of the most intense & rewarding sex of the month, most likely bc of the crazy hormones but possibly a little bc it is a tad taboo. I know it’s not for everyone but I recently discovered Softcups which are menstral cups & you can have sex with it inserted no problem whatsoever! You cant even feel it and my boyfriend said it was barely noticeable, & if I hadn’t mentioned it he may not have. I was most shocked to find the product has been around for decades, how the heck neither I nor any of my friends knew about this is beyond me!

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