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4 Short True Adult Stories by Hunter J. Burke


adult stories Hunter BurkeDiscover steamy adult stories based on real encounters by Hunter J. Burke


[dropcap2]O[/dropcap2]nce inside the room, she removed her clothing as if prompted by some as yet unspoken agreement.

She had a curvacious body and porcelain white skin, the strong legs of a dancer and long tangled black hair that made her look like an abandoned waif.

Not a word was said, the atmosphere electric with sexual tension, words seemed superfluous and, if spoken, would only shatter the intensity of the moment.

I stood directly in front of her as she, with unashamed placidity, remained immobile and naked before me, her dark eyes searching mine, as if challenging me to make the next move, like a game of sexual chess.

There was a faint smile parting her painted lips, beautifully shaped lips that I ached to kiss. I leaned forward and pushed my mouth against hers, softly at first, almost tentatively. She responded and our kisses grew more passionate, more urgent… insistent and hungry.

I pushed her backward onto the bed, hurriedly removing my clothing at the same time.

On top of her warm, soft body, her skin smooth and silken, my penis reached its tortured fullness. I kissed her neck, her ear lobes, her mouth; the scent of her hair was like some forbidden perfume. I touched her body, caressing it, delighting in it’s contours. I gently massaged her breasts, kissing them, moving my tongue around each nipple, now swollen with desire.

Arched above her, my own engorged organ like a lion rampant, I continued to kiss her belly, now covered with a thin film of salty tasting perspiration, almost as intoxicating as the smell of her hair.

As if compelled to give her as much pleasure as possible before taking my own, I positioned my face between her gorgeous legs and kissed her genital mound. When she didn’t resist, I opened the lips of her vagina and allowed my eager tongue to locate her clitoris. Her moans of pleasure, the convulsing of her hips, her whole body contorting with spasms of delight encouraged me to persist until she was seized with a trembling, followed by an orgasm that exploded with such force that her legs were seized for several minutes with an uncontrollable tremour.

Possessing a slightly sadistic side, I deliberately continued stimulating her until she pushed me away, begging me to stop. Instead, she laid down on the bed, and invitingly opened her legs. Taking my erection with her hand, she guided it inside her, giving me permission to fuck her.

Witnessing her pleasurable abandonment, my own passions were heightened, and in her warm, damp vagina, that passion was spent. We achieved a mutual orgasm and laid exhausted in each other arms.

Although nothing was said, we would see each other again. She knew where I worked.



[dropcap2]I[/dropcap2]t was a beautiful summer’s day. We drove out of the city on the northbound highway, until we turned onto a dirt road that led through Dome Valley, and into the bush. We were looking for somewhere isolated, and although nothing had been planned, the purpose of the outing was mutually understood.

We were looking for a quiet place to have sex; we were both uninhibited, earthy, searching for new and exciting sexual encounters. Spontaneity and raw instinct would guide our activities.

Off the road, partly hidden by trees, we saw a small run down cottage, the track leading up to it was eroded and over grown with weeds. We stopped the car in the shade, mottled with sunlight, and explored the abandoned house.

Empty dust covered rooms, broken windows, and patterned wallpaper sagging and peeling. old pieces of forgotten furniture, a kitchen table, a chair, remnants of occupation.

We sat on the verandah, our bodies close to each other, the sexual energy tacit. I put my hand on her bare leg and stroked her smooth sun kissed skin; she leaned towards me and kissed me softly on the mouth, smiling coquettishly as I pushed my hand beneath her short skirt, feeling the warmth of her thighs. She liked being touched and laid back on the wooden floor, savoring the feel of my hand against her skin. I bunched her skirt around her waist, hooked my fingers into the waistband of her panties, and hastily removed them.

Her patch of pubic hair nestling provocatively between her smooth white thighs promised the most illicit pleasures. My cock swelled with anticipation and, with my fingers, I gently caressed its moist warm furrow.

She murmured invitingly.

I had the sudden urge to rip her clothing from her body, hear the fabric tearing.

A length of discarded rope caught my eye and fired my imagination. I pulled her skirt off her, unbuttoned her blouse pushing it over her shoulders and discarded both items on the floor beside her.

Her breasts were resplendent, and I fondled them eagerly, my desire reaching a fever pitch. Knowing that I could have her anyway I wanted thrilled me, and I roughly pulled her bra down around her stomach exposing her breasts that giggled tauntingly. Kissing them enthusiastically I squeezed them taking each aroused nipple in my mouth, sucking and nibbling.

She gave a muffled cry.

Crouching over her almost naked body, I continued kissing her, pushing my tongue into her willing mouth. She responded hungrily and, in an instinctive gesture of submission, she placed her hands above her head, allowing me to pin her arms to the floor. Writhing with pleasure, her body arching and twisting beneath me inspired an urgent throbbing erection.

I stood up and gruffly ordered her onto her feet; she obeyed without question.

Pushing her into the kitchen and retrieving the length of old rope from the floor, I forced her to sit on the wooden chair, it creaked threateningly beneath her.

“Put your hands behind your back!” I demanded.

She did as she was told, her compliance adding to the excitement that surged through me.

After binding her wrists to the back of the chair, I stood in front of her, unbuckled my belt, unzipped my fly, and exposed my rigid yearning cock.

Shoving her legs apart, I moved closer to her until my genitals were inches from her face,

“Suck my cock!” I ordered crudely.

Taking me in her mouth, her tongue licked my shaft. I pulled her face deeper into my crotch. She emitted an almost breathless moan. The chair squeaked menacingly. Her lips tightly enclosing my penis, she moved her head up and down in a rhythmic motion that brought me to a convulsing climax.

She swallowed my cum.

I took her bra off, untied her and we laid naked in each other’s embrace.

Casually, I rubbed my fingers against her warm, damp vagina; she pushed her body hard against mine, kissing me, her long hair brushing my face.

We ran together down to the river and swam naked, splashing and laughing, the afternoon sun glinting off the water’s surface. The only sound was our own carefree playfulness.

Somewhere in the woods, the great god pan danced.



[dropcap2]T[/dropcap2]he early evening had brought rain. The wet streets reflecting coloured neon signs. The woman waited at the counter, watching me close the shop and switch the front lights out.

I invited her to follow me into the back room through the curtained doorway. She complied without question. The small cluttered workroom was furnished with a large indulgent sofa that sucked you into it when you sat down. A red blanket covered it, concealing its tattered and stained past.

Surrounded by shelves of secondhand books and cardboard cartons, I suggested that she sat down and made herself comfortable. I was tense with anticipation.

Several days earlier, she had, with disarming candour, proposed a sexual liaison. Our rendezvous had been prearranged and I had no intention of refusing this strange, enigmatic young woman, this seductive creature of instinct that, like the amorous sorceress Circe, yielded blindly to her wantonness.

“Do you want some wine?” I asked as I poured myself a glass.

She nodded as she glanced enquiringly at me.

“Are you positive that the owner won’t come back tonight?”

I promised her that we would not be disturbed, that we had the place to ourselves. Seemingly reassured she accepted a glass of wine, sipped it and set the glass on a small table next to a stack of books. Her dark lipstick staining the rim of the glass.

Sitting close to her on the sofa, I put my arm around her waist and pulled her closer to me. Her passivity aroused me. We kissed, fleeting exploratory kisses, preliminary act of seduction. I kissed her neck, her ears, her eyes and her lips, soaking up the scent of her perfume.

Sliding my hands beneath her jumper, I reached for her breasts only to discover that she was not wearing a bra. This discovery excited me, our kisses became more urgent. Suddenly we were locked n a prolonged, ardent kiss. Pushing her jumper up over her firm breasts I fondled them, delighting in the feel of their soft, warm plumpness.

My own desire had hardened and extended. Extricating myself from the clutches of the sofa, I stripped and pushed my stiff throbbing cock between her breasts, rubbing it against her cleavage.

She eyed my erection lustfully and pulled her jumper over her head, tousling her hair. She unbuttoned her jeans and wriggled out of them, her shoes abandoned on the threadbare carpet.

Standing up she invited me to remove her black, lacy briefs. Kneeling at her feet, I pulled her panties down admiring the glory of her nakedness.

With my hands I caressed her stomach, her hips, the curves of her back, her bottocks, touching every part of her body. I pulled her down onto the carpet and wrapped my arms around her, kissing her passionately, pushing my body firmly against hers, my groin pressing into her groin, urgently, insistently. Our bodies undulating, entwining, rubbing against each other, violently, encircling each other in our arms, kissing feverishly, breathlessly…

Suddenly I was behind her, snuggling in hard against her back. With one hand I fondled her breast, squeezing it, my other hand was wedged between her legs, my fingers probing her warm wet vagina. I pushed my stiff penis against her bottom, rubbing it between the groove of her firm luscious buttocks, the first drops of cum lubricating her smooth cleft. Succumbing to an overwhelming urge to penetrate her anus, I pushed my cock hard against her orifice.

“I know what you’re after!” she said provocatively as she wriggled her arse.

Realising I had her permission to enter her from behind, I directed my engorged cock into her willing anus, surprised by its moisture and elasticity. Little by little I achieved full penetration, delighting in the intoxicating sense of the forbidden and the pleasurable tightness that gripped my taut penis. The sensation was exquisite. Turning her onto her stomach and pulling her arms behind her back as if pretending to force her submission, I pushed slowly into her gorgeous arse, completely overwhelmed with pleasure. Maintaining a full erection for some time, I continued fucking her, greatly aroused by her moans of enjoyment.

I came and collapsed exhausted on the carpet beside her.

She laid silent, her body throbbing fitfully, and when she turned to face me, her expression was one of contentment. We kissed softly.

“You liked that didn’t you?” she queried.

I nodded and smiled my gratitude.



[dropcap2]D[/dropcap2]uring the Christmas holidays, the grounds of the sprawling University are mostly deserted. Groundsmen attend to the lawns and gardens, maintence staff work on repairs. The usual hurly burly of the academic year is over, leaving a few foreign students to wander the citadels of higher learning, like isolated flotsam.

Concealed from prying eye, behind a well-manicured hedge, we were laying on the grass in the shade of an old oak tree, its gnarled leafy branches providing coolness from the heat of a summer’s day. Reclining on the soft grass, she pulled her skirt up above her knees, bunching it around her thighs, her bare legs tanned and smooth. She unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her midriff.

Lying beside her, I admired her legs and nonchalantly stroked her inner thigh, attempting to push her skirt higher, revealing more of her shapely legs.

She brushed my hand away.

“It’s too hot!”

Momentarily rejected, I laid on my back and gazed through the branches up at a clear blue cloudless sky.

“Why don’t you take your bra off?” I recommended hopefully.

A gentle breeze stirred the trees. The breathe of Aphrodite perhaps.

Appearing to take umbrage she glanced pointedly at me and then smiled.

“Yeah! You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

Deciding to take the initiative, I leaned over her, pushed her blouse open and caressed her belly, her skin soft and silken. Slipping my hand into the folds of her skirt and beneath her panties, I brushed her pubic hair, twirling my fingers in its thick pelt, pressing them into her soft warm flesh, hesitating before probing deeper, insistently but with the utmost gentleness.

“Someone might see us!” she said coquettishly.

I straddled her and with a skilfulness that surprised me, I unclipped her bra and removed it quickly, overawed by the magnificence of her breasts. A lawn mower roared in the distance.

Kissing her amorously, I fondled her tits, massaging their fleshy contours, rolling each nipple between my fingers, applying just enough pressure to cause her to groan with pleasure. She flung her arms above her head, in a gesture of surrender, abandoning herself to the moment.

“What if someone catches us?” she protested weakly.

“No one will.” I murmured softly and assuredly as I stripped her, casting aside her skirt and panties.

My hands were all over her body, feeling every curve, every contour. Pushing my hands between her legs, delighting in the exquisite possibility of fucking her. I devoured her with my eyes, her nakedness enthralling me. I laid on top of her, the weight of my body pressing her to the ground. I was aching to enter her, my swollen cock taut against the fabric of my jeans.

Her blouse, still clinging to her body, provided a thin buffer against the grass, she lay fully exposed; she opened her legs, expectantly. Cautiously I peeped over the neatly trimmed hedge; there was no one in sight. Hurriedly I undressed, reveling in the sensation of my own nakedness, the wonderful feeling of liberation.

Perhaps the thought of getting caught helped to intensify the moment. I laid between her legs, tingling with excitement.

Kissing her, moving my hands all over her body, touching her breasts, caressing her waist, her hips, stroking her thighs, I pushed my penis into her crotch, eager to penetrate her. Rubbing my genitals hard against hers, strengthening and extending my erection, we continued to kiss, passionately, hungrily. Suddenly we heard voices, instinctively I cupped my hand over her mouth and we lay motionless, stiff as boards. The voices receded and the threat of being caught in a very compromising situation passed.

Keeping my hand over her mouth I pushed my erection into her, her moistness evidence of her desire. Her stifled moans, her bodily convulsions, revealing the pleasure she felt as I fucked her.

Our orgasms occurred simultaneously, our bodies arching, stiffening then collapsing into a pleasurable stupor.

Taking my hand away from her mouth she lay silent, smiling, her eyes bright with mischievousness.

She took my hand and pulled me down, our mouths touching, her tongue entering my mouth as anxiously as my cock had penetrated her.

We dressed hurriedly, laughing like naughty children, exhilarated by our sexual adventure. Leaving the grounds we noticed people standing at the window of one of the multistoried buildings overlooking our spot in the shade. Had they seen us?


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