fixing the leak

So Where Is The Leak Ma’am?


fixing the leakWhen a plumber uses his tool to get the water running.

[dropcap2]I[/dropcap2] really hate these after-hours calls, you think as you pull up in front of the huge, colonial style home. Look at the size of this place! You would think someone that can afford something like this would have their own in house staff to fix a clogged up sink. Sighing, you gather your tools and head to the massive front door. Probably some tuxedoed butler will answer the door; you continue to grumble under your breath.

Surprisingly, you don’t even have to ring the doorbell because almost as soon as you hit the wrap around porch, the door swings open to reveal what you can only assume is the lady of the house. Upon setting eyes on her, you find it hard to breathe and your jeans are suddenly fitting a bit tighter in the crotch. The woman standing before you is straight out of your fantasies. She could definitely play the starring role in any of your most intense wet dreams.

She stands at least 5’9” with a chest you can only describe as luscious. Her waist curves in just right accentuating hips that you’re already imagining how they would feel in your hands as you ride her. Long, toned legs make you want to run your tongue from her feet all the way up to the very tops of them. Her dark auburn hair is long, thick and straight, worn in a simple style that includes a sassy part on the side. Emerald green cat eyes study you just as you are her. Full, pouty lips finally open to speak.

“Please tell me that you’re the plumber I called and that I haven’t just opened my door to a serial killer,” she says. Her voice is low and sultry with just a hint of southern accent.

“Oh no ma’am,” you quickly reply. “I mean, I AM the plumber, yes, but I’m certainly not a serial killer or any other kind of killer, for that matter.”

“Then, please come in,” she says invitingly as she opens the door wider. “You’re a life saver!”

“Well, I don’t know about all that, ma’am,” you chuckle. “But I’ll definitely see what I can do about your plumbing problem.”

“Come with me and I’ll show you what’s going on,” she says.

“Yes, ma’am, I’m right behind you.”

This goddess suddenly stops and turns to face you.

“My name is Savannah, you know, like the city?” she says. “Please call me that and not ma’am. You’re making me feel so OLD!”

“OH! I’m so sorry, ma’am, I mean Savannah! I certainly didn’t mean any disrespect!” you manage to stutter out.

Savannah is laughing now and that’s even sexier than her speaking voice.

“It would be nice if I had a name to call you,” she purrs.

“OH! Yeah, I’m so sorry. I don’t know where my manners are,” you stumble all over the place. “I’m Drew.”

“Well, it’s so lovely to meet you, Drew,” Savannah says as she conveys a lot of pleasure into that sentence.

What’s wrong with you? Why are you acting like this? You wonder. It’s like you’ve never been around a gorgeous woman before this moment. As the two of you head up a magnificent staircase, you can’t help but feel that you’re completely out of your element. You would never find your way around this place.

After walking down a hall that seems miles long, Savannah throws open a set of double doors and you enter what can only be called a phenomenal suite of rooms. You’re guessing this must be the master suite as you note a massive canopied bed while following Savannah into a bathroom that could probably hold a few parked cars easily. You follow her to a glass encased shower that you could throw a small party inside of.

“See, I was trying to take a shower and the hot water faucet will simply NOT turn on,” she explains as she shows you the stubborn faucet. “I’m not sure what happened. I’ve never had this problem before, and with my husband out of town and the staff off for the evening, I simply didn’t know what to do.”

You’re thinking that Savannah probably has several more bathrooms to choose from in this place, but if she wants to pay you $300 just to come out and turn her hot water faucet on for her, who are you to disagree?

“I’m just going to step into the other room here to give you some time to work,” she said, smiling, as she left the bathroom.


It doesn’t take you long to find the right wrench in your toolbox and loosen up the faucet so that it turns on and off easily enough. You turn on the water and leave it running as you turn around to call Savannah and tell her it’s all fixed. Instead, you turn and are face to face with her in all of her naked glory. Have I dropped dead and my angel is coming for me? You wonder.

She presses her body up against you and whispers in your ear that she noticed your earlier interest when she opened the door. This is emphasized as she moves her hand to your now bulging crotch and gives it an ever so slight squeeze.

You gasp in pleasure and shock before giving in to your desire to have her.

Those lips of hers are inviting you to taste them and you see no reason not to comply. As your mouth crushes hers, she slips her tongue into your mouth, doing a Tango with yours. This causes you to lose all sense of awareness as you focus only on what you’re feeling right at this very moment.

Your cock is throbbing so hard that it needs more room to breathe. Savannah is going to help you with that, it seems, as she works the zipper of your jeans while the two of you continue to kiss as if there was no tomorrow. The relief you feel as your cock bursts forth into her hands is nothing that you can describe. You reach for her luscious orbs and begin to massage them, using your thumbs to move delicate little circles around her pebble like nipples. As you move over her full breasts, Savannah arches her back to give you more access to them. When you lean forward and wrap your mouth about one of her nipples, she moans as she clasps your head to her even more tightly.

Suddenly, Savannah breaks away from you and starts to slide down your body to her knees. As you watch in grateful disbelief, she takes your burgeoning member and starts to run her tongue all over the head and then up and down either side. She begins to slowly lick you as if you were a melting Popsicle on a hot summer’s day.

You move your hands to the top of her head as you involuntarily push your cock deeper into her mouth. The warm velvety wetness surrounds your cock and you’re amazed that she’s able to take it all the way into the back of her throat before releasing it, and swirling her tongue around it, as she moves her mouth up again.

The excitement is nearly too much for you to bear. You have to stop yourself from cumming more than once before you begin to pull Savannah to her feet. Lifting her in your strong arms, you sit her on the granite countertop. You kiss her again as you spread her thighs and then dip your head between them. She’s soaking wet and you start to lap up some of her juices. Using the tip of your tongue, you part those sweet folds hiding her pleasure core. Yes, there it is, you sigh. Licking slow little circles around her stiff tiny clit, you have her almost whimpering for release.

“Not yet, baby,” you murmur to her.

As you continue to lick her clit, you slide a couple of fingers deep inside her dripping pussy. You can feel those muscles clenching around your fingers and trying to hold onto them. Just as you can feel her start to contract in a way that signals her orgasm, you cease all motion.

“Oh god, please don’t stop!” she wails.

Standing up, you’re not prepared to give her exactly what she wants just yet. Your cock is like a heat seeking missile as the head automatically moves toward Savannah’s core. You enter just the head of your cock into her pussy opening. She starts to scramble forward to take more of you into her body. You hold her still as you look into her eyes, knowing that she can feel the throbbing and spasming of your needy cock.

“Please, please, please,” she whispers. “Please fuck me!”

You continue to stare at her.

“What do you want, Savannah?” you ask quietly, urgently.

“I want your cock inside me!” she practically screams.

With no warning, you drive your cock into her in one sudden move.

Deep inside her, you stop moving and make her wait once more.

It’s just as much for you as it is for her, you think, because you’re so much on the edge of coming that you’re afraid of exploding too quickly.

All at once, you can’t seem to control it any longer. You start driving in and out of her welcoming wet opening, power fucking her until you’re both screaming. When the feeling hits, you feel her pretty pink love tunnel contracting around your steel like cock and it’s your undoing.

In that moment, you nearly black out as your cock empties its hot lava into her pussy, erupting like an overflowing volcano.

You’re dimly aware of Savannah saying something as she reaches her peak but that’s all.

Gasping for air, you hold onto each other, Savannah’s legs still wrapped around your waist.

Eventually, you withdraw your still hard cock from her and kiss her more gently this time.

“You know,” Savannah purrs into your ear,”I think we need to test out that shower now just to make sure it’s working properly.”

You can’t find a single reason to object.


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