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A Fellatio For Your Fella: A Good Job Will Blow His Mind!

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Learn how to perform the best fellatio!

Fellatio is a term which means the act of giving oral sex on men; most commonly known as giving head, going down on him, or simply as BJ (Blow Job). Fellatio can be slow and seductive, or simply fast and dirty. You should gauge when is the right moment.

Performing fellatio could be easy, but at some point harder than it seems, especially when you’ve been doing it the same way (same technique) for awhile now. Somehow, it gets boring (no pun intended!). Nevertheless, this is a skill that can be learned. The key to a great sex life is keeping things hot, fresh, and new at all times between you and your partner. Spice things up! Believe it or not, plenty of ‘blowing’ is included. If you think that you just need to lick and pump, you’re making your partner miss out on a lot of oral pleasure! Wake up!

Tips to bear in mind for the best fellatio:

Fellatio Tip #1 Be comfortable

This is for both you and your man. Uneasiness will just make things quite awkward. Once you are to do the act, try to relax and feel the moment. Positioning yourselves helps too (especially if it’s your first time). Let him sit comfortable on the couch while you kneel (or crouch) on the floor between his legs. This will relax him while you are in control of his pleasure. You will be able to take pleasure too as you ‘blow’ when you hear him moan and groan loud.

Fellatio Tip #2 Tease

Start off the moment with some light foreplay.  Foreplay and teasing is a way of enticing the nerves that heightens the libido. With your hands and fingers caress his thighs, then the inner thighs, slowly working your way to his testicles. Let your fingers linger as you cup his balls gently; just enough to make him gasp a bit. Then make your way to his now erecting shaft, up to the penis head. The most sensitive part of the penis is the head. Pay attention to his reactions as you touch him there and the flesh between his ass and balls.

Fellatio Tip #3 Lick and Kiss

As your hands have ignited the heat from him, it is time for your lips to do the follow ups. Light kisses along his shaft down to his scrotum will leave him heavy breathing. Explore the same spots with your tongue as well. Licking him slow just how you would lick a sweet lollipop. Show him how you enjoy it as well. Use the point of your tongue to give him a little penis-slit head licks. Do not be shy or afraid to use plenty of saliva as natural lube. It will feel great, believe it.

Fellatio Tip #4 Slide him in

Once he is quite hardened, slowly guide your lips over his penis tips, and easily slide his penis head in your mouth. Make sure that your teeth would not scrape his sensitive shaft. Slide him inside as far as comfortable as you can. Keep your lips taut for it will feel good while the penis glides easily. Taking him into your mouth while he is still halfway hard is the best way to feel comfortable with his size, especially if he is quite of the larger range. You should really enjoy performing fellatio, and let him feel that you like it. Do it with love and the fellatio will feel completely different for him.

Fellatio Tip #5 Use Mouth and Tongue

While he is inside of your mouth, use your tongue to encircle the shaft. This will create a gripping sensation for him. Another is giving his frenulum a nice wide, wet stroke with your flat-tongue. Some men would enjoy a twist and suck combination which gives him a high sensation feel. Take him over the edge. Do not be afraid to experiment. Carry your passion and bring it to your fellatio. This will definitely push him to explode a huge load!

Fellatio Tip #6 Hand and Mouth Combo

A great blowjob is a combination of mouth and hand. Placing your hand on the lower half of his shaft, while your mouth is on the top half, moving in unison and it shall create the most sensual feel for him. Also, do a rub and twist motion as if you are squeezing an orange, his head on your palm. It will make him thrust for sure!

Fellatio Tip #7  Let Him Come

When you feel that he is tensing and starting to shudder, it is a sign that he is building up. He is in his peak, the climax is just a few minutes (even seconds) away, and he is to burst. With this, keep your fellatio pace consistent.  Your sucking and strocking must be in a good harmonious pace. If you swallow, just be prepared for the shooting to your throat. If not, pull him out of your mouth and continue to stroke with your hand until he ejaculates into a wild orgasm.

Fast Fellatio Facts:

If you think you are not comfortable without condoms, you can get one with different flavors to use for him. It will also help with the musky smell.

Some would want it all nice and clean before putting into her mouth. A nice and sexy bath will be just fine. It can also serve as foreplay too!

If your man is not ‘cut’, you can use his foreskin to tease him as you lick his tip-head when you insert your pointy tongue right at the opening.

Important Fellatio Fact:

Many men would like you to apply pressure to his anus with one of your fingers or with any of your vibrating sex toys while doing fellatio. Or some might like wearing a butt plug during it for an added prostate stimulation.

You may not realize that the more aroused you are, the better blow job that you give. Most often than not, if you are not in a sexual mood, your mouth would not coordinate the way it is supposed to. Try to do some foreplay, watch some porn together if need be. Make it sure that you are as aroused as he is. Please yourself during the fellatio, you may find yourself moaning as well while doing the deed because you are so turned on. This is a big turn-on for him!

And, guys and girls, if also you have some dirty little fellatio secret you would like to share, please do share it with us in the comments below!


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