beg for more

Romantically Beg for More


When a little rest on the sofa turns into burning passion

It just happened. At first she was just talking while you were on the couch. And just like that, soon enough she was running her hands on your chest. Slowly took off your shirt. Exposed your bare body. Caressed you. Felt the warmth of your skin on her palms… touched your nipples as they hardened on her hands. Kissed them one by one, gentle bites… tease… licks… You gasped. She touched your body and wouldn’t stop. Standing behind your chair, slowly gliding her hands on your shoulder. Arms. Hands. Entwined with your fingers as she ran her palms on the back of your hands. Such large hands. Your loving hands. She tangled her fingers on your hair. Caressing more. She blew gently in your ear… sent chills on your spine, bit your ear. Nibbled your neck. Trailed soft nibbles on your collar bones. Playfully kissed your hollow and Adam’s apple. Softly licked and tasted your skin… breathe-in the male scent of you thru her nostrils. She heard you gasp a bit when she slid her hands down south.  Fidgeted with your buttons, while she busied herself searching for your lips. Sweet soft lips of yours. So warm and ready. She kissed you hungrily drawing her whole body to you. Slowly turned you to her and set your buttons free. Slid her small hands inside.


She had no hard time finding your warm throbbing shaft. You gasped as she touched it softly. Oh so warm! Gently rubbed back and forth. You moaned under her kiss. She could feel your pain on her hands. Slipped your pants down to expose yourself to her. Completely naked on her bare eyes. She looked deeply into your eyes. So full of love and lust. Sweet dreamy eyes begging for more! She kissed you deeper and hungry. Slowly pulled you down the floor. Sat on top of you she can feel your hardness on her stomach, oh so hard and hot! You were burning her skin.

She took your hand and gently guided it to touch her. She slid it inside her shirt. You let out a sigh at what you felt inside. Gently squeezed her breasts, lovingly touched each peaks. Kneaded each hardened nipples… you kissed her harder. Tasted more of her sweet lips.

You thrust your warm wet tongue in finding hers… sucked her tongue and played with it. She heard you groan. Begged for more. You slid your hands down to her waist. Reached her belt and unhooked her buttons.

You took off her jeans in one swift motion. Took off her shirt above her head. She was all in her undies right before your eyes… black and lacy. Olive-brown skin is all you saw. You wanted to ravish her… now… not later but now! Moans of pleasure escaped from your lips. Like you couldn’t take it anymore. You flipped her on her back.

She could feel the hardness of you… you started kissing her body. From neck… breasts… stomach… down further. You took her bra off and played with her soft-perfect mounds. Touching, caressing, and pinching.

She let out a sigh.

You kissed them both. Tasting the sweetness of each. Sucking like a newborn child. You satisfied your wanton. A nipple in your mouth you groaned under your breath. Slipped your right hand down further to part her thighs. Gently took off her bikinis, you smiled. Caressed the warm moist of treasure you found with your fingertips. You gently pulled  open the outer lips and massaged the slippery bud.

She let out a cry. Sweet soft cry.

Your eyes so full of warmth and lust, kissing her deeply. She was drowning in sweetness and you were all over her. Your whole body was hot and shaky. Hungrily your kisses came again.

You whispered asking her to open for you.

“Please! you say… Please now…”

Your knees gently opened her legs… she opened them willingly, fully, giving you more access. Her body responded in your loving touch… slowly you slid in her… so easy you glide in her wetness, smoothly, deeply, and hard thrust too! She let out a loud moan-cry. Trying not to hurt her, you silenced her with your kisses while you thrust harder.

She opened for more… moaned… groaned… your head was spinning in the tightness of her.

You couldn’t wait any longer. Thrust in faster, harder, and deeper! You moved back and forth. You were ready to explode!

Her whole body writhes as she scratched your bare back with her fingernails. Dug on your shoulders. She screamed as she arched her back meeting you in unison.

And with one full deep thrust you let out a loud moan.

She felt the warm fluid released inside of her, filling her. Shaky and sweaty you collapsed on her. Keeping her in a tight embrace, eyes closed, you held her in your arms as you both gasp for air, satisfied and relaxed. She could still feel you inside of her, alive – hot and hard.

You smiled lovingly and kissed her lips. Whispered in her ear:

“Love you”

And held her tight all night.


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