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Confessions – Day Four


Frustration is almost ready to envelope me when he says he cannot find the ‘box’… somewhere in the car! He is rummaging on the dashboard, under the driver’s seat where we both are, the door pockets, the side… none! Then he reaches for the front seat compartment by the passenger’s side – my seat – and tried to yank it open. Ergo, I fall off his lap on my side, right on to the passenger’s seat. My legs are tangled with him, my ass cheeks are near the gear, and he falls on top of me. With so little leg-room in front, we can barely move about. So we are there, him on top on my lower belly… where my skirt shamelessly exposes my sexy cherry-printed black lacey thongs right inches from his face. I am staring at him, he pauses and looks at me. And slowly with no hesitance he leans over and kisses the cherry print in front of my panties! What a surprise! I gasp as his lips make contact with the fabric. I can feel his hot lips burn my moundy flesh!

“Ohh” I am screaming in my head! I do not move, not a bit. Which sends him a ‘go’ signal that he can do more. He kisses the mound more, a bit more pressure this time. His lips are awesome! Brushing along the mounds, and then the sides. I’m smooth along the lines, freshly shaved… and I can feel I’m starting to moist while he kisses me where my legs and hips meet. He fels so good. Licking the skin every now and then. It brings my hips to arch up… involuntarily as I feel as if it has a mind of its own! Soon enough he slides off the lacey frabric to one side and gazes on the moistened slit right before him. He is flushed. Hot. Red-faced. Breathing heavy. And licking his lips as he starts to dive and taste the wetness he has just uncovered. Instantly I moan. “Ooohhhh”  I’m trying not to be so loud, but I can’t help it much. I am on fire! I want him to lick me more. Run his tongue along the wet slit and taste me. I am restless. Panting hard… moaning… groaning louder as he ravishes me between my legs!

“Ooohhhh fuck!” is all I can say.

He is groaning heavily too! But has no intentions to stop. I lift my left leg on the car’s headrest to give him more access. Doing so, I let out my woman-scent all over the car. He loves it so much he cannot stop! It ignites him more to keep ravishing me. Licking the lips, rubbing my hard bud and making it hard like a whole marble! He is so hungry and is feels so good! I arch my hips to give him more. Pulling his head to press on my wet mounds. I sooooo want him so bad I am almost ready to flow!

Stroking me some more and I shall be on the edge. I am screaming then. Restless but his tight arms hold me so. He keeps licking my wet slit, the clit-bud is throbbing! I can feel him kiss-sucking me there. French polishing me right inside his own car! “Oh yes!” is printed across our faces. More and more and more… he enjoys to lick and suck me. Moments more and I can feel me so close. ‘right there – right there!!’ is all I can say. My mind is blank… it floats.. all I know is he is making me feel so good and hot! ‘Tongue.. I need your tongue!’ is all I can say. With that he thrusts his pointy-stiff tongue inside my hole! All I can do is to spread my pussy lips for him and flow as he keeps tongue-fucking me! I am so close… ohhh so close and ready to burst!

“I’m getting there!’ I keep screaming. There… there… !!! Oh I’m so close! So close now….! I’m gonna CUM!”

That does not stop him but rather makes a rhrythmic movements with me. He is so good! With a few more sucking and my pussy bursts right onto his face! “MMMMMMMMMMM” it is so intense! I love it! I cum hard onto his mouth. And he loves it too. Just then and only did I notice that he was stroking himself all the while and is ready to burst too. He is about to burst his hot lava cum any minute now.

And he screams! “AAAHHHH…” he comes so wonderful! Like a wounded animal and it’s so hot! We make quite a mess on the front seat and feel drained. It was great. He was amazing! I myself am surprised of the new sensational feeling that just happened. We are now smiling at the mess. I am giggling when he pulls me up and rubs my back as he holds me close and we kiss some more… more tongues of course! Tasting myself from his mouth… I’m salty-sweet! Still gasping from his talented tongue, I sit on my side of the car. He drives me home while caressing my thigh from time to time. We arrive at my place, kiss again, and he walks me to my door. I must admit I’m still shaky from all the experience but he is here to hold me still. The night seemed forever and we’re kinda like we’ve been together a long time. This also feels like a second date with my white-guy is going to happen again… very soon.


8 thoughts on “Confessions – Day Four

  1. Dear Angelicka,
    I was reading NPR when I came across an interesting article that I wanted to share with you. The articel is At first the article seems to be about that poor college boy who commited suicide recently. But the author takes a different turn with it. She discusses the neglect of love in people’s sex lives. She gets across that there are two opposing groups. One group favoring chasity who say just don’t do it. The other group favoring liberation who say do whatever with who ever. In my opinion, in this polarized discussion the place of love in sex has been lost. But, I believe, research shows that it does make a difference. The statistics are no so straight forward, but I believe they indicate, more or less, that emotional and intellectual intimacy does interact with physical intimacy. That is the point that was well understood in the 1930s but does not seem to be well understood today.
    I would be curious to hear what your opinions are. Do you believe that when a couple has spent many years together and have developed emotional and intellectual intimacy, it can sometimes change their subjective experience of their sexual encounters with each other? In what way can several decades of shared experiences of life together color their sexual time together? It has been my experience that our culture has changed it’s attitudes over the past several decades when it comes to the importance of love in sex.
    AKA BertrandR1872

    1. Hi Larry,

      Sorry i replied to you but something went wrong! And it was quite a long reply! So to make it short now, I would love to hear from other readers about their own experience about love and sex, and how they manage to keep the passion and the desire throughout the years.
      As for me, I love to write to give my readers the pleasure they deserve, and to help them fulfill their fantasies. I do develop a sot of intimate relationship with each of my readers though my stories, and i believe that there is some sort of love in that from both sides!
      Pouty kisses


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