hard working girl on lazyboy

Hard-working Girl and LazyBoy


When a Lazyboy becomes a playground for two horny lovers

She was in a dimly lit TV room late one night.

He was watching a late police-action story.

Getting out of bed walking through in her ankle length thin-white cotton nighties, she stared at him sitting on his big Lazyboy leather chair. Walking to him, she turned off the volume of the TV. Taking off the can of soda from his hands. She  climbed on top of him. He was staring at her creamy mounds peaking through her thin gown. His stare burned through her clothes, burning her skin. She felt him harden underneath her. Sensing his flushed face as she slowly grind her hips to feel his now hard and throbbing rod.

He kissed her neck, nibbling and tasting the sweet scent of her. Cupping a breast beneath the fabric.

She moaned.

Caressing each breast, kissing her cleavage. Teasing and nubbing a perky hardened nipple, she heard him groan under his breath. He squeezed each mounds and she arched back, exposing more of her firm rounded breasts. He slid the gown straps off her shoulders, revealing warm and creamy mounds of flesh. He kissed and licked and sucked one ripe breast. He couldn’t stop…

“No.. Dont stop!”

Sliding all of the gown off her she sat naked before his eyes. Raking her fingers on his bare muscled chest she feel him tensed. He groaned as she undid his pants. Sliding it off him while he sat on the big leather chair. She perched her wet lips on his shaft and slid his hardness inside her warm wetness, slowly but swiftly.

“Ohhh” he said so loud.

Rocking him slowly she let him thrust deep…


Deeper and harder. Pulling him more as she spread her legs and welcome him more.


She felt his hardness inside of her. So hard and hot! Her head spun at the moment of ecstasy! He thrust one deep fast one as she rocks him.

She screamed! The neighbors had probably heard.

Bouncing now and rocking hard, she leaned her bare body back. Arching to meet him more.

He pulled her ass, squeezing them so hard she let out a cry. The big chair was rocking wildly beneath them both.

Her moaning was sensually hot in his every move. Thrusting and touching. Squeezing and sucking the sweetness of her ripe breasts. She felt he tensed inside

“Ummm, you’re ready baby…” she said.

Grinding and swaying more, arching and bouncing fast she felt him so close and ready to explode! He held her closer now, locking her in a warm-tight embrace, he buried his face on her sweet butt.

She could feel his flushed face on her bare skin. Dancing ever so smoothly, hips rocking, harder, faster, and deeper! She writhed and she ached as he felt all her warm juices flowing from her.

They could hear the moistened-squeaking of his every thrust. Squishy-wetness that they share!

He groaned loudly as he looked deep into her. She stared down at his warm-dreamy eyes. Full of want. Full of desire. Love and lust combined!

He wanted to show her more.

“Love me…” she heard him say. “Love me more…”

His hands held her face. Pulling her closer as his lips ravished hers. His warmth. His wet-moistened lips. His warm tongue sliding in as he was seeking for hers. Hungrily, sucking and twirling, he playfully drank from her mouth. Quenching his thirst, she  let out a soft moan.

Pulling him closer she kissed him back. Kissing ever so deep, his devoring kisses melted every muscle in her body. She was shaking at the moment. Mind was flying elsewhere. Eyes closed, they savored the instant. Feeling his hardness in her. Feeling her wetness flow, his thighs are filled with juices from each other. She slid so rapid and smooth on him.

He loved the feel of the hotness of her inner walls, he craved for more.

She felt him flexing inside.

No… No… No… No! Wait… Wait!!!”

She slowed her pace, rocking her big hips gently now, she let him feel all in her! She pushed deeper making sure all his length was fully inside her! Slowly pulling him off her, then dove him in again in a very slow-smooth-deep pace, made him feel how hot and wet she was for him!

He kissed her passionately. Baring his heart, his mind, his soul.

“You’re mine… Just mine.”

Locked in a torrid mind blowing kiss, she ran her hands on his neck, shoulders, chest, finding a hard nipple, she squeezed it hard.

He groaned in her breath.

She could feel his hard muscles.

As he thrust inside, he hit her spot each time, making her moan more louder.

“Yes…oh yes!…please… Oh please..”

Fingernails digging so hard on his bare shoulders, he cried in pain! The chair was rocking with them, she was screaming at the top of her lungs! He thrust as she  screamed.

She cried as she felt him deeper. Every inch of him sliding in and out of her. It drove her crazy!

“Now… Oh now…NOW!’ Yes” he said “Together. Love me! Now!”

As they thrust together meeting so deep in her, she felt the explosion like an earth-shattering-climax she has never felt before! She heard his heavy groans as he felt her tighten around him! Hot cum came gushing deep inside her! She felt it so much! It was amazing!!!

Shaking all over,  sweaty body entwined, legs aching and shaking, resting his face on her breasts, he could feel her heart like the throbbing on his head.

Wiping her hands over the sweat on his forehead, she gently touched his face.

His eyes closed, lips slightly parted. His cheeks on her left breast. He was panting, heavy breathing.

Slowly she tilted his head and lightly kissed his slightly opened lips. Kissing so soft and gentle. Tasting the manly scent of him he groaned.

Still locked in each other she felt his shaft coming to life inside of her again. She  smiled. Soon his hands trailed over her silky sweaty skin. Touching all skin exposed to his hands, exploring all corners, not wanting the night to end.

“Mon coeur… mon amour”

She loves it when he talks to her like that.


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