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Confessions – Day Three


Once inside the car we were all over each other. We were kissing hungrily, passionate, hot wet kisses that burn in each other. His lips were amazingly hot! Kissing me and melting me fast. Passionate kisses yet gentle and sweet. I don’t know how he did it, it felt so good I couldn’t care. I pulled myself to him. Lips still locked in a hot kiss. He opens his mouth and I snake in my tongue to find his own. Twisted together.. sucking each other… oh we were on fire! Swiftly I sit myself on his lap while he is on the driver’s seat [this has always been a fantasy!]. He practically groaned loud once he felt my ass on his now bulging crotch. Ummm he felt so hard, I can almost feel his size beneath his pants! This guy is a splitter! Makes me wet!

His hands we’re all over me. Cupping my ass, squeezing my breasts, flicking my nipples… ohh he makes me sooo hot! I started to move my hips. My skirt hiked up exposing my smooth thighs. He runs his hands on my thighs… then inner thighs as we keep kissing and sucking and licking each other. My shirt is half parted and my breasts are just inches from his face. All fresh and rounded creamies for him to ravish! I was moaning loud when his mouth lands on my cleavage. Kissing me there… then trailing tiny kisses to my nips. He swallowed one whole nipple and sucked it. I went crazy loud! I was pulling his head to me, moaning, gasping at the same time. My hips keep swaying in a rhythmic mood pressing my mound on his bulge. Oh this is crazy! My head is spinning! I can barely think… all I know is that he feels so good and I want him never to stop.

He took each nipples and gave them a sweet sucking. I was breathless! He whispered to me something and it made my face burn. Oh my! He’s hot for me so much he wants to do it right here! Oh yes! Oh no! Yes? No? What?! Suddenly I’m starting to panic. I asked if he has some protection (cos I forgot to bring some with me!)! He said yes… somewhere in the car. Great! I thought. My pouty lips went poutier!

What happens next?! Stay tuned!


10 thoughts on “Confessions – Day Three

  1. Reading your diary again turned me hot as hell, can’t wait for the next confession. Every time i read your articles i wish i was the guy in that car, with you………………………mmmmmmmmmmmm……….. we would make the car rock. Thinking of it makes me so hard and wanting that a little precumm is already there. Keep on writing. Big wet long kiss

    1. Dear Franck,
      Your comment really made me happy. It is so nice that you like my stories! Be sure that i will make you want for more in the next episode!
      Pouty kisses back to you!


  2. What is the purpose of this blog? It’s obviously a commercial site. What products is it going to advertise? Cosmetics for women? Sexual toys? I don’t know.

    1. Dear Noname,
      Difficult to reply to you directly if you sign with a fake address. But you may come back here so i will reply here! The purpose of this blog is to give pleasure to my readers.
      It is definitely not a commercial blog. As you can see all stories are free, everyone can comment, even without registering or entering a real email address!
      Thank you for taking the time to write a few words and share your questions with us.

      1. I’m sorry for real. For me at first glance the blog really looked like a teaser that precedes an advertising campaign of some products that will be mentioned after it draws enough attention. Moreover, you seem to be so much agreeable to the commenters (not only here but also on that I thought only a salesman who wants to sell something could behave that way to such extent. I came here by chance from the Hotforwords site. I didn’t mean to insult you because you are so nice.

  3. Thanks for coming by and replying.
    I take you comment as a compliment, that my site looks like a teaser and that i am nice to the people who comment here. I like to make you and all my readers happy, that’s why i write erotic stories. So there is no reason why i shouldn’t be nice to anyone who take the time commenting here.
    By the way Hotforwords is a really great site and i enjoy visiting there often. You can add me as friend there if you like, and i hope to see you again here too! Feel free to comment anytime!
    Pouty Kisses!


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