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Climactic Lick Tips to Make Her Click Quick!

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Pause for a while and learn some juicy lick tips!

Basically there are a few ways of properly taking care of a woman’s holy-holey. Touching, caressing, kissing, and licking. Some men might think they are the master of doing the deed. But are you sure? For you not to miss, a simple guide would help a long-long way. Let’s see some misconceptions when it comes to taking care of the clitoris and learn about the best lick tips around town!

Lick Tip #1: The Clitoris

Meet the clit. A very small yet very sensitive ‘Bud.’ She needs all the gentle caressing you can give. Kiss its sides, its folds, lick your way around it. Make it smooth and slimy. Your wet tongue will make it throb as you flick it slowly, side to side, in circles, back and forth. Soon enough the tiny bud will be like a marble in your hot mouth. Diving right into the clit is not so nice. This is one of the most erroneous beliefs of some men. The clit is not where it is all at. There is the labia too. The mound. The love hole. Every part is as important to be taken care of. Take it easy and stimulate all the areas. Use your mouth, and tongue. It will be all worth it.

Lick Tip #2: Rubbing and biting

Playful teething around the lips and on the clit may feel fine, but biting it is not so pleasurable to most women. Try pressing your upper teeth onto her pussy lips to make her feel the pressure a little bit before your mouth makes contact to her hot vulva. Your breath will serve as the hot air that blows into her hole will make her quiver for sure. Wet your lips and teeth with your tongue, then rub it along her labia. Like a brush, do a slow motion up and down stroke. Take your time, it will make her squirm under your mouth. With the very sensitive ones, it may be painfully-sweet, yet she will not make you stop.

Lick Tip #3: Sucking like kiwi

Wet slits are very arousing to dive to, but hold it. No rush. Take your time. When you see it wet and juicy before you, sucking the clitoris is what’s in your head instantly. But you have to remember, it is not like a penis head. Some men think that the clit needs sucking as intense as how their penis is sucked. That is not the case, women would not enjoy that. Take it easy. Take it smoothly and suck it gently. Just like how you would kiss her mouth. Savor her taste like you are actually eating a fruit. Intense sucking with the right pressure could make her squirt hard.

Lick Tip #4: Using more than your mouth

Performing oral is very pleasurable in itself. But combined with extra sensorial stimulation, it can very quickly become mind blowing! Slightly caress your partner around her pussy while licking her. Gently caress her inner thighs and her butt. If you woman is not against it, touching her anus while you dine at Y can bring some powerful sensations! If you have sex toys, you can even combine a slight penetration with the toys (either vaginal or anal… or both!). If you don’t have toys, use your fingers! Don’t forget the upper part either and gently pinch her nipples to alternate the points of stimulation!

A must remember for men, when you are about to do the French polishing between her legs: the clitoris needs a lot of attention. It needs a lot of care. Handle it with utmost love and you shall reap the wonderful scents and aroma from her. There are a lot of techniques that you can do to give your woman the best orgasm ever. And it will be the nicest thing if you can give it to her. Women like to feel the pleasure of oral sex. But that don’t mean you can’t enjoy it as well!

Quick lick tips: Peppermint gums or strong minty toothpaste would help you give a cool effect sensation while you lick her there. Chew some peppermint gums or brush your teeth and tongue before doing the deed; definitely a climactic moment!


10 thoughts on “Climactic Lick Tips to Make Her Click Quick!

  1. Dear Angelicka,
    I have read your post with interest. There is much in there to commend it. I would like to add a small bit of science to supplement what you have said. In a chapter called, ‘Corpus Clitoridis’ by Kermit Krantz in an anthology called, ‘The Classic Clitoris: Historic Contributions to Scientific Sexuality’ edited by Thomas Lowry one can find the following passage
    The extent on innervation in different females varies greatly. There may be a minimum of nerve endings or a rich supply within the prepuce. In some women, the clitoris is more sensitive than in others, as are athe labia minora. This variation in patterns may play a significant role in the acclimation of a woman to sexual response. As has been observed, there may be more nerve endings in the labia minora than in the clitoris, which depreciates the significant role that the clitoris may play in sexual satisfaction. A sufficiently distorted pattern of nerve of nerve distribution could explain, in part, the unusual sexual patterns in some human beings. (p110-111)
    To put his point more simply, some women have more nerve endings in their clitoris compared to their labia minora. Others have more in their labia minora than their clitoris. Therefore it makes sense that some women would get off more from one area and others more from the other. Underlying it all is the density of nerve endings from one area to the other. The higher the nerve endings, the more sensitive the area, the more that area contributes to a woman’s arousal. Since the density of nerve endings varies from one woman to the next, so does the extent that one area versus another contributes to a woman’s sexual arousal. As is commonly known, each woman is different. What works better for one woman will not always work so well for another.
    AKA BertrandR1872

    1. My dear Larry,
      Thank you for sharing your knowledge, it is always a real pleasure to read you and learn more from you!
      You are right to say that all women are different. That’s why it is extremely important in any relation, whether a one night stand or a long marriage, to communicate a lot. Don’t hesitate to tell your partner what you like and guide him or her to your pleasure!
      I would love to hear from you, if you don’t mind sharing an intimate moment of your life of course, how you bring your partner to climax with oral stimulation. That would be awesome to get your testimony here, and may be more readers would contribute as well!
      Pouty kisses


      1. Dear Angelicka,
        I have no doubt that there are many people with many stories to tell. I am not so sure if any of my stories would add much to the stories of others. I am an academic at heart. I have devoted most of my life to study – the study of science, of philosophy, of math, or art and music etc. Academics are not so common. My contrubutions as an academic might be harder to obtain elsewhere. Should some particular personal experience of mine be able to add to the discussion in a way that other people’s personal experience cannot, I will be happy to share my personal experience. Otherwise, I would prefer to limit my sharing wtih what I have obtained by my studies and by my reflections.
        AKA BertrandR1872

        1. Thanks again for your reply dear Larry. That was just a suggestion and not a command. I think everybody’s’ experience is interesting, but again everyone is free to share it or not! As for me, you know, I am happy to open myself to the public!
          Pouty kisses!


  2. Angelicka,

    First off, I want to thank you for your for your site! And, I can’t continue without first telling you how HOT your pouty lips are in that photo! I mean, come on! That one photo conjures up more intense feelings and desires of lust than you can possibly imagine! To say your lips are very kissable is an understatement! To see those lips, then coupled to your screen name, and then to read your erotica, you are torturing me Angelicka! Thank you! I am a lover of the finer things in life, and I can’t think of anything finer than those other pouty lips you girl’s have, and me being allowed to worship those lips and your charms orally. Your instructional article was a much needed surprise, thank you for writing it! I have had the opportunity to orally pleasure my girlfriends and I just love this form of sexual arousal! Unlike most guys, I prefer to satisfy and pleasure my girl first, and I often get carried away in your intoxicating aroma and taste that I can go on pleasuring you this way for hours at a time! I love to start by just exploring your whole lower region with just my mouth, nose and tongue. Gentle teasing, no hurriedness needed, and after these soft caresses tease you through your panties as I carelessly brush over your mound working my way to your soft velvety inner thighs. Wet kisses nudge your legs ever wider apart as my hot breath now lingers just in front of your love hole, separated by a thin layer of dampening cotton. More gentle tongueing all around your crotch and mound area, but teasing avoiding any direct contact and pressure where you desire it the most! As you breathing intensifies, this is my signal to remove your lovely panties, my teeth grip the top edge as my fingers assist in removing this silken barrier to your wet honey pot! Once out of the way, my exploring continues, or starts a new, from one inner thigh to the other, again avoiding what my tongue is craving the most, but soon it shall receive it’s reward in time. I then move closer to your lips, my hot wet tongue gently licking up and down your slick folds, my hot breath purposly exhaling around you hole and your clit! When I cannot wait any longer, I point my tongue and use it as a little finger as I plunge between your wet lips gently but firmly entering your juicy hole as I bury it into your opening deeply! Now I enjoy your wetness as I just suck and lick your hole and gently work my way out, not leaving any area untouched. Then I flatten out my tongue and use it to drag your wetness up the length of your slit, slowly removing pressure and contact until just the tip of my tongue makes contact with your clit with a flick! Your moans get louder and are music to my ears as your heightened arousal drives me on, encouraging and begging me for more! I too whant more and now my tongue gives your clit some desired attention as I playfully lick over it a few times. But I must be patient and I retreat again to your opening again, sucking and licking up more of your sweet juices and my nose now inhaling your intoxicating scent that I can never get enough of! I flatten my tongue again for a long leisurely stroke through your wet slit, but this time as my hot breath encompasses your mound, my tongue suddenly just stops as it covers your clit! Then you feel pressure as I push against your little nub applying pressure with just my tongue, pushing on it, then it is gone! Jst as suddenly as it stopped it is now removed, followed by a loader moan and a rise in your hips as your hole bekons for more! My mouth is firmly attached to your crotch and I enjoy the ride as your hips undulate, sometimes frantically trying to satisfy your needs as my lips, mouth and tongue tease your pussy for hours, never wanting it to stop, building up your desires until you cannot contain yourself and your orgasm floods over you, but my licking and sucking does not stop! I want to ravish your body with multiple O’s, I work you up over and over again, until each time, knowing you cannot take much more then I play with your clit, my tongue flicking it back and forth, licking it up and down, and then just pushing on it with my hot wet tongue until you cry out again in the throws of ecstasy! My goal is for you to totally let go, to have such a strong orgasm that your juices flood my face as your pussy erupts like a volcano gushing forth your secreations that flow onto me like a river! Your taste is like an exotic fruit, it’s flavor so rich, it’s taste so delictable, it’s power over me is overwhelming! I shake with nervous excitment as you invade my senses Angelicka! Thank you for letting me pleasure you!

    your oral slave, paul

  3. WOW Paul! Your message did really turn me on! That is so good to receive such messages and support! You sound like a very good oral partner indeed! I so much appreciate that you posted your message here! This is brave of you to share with us your awesome experience! I trust many girls would love to have you as an oral partner!
    Kisses for you!


  4. Hi baby…. these are great tips… i love to tease the gal kissing around her pussy than coming to pussy till she is wild, hold my hairs and pull my face hard to her pussy and rub her pussy all over my face…. i would love to hear more from you how to make the lady wild…. not just wet.. i love wild gals on bed…

    1. I am so happy that you like it and find it useful too! You seem like a great licker!
      Don’t worry, there will be more tips coming to please your girl, and hopefully to make her wild!
      Pouty kisses


    1. Hi Cobey, well it’s a good idea to stop when it is getting over sensitive, but I must admit that once in a while I don’t mind my partner to keep licking and give me that “pleasurable pain”!

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