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Confessions – Day Two


I’m finally meeting this cool guy from online. We agreed to meet at the mall late in the afternoon. I’m so excited! I took my time to dress up a bit. I wanted to look nice but not too revealing. Sexy but not too much. Sleeveless pink top that shows my arms, tone brown skin that is soft and smooth. I chose it so that I would feel him when he accidentally brushes his arm with mine. If all clicks with us then I would feel it and brushng his arm with mine would help me tell if he has the hots for me.

I went straight to the top floor to look around for a tall white-guy with dark brown hair. I saw one…. Is that him? Or so I thought. One way to find out. I went and asked. Before I could reach him, he approached me too. We exchanged hellos and soon enough I found us inside the moviehouse. This is sweet, yet I can’s stop but think (and wait) what he is going to do. It’s quite chilly for me since I’m wearing sleeveless and low neckline top baring enough skin to see (I’m sure he liked it!)

Soon I’m closely snuggled to him. His arm wrapped around me and I can feel his heart beating fast! He smells so good it’s just too hard to resist! I thought, just a brush of my lips…. Mmmm, I closed my eyes and savor his scent. I felt it was just a few seconds, but actually more than that and theb I heard hum groan. Oohhh! That is just sexy! His bare chest is heaving in front of me. Tilting my head and he instantly kissed me! Slow, yet hungry kisses. Oh I love it! Kissing him back as hungry too, but I tend to pull him closer to me. We were heavily kissing, we feel the intensity rising in our body! He is sooo hot and it ignites me! We were so intently in a very tight liplock, hands are all over each other! I feel his hand cup my 36C breast and massaged them. It felt so good! His thumb is slowly flicking my hard nipples over my shirt. My hand run down from his chest down between his legs. I can’t wait, too hot to wait! I was rubbing him over his pants and he groaned. Quite louder it seems cos some looked our way! That’s so intense, so hot! I was so hot for him and that I’m very sure!

We went out the movie house not exactly finishing the movie and rushed to his car. The walk from the cinema to the partking lot  just seemed forever! He unlock the car doors, we slipped inside and without wasting time, continued. I am so hot I pulled him fast and pinned me on him! He smiles. Mmmm so crazy but I just cant help it! My pouty lips is burning!

Make sure you come back soon to find out what is going to happen! 😉


9 thoughts on “Confessions – Day Two

  1. Hi Angel,

    Every time i read your stories i feel my blood rushing to all my veines. My skin turns red and gets so sensative. I feel almost instant hardness and exitement. Those stories make me so hard i really have to release some buttons of my pants so my stifness doesnt hurt to much. After reading the whole story precum has gushed out and i have to change my underwear. Keep up the good work , kiss and hugs.

    1. Oh Frank this is so sweet of you to share your pleasure with me! I am glad you take so much pleasure at reading my confessions. I am sure you will love what happens next, I am very excited myself just writing about it!
      Thanks a lot for sharing with us. Feel free to stop by anytime to drop a comment my dear Frank!
      Pouty kisses for you!


      PS: I just put a few free wallpapers in the [freebies] page. And you are the very first to know about it!

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