by the fireplace

By The Fireplace


A fireplace can inspire very hot moments

“Bye…” was all he said.

She hung up the phone. She felt so heavy inside. Like a lump on her throat. She wanted to cry. She felt helpless, but she said to herself

“No, I should not feel down, everything will be OK. It was just a little fight.”

Yeah their first fight. It wasn’t much of a big deal, really. She just wanted to stay home and have a movie-marathon with him, cuddling on the sofa, while he wanted them to go out in a fancy resto. No, it’s not a big fight *sarcasm* matter-of-factedly she turned down the resto offer, but why did she feel like she should have just said ‘yes’ and go out to dinner with him?


Then again no. She had wanted to stay home, so she could surprise him of what an evening it was going to be. If he only knew what was waiting for him that night, maybe he would have come over. But then, it would not be a surprise anymore, would it.

“Oh! Darn!… what do I do now?”

Confused she stood up and looked at the little table setting she did, at the center table by the fireplace. It was not fancy, but cozy enough for them to dine and wine, and be together for the entire night. She already finished cooking the roasted pork in the oven, well done as he likes it. The clam chowder was still hot waiting on the stove. And, of course, a choice between red wine and champagne in the ice bucket. The candles that she just set were of pink and red hues, to illuminate the night. With vanilla scent, her favorite. She lit them up, just to smell the aroma, as it soothes her.

As she was gazing at it all, feeling bad, she heard the door bell. With a heavy sigh, she walked to the door and opened it. To her surprise, he was there. All dressed up, white roses in his hands, wearing his casual black shirt and black pants, with his favorite black bonnet and runners. He stood there with the warmest smile on his face.

She froze.

He was smiling at her, making her feel like she’s-the-luckiest-girl-on-earth to have him there standing at her doorstep. He gave her the 3 white roses he was holding and  leaned on her, kissed her lips, so gentle yet so warm.

“Happy Anniversary sweetie” he whispered.

Her heart melted. She took his arms and they hugged each other so full of love in their hearts. He held her tight, sending all the tingling sensation in every inch of her. She could feel the warmness of his body on her through his clothes. She held him tighter. When they broke the embrace, she was teary eyed.

He laughed teasingly at her, kissing each eye

No tears, sweetie – he said – I’ll bring you tears no more.”

Then she held his hand and pulled him inside. “Wow!” he said upon seeing the setting she had by the fireplace. He took off his shoes and socks, walked barefoot on the carpeted floor to the sofa. They sat on the carpet, side by side. It was almost 7pm and the sun had just set. The only light they had was from the fire in front of them.  Shifting, she half-knelt, facing him, and asked

“Dinner? I have your favorite”.

Smiling, he replied:

“You’re all dinner to me”.

With that she pinched his sides, he caught her hands and she tried to wriggle free. He was strong, very strong, holding both her hands with just one of his. She was struggling to free herself when he reached for her face with his free hand and pulled her to him, landing his warm lips on hers. They kissed. So deep and passionate she felt her head spin. It was such a great feeling. One that she never thought to have ever felt. Breathless they were when they broke the kiss. She was so flushed that he could see through her eyes.

“I love you sweetie, and I always will from this life to next. Never question that.” he said.

“I love you too” was her reply.

They had their dinner by the fireplace sitting on the carpet floor talking of things they would do, places they want to go, and other stuff. He downed his 3rd glass of wine.

“I’m full! That was a great meal! But it will never be complete without my favorite dessert!”.

He winked at her and stood up. Moving the table, he made space for them to sit in front of the fireplace. He looked at her with those fiery but loving eyes…

Facing her , he held her gaze.  eyes burning through her being. Slowly he come near her. She could feel his warm breath on her face. She closed her eyes and felt his lips land on hers, so warm and moist, gently pressing his warm mouth on hers, tasting all her full-lips… licking… biting… nibbling… She moaned under his breath. She could taste the sweet-minty champagne on his lips as he playfully teased her tongue. Parting their lips, he trailed hot kisses on her neck, reaching her neckline. He teased each waiting breasts through her shirt. She ached.

Standing up he reached for her hands, pulling her up facing him, discarding her clothes one by one… shirt…. pants… bra… He smiled as he teasingly started to slip off her panties.. She was wearing his favorite: black tiny-bikinis with the cherry print on front. Kneeling in front of her, he held her panties,and before slipping it off her he kissed the cherries, bit and licked the cherries on the fabric. It was a surprise! She did not expect it. She gasped at the sensation. Taking them off her, he was faced with her freshly-trimmed sweet lips. He blew a hot kiss that sent shivers to her spine.

Standing up, he found her lips and kissed her hungrily, savoring her mouth. Her hands were trying to take off his shirt. In one swift motion he slipped it off, discarding his pants as well. he was only in his briefs now. She could see that it didn’t hold much of his excitement. It was so visible! She giggled.

Teasingly, she slid them off him and held his hardness in her hands. He moaned. Nubbing the head, she felt he stiffened under her touch. Their hands are now all over each other, touching, caressing. His mouth found her hardened peaks, firm-creamy breasts waiting to be ravished.

“Oh sweetie!”

She ached for more. His fingers slipped their way down the hidden valley of sweet moistness. Sliding in, she moaned.

“Oohh so warm and so wet!” he said.

Her world was floating, like in the clouds. She lifted her right leg and hooked his hips. He felt the moistness of her hot-V. Cupping her butt, he lifted her, carrying all of her while she locked her legs on his waist, holding his shoulders, as he kept kissing her breasts that were offered right on his face. Playfully-teasing his ears, licking and kissing his earlobe, she could feel him flex under her palms.

“Sweetie… hunnie…” he said.

“Yes… yes”

She could now feel the moistness flowing from her, leaving his waist wet and warm. He rested her by the wall. And slowly but deeply, he entered her, leaving her wanting for more.

“Oohh…” is all they could say.

Savoring each moment.. Thrusting more as he held and caressed her ass. She dug her fingers in his shoulders, she needed him all in her. She could feel his shaft as he stroke in and out of her… in… out… grinding… more… deeper… deeper…

Fluids kept on coming out from her as he kept sliding in… out… in… out.. faster… and faster! She screamed in each thrust.


Oh the neighbors surely heard! His loins were burning as he felt his hot-throbbing rod making its way inside, sliding out a little, and driving in again. The moment was glorious! Ecstasy was in the air! His hands burned on her skin. As she scratched his back she arched.

“Oh please!”

She could feel all of him in her. She could feel him hit the spot. It was driving her wild! She wanted him to ravish her, thrust in her, caress and hold her at the same time!!


She arched, scratching, screaming, and rocking him wildly! She couldn’t stop, no she couldn’t! She wouldn’t anyway! Sweating together, body shaking, her back on the wall as he thrust her once, twice, thrice!!

“Sweetie! Hunnie!..” she heard him say as she could feel his manhood ready to explode.

Together” he said.

“Yes… Oh yes! Now… I’m coming!”

She rocked as he thrust, together. She pulled him closer and tightly locked her legs around his waist, pulling him towards her more. She felt his hotness as he released all the love-seeds inside her. She let out a cry at this instant. He groaned loud, and gently bit the rounded mound of her breast.

He held her in a tight embrace, stood there for a moment, panting and gasping for air, still holding her by the wall. She was holding him in her arms, her thighs were shaking. He was all she had for support. She clung to him as he walked back to the carpet, by the fireplace, and sat her down. They cuddled as they were resting and savoring the moment, drifting away in each other’s scent, locked in a tight embrace. Body to body, soul to soul.

They fell in a deep sleep together, by the fireplace.


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