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Confessions – Day One


Meeting people has always been an easy task for me. I can mingle with all levels of personality, can adjust easily with most types of attitudes, and it doesn’t bother me if one would come up and talk to, I mean given the usual place where people hang out, it’s fine with me.

Friends would say I have a ready smile, a cheery face, and a bubbly personality. But sometimes people still don’t seem to feel me as approachable. Hmmm… that’s when I found myself spending time online. Social network is one of the best places to meet people.

And it seems that really helped. Just like last week, when I met this guy from online. He was nice and very open. We talk almost everyday for a few days then since we are quite living close by, why not meet-up? Sure! Oh this is exciting! This will be my first time to meet someone from the internet! It will be thrilling, I can’t wait! We set the meet on a weekend.

I will definitely let you know what happened. 😉


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