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5 Dating Tips For Newbies

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Learn the rules to successful dating!

Going on a date is difficult for some. But once you get used to it, you will definitely enjoy it and we  fun. Here are the top 5 Dating Tips for Single You!

Dating Tip #1: Think positive during the date

Try to be on the positive note while on the date. Talk with a little glee, show that you are glad to be with him too. Do not talk negatively about the dating stuff and how stressful it can be to undergo the getting-to-know-you process. Or how much time it takes to finally know the man who is right for you. Be romantic, besides: you accepted the date!

Dating Tip #2: Exes are not a topic for conversation

Who would want to talk about their exes when on a date with a ‘hunk’ on the rooftop of your building? This is a topic to avoid in all circumstances. But if it just happens and have no other choice but talk about it, never badmouth them. Not matter how badly you have been hurt, don’t pour out on him (or her) during a date. Secrets can be told when he will be your boyfriend for months, or when you’re out of town or most likely getting hitched. It will make you sound less wounded and hung-on to your ex.

Dating Tip #3: Keep Moderate on Alcohol

Remember that you are there to date the guy, not challenge him for a drinking spree. How can you get know him if you are dead drunk? And how well would you know how ‘naughty’ (or not) you had been if you wake up completely blanked out the next day? Too much alcohol is out of the dinner-date table. At least for you. May be you want to push HIM to drink a little more than usual so that he opens up and reveals who he really is?

Dating Tip #4: Never chase your date

It is OK for girls to ask guys out on a first date, hey! It’s the 21st century, it’s fine. But after that, let him take his time to ask you for a second date. Do not look so needy that you are pursuing him for a second meet up. Men don’t like being pushed. They like being played. Enticed. Tickle his fantasies, and when you hit them right, then for sure he will call you for the second round. And if he does, it is a sign that he is likely to stick around you for a while.

Dating Tip #5: Learn how to leave properly

Enjoying a great date is not a problem, the night goes by perfectly and smoothly. The date ends casually and everyone leaves happy. But how to get out of a date when you feel terrible and bored? When you realize, right in the middle of the date, that you have made the wrong move of going out with him (or her). The main dish was ordered already, and your soup is served. Well, don’t get stuck at the table. Put yourself together, smile and quickly tell him that you think it is best that you go now, and it has been nice meeting him. Stand up, wave him goodbye, and exit smoothly. It may be a little bit surprising for him (you bet!) but at least you have saved yourself from a boring evening, and cut all expectations from his side. Be bold, tell him he really is not your kind, but in a nice way.

Never fall on the negatives if you want your first date to turn into a second one. And if, after a while, you want to know if he really is into you, don’t forget to read my post on Five Signs That He is So Into You! Happy dating!


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