long night sexy story

A Long Night


A little fight is always a good excuse for mending on the bed

long night sexy storyAn ordinary boring night alone in her home watching TV in her nighties. She hears his car coming. Knocking at the door. She greets him as she opens the door, tying her night robe. She sees his sweet smile and loving eyes. She has to let him come inside. They had a little fight, arguing over time, his time for her and his time for his work. Not that she doesn’t understand his work. She works too. However, she does her best to make time for him. For them. But he barely makes it to dinners. Dessert is all he comes to meet her for.

She guesses she is losing her charms on him. Maybe his eyes are fixed on someone new? He only has to tell her even if it would break her in two. Stepping in her house, she lets him walk on his own. He knows where to go. He’s been here for a year. Turning off her TV, she walks to her room. He follows. Turning on the lamp, she slips off her robe. He closes the door.


Taking off his jacket, he walks towards her, staring at her back. He reaches for her, handing her roses, white roses. He knows what she likes. Caressing her shoulders, nape, enclosing her in a tight embrace, he tells her 

“I’m sorry hun”.

She closes her eyes, sinking in the warmth of his arms, feeling his lips as he kisses her neck, slipping the straps of her bra, kissing her shoulders, baring her body naked for his eyes to feast.

He cups her breasts from behind.

She moans, loving his hands, holding, touching, teasing each nipple. Turning around, she slips off her shirt, undo his pants until they are both skin in the night.

He takes her to the bed, the same bed where they made love so many times. Kissing her all over, licking her skin till she quivers, tasting her treasure.

She arches as his lips and tongue slide in her wetness. She moans loud, digging her fingers in his shoulders, as he spreads her legs wider. She can’t help but writhe, ache.

Climbing on her, he reaches for her mouth, kissing her so passionately.

She loves his kisses.

It has been days and they hunger for each other.

In a swift move he takes her, slowly but deeply.

She lets out a cry.

He buries his lips on the hollow of her neck. Savoring her female scent as his hips grind and sway, thrusting in her deeper every time!

They scream!

He groans so loud it echoes in the night.

She can feel his shaft sliding on her warm walls, filling her so much.

They finally reach such climax that they both explode with all their energy, and collapse, gasping in each other’s arms.

He rests on top of her, his breath warm on her breasts. Kissing each fresh mounds lightly.

She caresses his hair, panting with his sweet loving

“I love you sweetheart” she hears him say.

“I always have” she replies.

They kiss so slow and sweet, tasting each other’s love. They feel. and they know, that it’s going to be a long night.


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