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Five Signs That He Is So Into You!

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Learn about the secret signs that will confirm he really loves you!

Sometimes it can be hard to judge if a man is really into you or if he is just being friendly or what.  If he is really into you, even if he has keeping it secret and didn’t tell you or your friends, there are some obvious signs  you can monitor to know the bare truth.

Love Sign #1 He agrees with you, even when you are wrong.

He will not argue with you and will try to keep you happy with him. He will make it clear that he thinks as you do. If you find him disagreeing with you about almost everything, he is definitely trying to make a point about the way you think.

Love Sign #2 He’s got eyes ONLY for you.

He won’t break eye contact for the nearest skirt walking by, and he’ll be checking you out while you are together. Eyes are a big indicator of how someone feels about you, and just looking into them should clarify his intent.

Love Sign #3 He really listens to you and tries to respond back with something.

Guys that like you want you to know that they are interested in what you say, even if it is not THAT interesting somtimes! They will laugh at the appropriate moment and respond with an relevant comment. They will be engaged in the conversation instead of just being a passive listener.

Love Sign #4 He will be attentive and he will make sure you are okay.

Whether he puts his jacket on your shoulders when you are cold or helps you get untangled from some sticky situation, he will be there for you and make sure that you are okay even when he doesn’t have to.

Love Sign #5 He takes your side on everything.

If you and your girlfriend are arguing about something silly, he will always take your side. Give him a choice between your opinion and her opinion, and you’ll soon know where his interest lies. He might put some pretend thought into it, but he will know all alone what side he’s on.


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