mystery man in her room

A Mystery Man in Her Room


Sometimes dreams, reality and fantasy have very thin borders.

It was an ordinary Friday night; she went home to her pad. The usual: empty. *sigh*

“So, what’s new? It’s like an everyday routine, why feel bad when you’re supposed to be used to it?” she thought.

She slowly entered the room, walking past the sofa to her bedroom. It was dark, empty, and cold. Just the same old bedroom that was left when she broke up with Brad. Oh she missed him…

“No! Of course not. Why would I? I’m perfectly fine by myself. Alone. Who am I kidding?!”

Admit it or not, yes, she missed him. She can still smell the masculine scent within the room, like he had never left.  She sat down by the edge of the bed; slowly taking off her shoes. It felt good resting her toes on the soft carpet. Bending, she caught a sight of her perky-creamy breasts.

“I look fine don’t I? 36B for a 5’4 Asian lady, not too bad.”

She took off her shirt threw it on the floor, and then she wriggled free from her jeans. Her hips and butt, got’em quite above the average. Sighing, she stood up and stretched, always felt good roaming around on her undies, so natural, so Alexa.

“Yeah, that’s me!” she whispered as she stared in the mirror.


She let the cool breeze in as she opened the window a little.  Inhaling the cool air, she missed him more. Finally she crawled up the bed, cuddled one of her oversized pillows, and turned on the TV. She ran through the channels with no luck of a nice late night show, she slowly felt sleepy.  She thought, dinner can wait, just needed a short nap.  She curled up on her side, hugging the pillow, and slowly dozed off to a light slumber. Eyes closed, in her subconscious mind, she heard footsteps outside the bedroom. As sleepy as she was, she claimed it was nothing.  Tried to go back to sleep since her eyelids wouldn’t open. She cuddled on the soft pillow, her bare thighs and legs brushing the soft material of the pillows and bed. The soft cool breeze was blowing from the opened windows, sending cold chills in her bare skin.  She pulled up her blanket to cover her legs.

“Hmmm” she sighed a soft chill, “I need more than a blanket to keep me warm…” was what’s in her mind.

Suddenly she felt something warm landed on her bare arms, so warm that if felt good. She tried to turn to her other side but she hit something. Or was it someone? It seemed someone had slipped right beside her blocking her turn, and as she tried to turn she felt a chest, hard and warm.  Her bare back rested on its surface, she felt a soft but strong touch right on her back.

“Oh my god! It’s not something… it’s someone! A man! A very warm one!” she tried to open her eyes and free her arm only to be held tighter, in a warm embrace.

It was so dark she couldn’t see, just a silhouette of him, and the scent of him, enough to spin her. Her head spun, she couldn’t move any part of her body, her mind was saying:

“Get out!” but her body melted in his hands.

It was responding to his touch.

“Oh dear… oh my… oh no!” she heard her mind scream.

She felt his lips, warm and moist on her neck.

“Oh so sweet” the mysterious man whispered.

It sent big shivers down her spine, but in no time, her neck moved and arched her back to meet his lips giving in to his warm touch.

“No! What am I doing?!”

She needed to go and pushed him away, scream for help, run! She tried to get up but he managed to restrain her, pinned her above her head, exposed more of her full breasts covered only in her lacy black bra. She was breathing rapidly while trying to make out of this man beside her. His scent gave tingling sensation into her nostrils. Made her want to pull him close… closer… closer!

“Oh why am I feeling like this?”

But she knew the answer;  it’s been so long, more than a year since somebody has touched her this way. It was wrong to let him, but it felt soooo good! His hands ran from her neck to her chest, down her breasts, her stomach, gently touching the soft mound down south. She gasped. Her body shook and writhed in pain and pleasure at the same time. Her head was spinning, She closed her eyes, her heart was beating so fast, her skin was burning with his every touch. She guided his long fingers down further and found the treasure hidden in the forest of curls, sliding in slowly.

She moaned “Oooohhh” and heard his heavy breathing.

He groaned under his breath, he was sliding more of his index finger, deeper, finding the hot bud inside. Wanting and waiting, he caressed the pearl inside her lips, in a circular motion. She gasped, and moaned louder when she gripped his strong biceps, and arched her hips upward to meet his hands, his strong sweet hands.

She ached “Oohhh… please… please!” was all she could say.

She tried to look for his face in the dark, and pulled him closer to her. Hungrily, she kissed him deeply. No thoughts on what she has done. All she felt was that she wanted him too. Oh yes she wanted him! She darted her tongue inside his warm mouth and looked for his. Stroked his lips and mouth with her hungry tongue she heard him moan, moans of pleasure .

“Yessss… More!” she said.

His caress became faster, gliding back and forth of her now swollen bud. He swiftly lifted her up, placing her on top of his big muscled body. Straddled on top of him, she couldn’t still make out who he was, but trying to know who he was was long gone in her head. All she cared for was the pleasure he was giving her, and hearing his cries of pleasure made her want him more. Slowly she rocked on top of him, dancing in the beat of his pounding heart. Gently glided him inside.

“Oohh so hot and hard!” she thought.

She felt his hard throbbing head on her vulva. And she couldn’t stop! She opened her thighs to let him in, because she was about to burst, but he stopped her. She groaned. He pushed her on her back till she completely laid down on the foot of the bed, kneeled right before her, and opened her thighs more with his strong hands.

She saw his head coming down “Oohhh… please!”. As she felt his hot lips on her outer lips, she cried: “More…!”

Unconsciously, she arched her hips to meet his hungry lips.

His tongue tasted her juicy pussy.

She moaned!

He licked her, kissed her, sucked every inch of her.

She ached in pain, pain of want, pain of need.

“Oh please… please!” She was begging him. “Now please!”

Her body shook. Her legs flexed. Warm fluids were came out of her non-stop. So wet and hot! She waited, so ready, one last kiss on her treasure and he went on top of her.

In one quick motion, he entered her wet wanting pussy. So easily, he glided ever so gently, thrusted in and out.

She cried.

Faster, he went his every stroke, she arched her hips to meet him more. Her fingernails dug his shoulders, scratched him, he cried under her lips! 1, 2, 3, more!

Her head was spinning in pleasure. Sweet-painful-loving was all she felt. She enclosed her legs around his waist, locking him and  pulling him closer, pulling him more as she met his every thrust.

“Aahhhh…Oohhhh” they cried in unison, their body covered with sweat, the bed shrieking with their every move.

The room was spinning, they were under a spell.

“More! Oh hunnie more of you please!”

She couldn’t help it, she wanted more, she needed more!She had to feel him deeper inside of her! She pulled him closer, harder she pressed her hips to him. He obeyed and thrust deeper and faster, faster, faster!!! She heard his rapid breathing, she could smell his sweaty body.

“Oooohhh yesss! Yesss baby, you’re good! You make me feel good” he said in his sexy masculine voice.

Her head was whirling, drowning in pleasure of ecstasy of the moment. She didn’t care, she couldn’t care, she just wanted him as much as he wanted her.  She could feel it now, her body was shaking  vigorously, crying in ache. She was almost there. She could feel him pulsating inside, ready to burst, ready to flow!

In one deep thrust, they meet in unison and she cried a loud sweet-painful cry. He groaned so hard she almost felt his heart.


His hot lava exploded inside of her, she burned in his heated fluids, his hot seeds filling in her as she accepted it all inside. Not a drop was left from his throbbing rod. Slowly, he limply rested on her. She felt his heartbeat, pounding so loud but lovingly.

He was saying something under his breath, she barely heard him. She closed her eyes in the dark as he held her tight in his sweet strong arms.

“Hhmmmm…” she thought.

“Hmmm luv u sweetie, more and more every day!” he said full of love in his voice “with my heart, never question that” he whispered as she smiled.

Somehow in her heart she had a feeling she knew who that man was. She didn’t want to open her eyes in fear of losing this special moment. She cuddled under his arms, rested her head on his chest. She felt him kissing her sweet swollen lips, before slowly drifting away.


18 thoughts on “A Mystery Man in Her Room

  1. Extremely sexy and romantic…. its cold out here and i wish am the mystery guy in your room ….. hmmmmmmmmmmm feeling so good….. u r feeling so good…. wanna kiss u all over touch ur boobs.. fondle it and…..make love to u whole night….

    1. My dear Abjoseph,
      It is a very exciting feeling indeed to feel a complete stranger next to you, full of lust and craving for your intimacy. I often think about it when I am just about to fall asleep, so weak in my bed, wearing my tiny see-through nighties, hearing the “beast” getting closer but unable to make a single move as I am paralized with fear and desire…
      Who knows, may be this stranger will be you one day…

      1. hmmmmm yes u bet i will be this stranger with you one day… and am sure it will be the best night of our life… full of love, lust, moans and groans…

          1. will love to….and then tease u.. run feather all over ur body.. kiss u.. nibble u.. give love bites till u beg me to put it inside and make love till its sore… we will make love till we hours or may be further more

          2. but i wish to do more than that angelicka…. i wanna do all that the mystery man did with the lady…. do u wanna? should i come to ur bed tonite??

          3. i dont necessarily need a bed hun… i just want a hottie like u and when with u we can make use of any place available….:))

          4. hmmmm on sofa, center table, dining table, kitchen,terrace,under the shower..leaning against the wall, mirror, on roof top..inside and besides swimming pool, on pool table.. u name it and i have a great idea how to have fun there hun….

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