Intensify Your Orgasms, or How To Climax to the Max!

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Learn how to get the best orgasms ever

Who would not like to experience Great Orgasms? A wonderful and head-splitting orgasm is a must on every sexual escapade! This is for both men and women. Women need it as much as men do, and I hope they are aware of it too! Let’s inspire those sexual hormones and get a boost with your orgasms!

Orgasms Tip #1: Foreplay

One of the best mood enhancers. Touching skin to skin, rubbing hands and feet is very arousing indeed. Getting hot together is very sexy! Imagine how much your partner would enjoy your touch and kisses. Soft nibbles on the neck and shoulders seem normal, but it actually sends vibrations to the body and mind. It adds charge to the sensual current to your mind and makes your body react. It helps in bodily fluids build-up too, making you easily slime and moist, and eventually wet.

Orgasms Tip #2: Friction

Finding her right spots will do great effect to her. Slow caressing of the arms, legs, neck, shoulders, and back. It will not miss! Rubbing the skin is a very sexy way to ignite one another. Running fingers along the length of her thighs is like lighting a match, which increases the chance of making her explode like a waterfall! Get her on top and feel her clit rub exactly on your pubic bone. That rubbing sensation during the actual sex will make her reach her climactic peak, and boost like a fountain of youth in no time.

Orgasms Tip #3: Pressure

Do not literally squeeze and crush his balls, or bite and pull her boobies roughly, nothing sexy on that. Do it somewhat with ease, tender, gentle yet with pressure. Pressing on each other’s vital parts is so sexy and stimulating. It makes you ache. It makes you crave for the next thing to happen. Pinching her nipples will makes her ache for your mouth to suckle her swollen breasts. And cupping his balls in your hands with a simple squeeze will let a heavy groan out from his gasping mouth. Pause a bit on each move, tease a little, watching your partner ask for more means you are doing a good job. Soon enough would definitely make you cum hard!

Orgasms Tip #4: Kegels

Oh this is a very sensual technique that all women should know how to use. The right moment, with the right reflex, at the right time. A definite orgasm booster! This can be done simply but you have to enjoy it too. Feel your muscles contract inside your vaginal canal, just like when peeing: stopping midstream makes your vaginal muscles flex. Apply the same while you are riding him in the midst of heated passion. You will be like milking his hard shaft into a fabulous orgasm. And you will be delightfully surprised to get an amazing orgasm yourself!

Follow these and you are definitely not to leave the confines of your bedrooms for hours or even a day! Enjoy the shoots and squirts, get your multiples now. Release those aromatic pheromones!


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