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Confessions – Day Six


Thanks for helping me out choosing my masquerade costume! You were a massive 66% to choose Catwoman! So I’m going to be the sexy cat villain at the party! Oh yes! I’m so excited! I will need to find the right costume of course. Maybe the local malls will have it. They are preparing for the Halloween now and lots of ghoulie costumes are available. But then… I don’t think I have seen any catwoman outfit there. Hmmm…

I started to look online. I didn’t want to get short in time to find the right look of my costume. Internet is always a sure fire! I looked at a few websites and found several looks for my attire. All of them were very sexy! I like it to be revealing, all sexy and fleshy, eye-catchy, and definitely screaming hot! Ohh I want all eyes on me! I can’t stop giggling! Picking the sexiest looking catwoman outfit, I printed it.

And now it is time to visit my favorite dressmaker.  Penny is a very nice older woman, I like her sweet boyish look. Big eyes, brown hair with blonde streaks, full lips, tall too, and pretty sexy and beautiful herself. She makes my custom dresses. I like most them bespoke. Besides, she fits me well. She can even tell my boob size without measuring me! So cute!

I rush to her shop. I want her to fit me… fast! This is just getting so exciting every minute that I can’t seem to wait. I already called her and she arranged all her late afternoon just for me. Isn’t she nice or what! Going in her shop, no one is on the waiting seats. That means she is in her office. So I go in. I see a lot of Halloween costumes made and are carefully hung on the racks ready for her customers to pick them up. I am smiling all the while as I approach her office. A big heavy curtain separates her fitting area from her desk, and that’s where I see her. Two big leap-step and I am near her. I am all smiles! She can tell how excited I am from our phone conversation and now. I hand her the outfit pictures, and she starts making some changes here and there, and it looks much wilder and sexier! Oh I love it!

She puts me on the stand and starts to measure me. She says that I have to remove my bra because this costume needs to look like second skin, and I have to be measured in a very ‘nakey’ way. She has my measurements already, but this time she is making this costume a little tighter. Sexier, it makes sense. I slip off my shorts as well so to help her get the right number on my hips and butt too. So she goes to work on me. Shoulders, armpits, back… Soon I step down the stand so she can measure my breasts. She wraps the tape measure around me and checks the reading. I can feel her fingers rub on my side breast as she reads the measurement. Strange but it seems to take her a bit before she can actually read it. But I don’t mind. Then she moves the tape left and right, and asks me if it’s comfy enough. I say yes as she keeps moving left and right. Eventually touching my nipples as she adjusts back and forth. A few more brushes and my nipples get extra hard! I started to bite my lips now, and it is somehow turning me on. Since I am not wearing a bra, my nipples are poking through my thin shirt. I am very sure she can see them! Strange too that I do not feel conscious about it. I’m not even blushing. But I am sure getting pretty hot. She looks at me and smiles.

Next is my waist, length, then hips. She asks me to turn around so she can wrap the tape measure from behind. I turn my back on her now. I am facing her desk filled with sketches. She is very artistic and I am admiring her work. I tell her I love her work as I feel her arm around my hips, she reads the numbers and asks me again if all feels fine. I say yes. She tells me to put my hands flat on the desk, and bend a bit, while setting my feet slightly apart. This will get her the right measurements and make me able to move my hips on the costume. I am already feeling hot and bothered with all that is happening. I can feel slight moisture between my thighs. I have a feeling that she can tell. She keeps smiling at me. Her hands linger a bit more on my hips, and I let her. A few seconds and I feel her hands move towards my asscheeks. It feels good, so I don’t move. I am only in my bikini panties and huggy shirt. Softly I feel her close. I can smell her perfume now. Her hands caressing my asscheeks and an involuntary moan leaves my mouth. It is enough for her to know that I am hot. Suddenly she slips a hand all the way down between my parted thighs and cups my now moist pussy. Oh fuck! That feels good! I know she is a woman, and so am I, but she knows what I need and she makes it feel so nice! I let her touch me there. Her fingers slipping in my panty-crotch and sliding slowly between my pouty wet lips! Oh my god! I have to bend over the desk more so she can touch me more. I’m getting so much wetter now… moaning louder too! She is not uttering any word but her hands and fingers are doing all the talking to my very hot-wet pussy. She starts to flick my clit. Surprisingly it gets hard so easy when she touches me. I keep flowing smooth white slimes on her fingers. She keeps sliding back and forth. Her thin fingers are very hard, it feels good just like a man’s. Then I find myself opening for her. She understands and slips two fingers in my wet pussy hole! Fuck! I moan more. No way she is stopping, she finger-fucks me fast till I feel I’m ready to cum. I grab her wrist from behind and pull her more to me. I’m very close… almost there… and more finger-fucking me… and Oohhhhhh!!! I cuuuuuum!!!

That is so unexpectedly hot! I’m restless and gasping when I open my eyes, there she is behind me, standing and looking at my back. I straighten up and turn around to face her. She is smiling at my blushing face. Still trying to catch my breath, she gives me a wet towel and a quick kiss on my cheek. My thighs are wet with my slime and she smiles every time she looks at me. She is now telling me that she will work on my costume ASAP so I can claim it two days from now. I’m putting on my shorts and bra, and she hands me my appointment slip. I am like mute and gasping. She helps me clean up and fix my look and hair. Walking me to my car, she kisses my cheek again. That was pretty unexpected, but very hot experience! I actually enjoyed her touches so much! Hmmmm… I just got my first cum with my dressmaker! Not bad! I will see her again in two days, and I wonder what will happen then. With that thought, I find myself smiling… and wet again.


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