pinned in the lift

Pinned in The Lift


Push the right button and climb up to cloud 9!

It’s been a week that you haven’t seen her, even on webcam. That convention was a strictly “no call, no visitor” policy. It was driving you crazy! You had to call her, at least hear her hot, and sexy voice. You decided you would give her a call tonight. At 7pm, you were already in your bedroom. You couldn’t wait to call and listen to her sensual voice. You dialed her mobile hoping she was done with dinner and free to receive ‘emergency’ calls. It was somewhat an emergency after all. You were going insane!

You dialed her number. Luckily she picked up.

“Hi honey” you blurted out excitedly.

“Hi honey, why are you calling?” was her urgent response.

She sounded worried.

“I’m alright… I just miss you baby.”

Surprisingly you blurted it out! You heard her sweet voice again and instantly your body reacted. She has that effect on you. Your blood rushed through, heartbeat racing, a very hot and bothering feeling, which meant you had to see her.

“I’m coming over!” you said.

And before she could say another word you hung up. It was a two hour drive, by the time you get back to the hotel, everyone should be in bed. Yes, that was a good timing.


Soon enough you were there, you rang from the lobby and after a few minutes she was right down. Smiling as she walked towards you. Very beautiful and lovely woman. She kissed you and you inhaled her intoxicating sweet scent. She asked you to have a few drinks at the bar. It was on the rooftop. It was late and seemed that guests weren’t that many that night. She took your hand and lead you to the lift. Your eyes were fixed on her. The heat was building more from you. Her scent triggered that longing desire you had been feeling all week. You just had to take her! She pressed 25th and once the elevator door shut, you pushed her on the wall and started kissing her. Hard, wet, noisy and very hungrily! She did not fight it. She opened her mouth and welcomed your passionately hungry kiss.

Instantly you blurted out

“I missed you honey…”

“I missed you too” she replied. 

“I’ve been missing you every night… make love to me.”

Achingly, she said:

“No honey…. I will fuck you tonight! We will fuck all night!”

She suddenly went hot! She pulled you close to her as she hook one leg to your hips and press you to her. You slipped a hand onto her thighs and swiftly eased off her panties. She was wet. And you were hard. Both of you were ready to fuck in the elevator. It happened so fast yet every second was felt.

She grabbed your crotch while you were slipping the panties off her, then she was sliding her hands in your pants. Quickly pulled you out from the slit on your boxers.  You were so hard and pre-cum was building up. She pulled you again and this time to her waiting wet pussy hole!

“Fuck me honey!” she begged. “I want you hard and fast!”.

You were so hot and hard now, so ready for her. She was as hot, pulled you fast and you went directly to her dripping cunt. She let out a scream. Her hips were swaying to you. She was aching for you! 

“Give it to me honey! I want you so bad!”.

At her request you fully lodged yourself in her! Easing in and out from her now. She was feeling you too. She grinded you fast! She welcomed you. Right in the lift, you were fucking her hard and she was just loving it!

You kept sliding to her, in and out! You loved the feel of her body! The soft and smooth, velvety  feeling; the heated sound of fucking! A very  wild, very sexy, yet touching moment. This woman in your hands had all that you ever wanted. No other more. The feel and color of her skin, a very fast way to ignite you. You kept on pushing more and more into her. She was getting wetter and louder. You could feel your shaft brushing in her pussy walls. She felt so good!

You could feel the elevator slowly going up. And you both kept fucking fast. She was thrusting her hips to you. She almost screamed when you lifted her and pinned her on the wall and fucked her more! She was very hot! This made you even hotter! You kissed her mouth until she went breathless! Few more thrusts.

“I love it honey” she screamed.

She wrapped her legs around your waist. That was enough to put you on the edge! Your hands roamed around her, cupped her ass and you kept on fucking her more and more! She let your hot-hard oozing cock in in her. She squirmed and shook now while you kept on thrusting. You felt some sticky fluids on your thighs.

Nearing the end of your lift trip, she was about to burst now. Almost there, you can feel her vaginal walls. You pulled away her and turned her around. You admired her, ached for her, and fucked her from behind. She was so amazingly good! Her boobs were pressed tight on the elevator walls. Your cock slid in and out, very hot! As she more steady strokes and you were now ready to cum in her!

“Cum for me baby…” you said.

And she was just nodding. Biting her lips more, she soon was ready to burst! You pulled away as you were ready to cum yourself.  You let her cum hard, feeling her juicy pussy flooding on your cock! Moans and groans filled the lift. She was loud and so were you. A few more thrusts… Yes just like that!

And one more hard and deep fuck, and you were exploding in her!

Totally still lodged in her pussy hole, you were trying to recover your spirits. Pulling away from her, you saw your own white cum oozing off her. A pretty sight. Two floors before the top and you were there to help her fix herself. She looked so lovely with her sweet smile. And her smile could blow you off instantly.

She hooked her arm to yours and you both walked straight out the lift like as if nothing happened.


7 thoughts on “Pinned in The Lift

  1. Just stumbled across your blog for first time… so far I like what I see! Sexy story.. I wish my elevator rides could be that exciting. *Pondering..* I suppose there is always room for more firsts in my life… 😉
    You’ve inspired me.


    1. Dear Belle,

      Thanks for your sweet comment. It really depends on you to make your rides more exciting. In the beginning i didn’t dare much, but then after trying new things, i got addicted to the thrill and extreme excitement that i could get from them.
      Firsts are a way to always stay young somehow!
      Sweet kisses to you,


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