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Confessions – Day Seven


This is it. Today is the day I am picking up my Catwoman costume for tonight’s Halloween party! Yes! I am so excited! I took a long shower before putting on my tight shirt and little shorts, since I know I will need to take them off anyhow after what happened last time. Thinking about it makes my ears warm. I actually blush because the scene is still very clear in my mind. And the feeling of excitement is still so fresh. Penny was finger fucking me right there in her dress shop! Oh that was wonderfully hot! I never knew I so like to be touched by another woman! Women really have a great touch and know how to make it exciting!

I quickly go to the shop. I have my appointment slip with me, and I am happily imagining how I will look like with my costume. I just can’t wait!

I park my car and go in. A few customers are sitting at the reception. Penny’s assistant is talking to them. She motions me to just go in, so I do. I open the door to her office and find myself in front of the big thick curtain that separates her office from her measuring area. I am hearing soft sounds coming from the other side. I do not want to come barging in, so I slowly move the curtain to peek what’s inside. To my surprise it is Penny… with another girl! She is quite younger than her, but older than me. She is sitting on her desk and Penny is right in front of her. From the angle I am peeking, I can see their side. And how Penny is slowly touching her. Kissing her very lightly, just like she is teasing her, and she obviously likes it. Penny smiles; soon she is finds herself kissing her neck. This girl does enjoy it. I recall how Penny made me feel too. I cannot blame this girl; Penny knows what she is doing. I see Penny kissing her more. On the chest now, while she tugs off the straps of her dress. Her big breasts are now fully exposed to Penny, and she just goes straight to her nipples and sucks her hard. I knew it was a nice hard suck the way she moaned, quite loud. I too gasp, louder than I thought because both of them stop and look at my way. I am standing right behind the big curtain when Penny calls for me. I am blushing now, knowing that they both know I am there. To my surprise, they are smiling at me. The girl even uninhibitedly pulls off her top while I walk closer. I am standing near them and they just resume their kissing and making out. I do not feel weird but I do feel hot! I can feel my nipples growing hard. The scene is turning me on! I want Penny to touch me again. But she seems very busy right now and all I do is watching them and getting horny. Lots of touching, kissing, moaning, and dirty talks. Everything is turning me on! A few more minutes and they part. As Penny comes near me, I hand her my appointment slip with a shaky hand. As usual, Penny smiles at me. She goes looking for my costume now while her girlfriend is still on the desk, sitting with no top on. Sexy actually.

Once Penny hands me my Cat woman costume, I almost jump with delight. I have to try it on! I am about to go to the fitting room when Penny says that I should try it on in here, so she can help me with it. I look at her girlfriend and she winks at me. That is giving me shivers. It makes me smile too! So there I take off my shirt and shorts. I slowly put on the cat suit and Penny helps me in it. Her working hands keep on brushing my skin. That familiar feeling again! Soon she is to zip me. I wait. Penny is standing behind me to finally zip me but instead I feel her lips land on my back. It sparkles shivers all over me! I am not moving a bit. She keeps on kissing me there. Moving up and down on my back. Oh it feels good! Penny is turning me on again and now there is an audience. I am not fighting it. I let her do her thing and keep kissing and licking me. Penny’s hands go to my breasts, covered by y bra, and pinch each hard nipple. It is such a sweet and painful feel, I so love it! I let her touch my breasts, my nipples, my breast sides, my tummy, my thighs, and much more inside. However, this time, it is not just her hands and fingers. I feel her kisses down my ass crack! It just feels so good! Sometimes Penny would brush a lick or two along my wet pussy. It is making me sizzling hot! I start to moan now. It is obvious that I am louder than most girls. But I still let Penny taste me more. I notice her girlfriend is not getting off the desk, but rather keeps sitting there while touching herself ! Oh this is getting so hot and fun. A few more strokes from Penny and I may just burst! Her licks and touches become faster. Yessss… faster… faster… I stick out my back and offer my ass. She kisses, licks, and sucks my crack now. She is amazingly hot! I am am just about to let my cum flow… nowwwww!!! That is a very wet-burst! Gosh! I just squirted like  fountain! I close my eyes to savour the instant while my legs shake with pleasure.

Next thing I see when i open my eyes again is Penny fixing herself and her GF. When she is done, she pulls away from her and comes to me to continue with my costume. Penny helps me with the fitting. It really looks perfect on me! I am staring at the full length mirror now and I see how she made my curves very obvious and sexy! I love it.! Penny is behind me as I look at myself at the mirror. She is holding my hips, and is contouring my body with her hands. Lots of flesh is revealed in this outfit, I like it! And I do like it too when I feel Penny’s hands cupping my breasts, then move down my tummy, and further down between my legs.

I feel aroused again, and who knows what she and her girlfriend now have in mind!


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