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Sex on the Phone: 5 Essential Tips To Make It Hot!

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Discover the pleasure behind sex on the phone!

Sex on the Phone (SOP) is about having a very intimate and sexy conversation over the telephone. It is also known as “tandem” masturbation because both are fondling themselves while talking to the each other. SOP can be a challenge for those who are not used to masturbating while someone listens to their moans, or if they are not used to talking dirty.

Imagine that one night, while having a phone conversation with your intimate partner, the heat starts building up somewhere deep inside. Why not ask your partner if she/he is game to have sex on the phone? So if it is your first time or you want to know more about sex on the phone, follow these tips and you will never go wrong.

Sex On The Phone Tip #1 Fantasize

Everyone has his own fantasies. These are merely dreams until you decide to act on them and make them real. Since being too far from each other, it is impossible for you to be pleased in the flesh. But erotic chat on the phone can help you relieve this growing urge. Talk about your fantasies and what you want to do to you when you meet up. A perfect sample to use is the ‘role-playing scenario’. Pick a scene that you both like to be in, and from there talk about what you would be doing if you were together at that moment. Make the conversation flow as if you are actually doing it. incorporate your character and let your imagination go wild!

Sex On The Phone Tip 2# Tell What You Do

You know when a guy is getting hot and horny when he starts asking you to do things for him, like touching your breasts, pinching your nipples, opening your thighs, and eventually flicking your pussy. So girls, indulge his needs! And do not hesitate to do other things to excite yourself as well. Tell him about what you are doing and let him know that he is making you horny too. Give him extra details when you start playing with your sex toys, pretending it is his big cock pleasuring you. Respond to his teases by following his orders, in return he will soon follow yours too!

Sex On The Phone Tip #3 Sexually Open-up

Don’t you worry that your partner could think you are being slutty. Worries will not get you anywhere. Learn how to open up your sexual desire to your partner, and unleash the horny animal in you. In order to talk dirty on the phone, you’re got to let loose. Both sex enjoy like when their partner talk dirty. Talking and acting dirty on the phone when you are turned on is perfectly safe for your couple relation. Dirty talking is perfectly healthy. Start with the words that you can say without cringing. Phone sex is the perfect opportunity to open your sexuality and explore new things together. You are providing yourself a sexual outlet, and your partner gets to listen to your erotic fantasies. Isn’t sex on the phone wonderful?

Sex On The Phone Tip #4 Visualize

Giving plenty of details will help you “live” the scene. Tell about what you are wearing or not wearing, where you are sitting, what is around you, and when you get aroused. Make things easy for your partner to visualize and to be transported in the actual moment and place where you really are. Since you will be talking on the phone, activating the hands-free feature can be of a great help, either by turning on the speaker or putting your bluetooth headset. Two free hands are always better than one when having sex on the phone!

Sex On The Phone Tip #5 Express Your Orgasms

When you are getting close to orgasm, moan louder, be extra expressive. Tell how you are feeling and that you are almost there. He can feel that too. Don’t be afraid to scream when you reach climax, it’s contagious and will give you the chance to orgasm simultaneously. If you don’t cum together, make sure you keep until your partner finally release his sexual tension. Some like to be given a go signal when they can cum. Sex on the phone is about expression yourself orally. So don’t be shy and go for it!

While at it, you can keep on teasing each other and describe how horny the conversation made you. Talk about the big mess of pussy juices all over your bed, about the sticky sperm dripping from your torso, share the details of your pleasure, and the moments you particularly liked.

Do not feel anxious about yourself when you express your sexuality to your partner. Be confident. Confidence is one of the sexiest parts of a person. Use it, maximize it. Feel sexy and you will be. Sex on the phone can definitely help you achieve this confidence, and teach you how to better communicate your needs and desires to your partner.


12 thoughts on “Sex on the Phone: 5 Essential Tips To Make It Hot!

    1. Dear Cobey,
      Both men and women can make the call of course, although most of the time men tend to take the initiative, but that’s not a rule though.
      I would say than just voice (without video) is much better, because as you rightly guess imagination can go wilder. Plus you don’t risk to face technical problems of the video stopping together with your excitement!
      Pouty Kisses


  1. Well phone sex is ok and i agree it stimulates the mind…………….but video call i way hotter because also there you build up the tension and you can not only hear the moaning but also see the way the other person cumms, which is for me a cherry on the pie

  2. It is nice to have your point of view on that Franck. Some people are more visual than others, some prefer to imagine rather than see. Both are really exciting, but they never replace the real thing!

  3. yes, phone sex can be very stimulating, and i see avideo call even more so, two can be one if there imigination can run wild.
    P.S And what ws your number.

  4. I’m currently in a long-distance relationship, and phone sex is a godsend for us! We love to have cyber sex too, but when we can’t be online at the same time, going at it over the phone is the perfect thing.

    I love hearing her pussy juices over the phone. Gets me going every time.

    1. Hello Cowboy_Witch, thanks for sharing your real life experience with us. Phone sex can really be a turn on as it lets your fantasies loose!. If you like to share some of your tips with us for a better sex on the phone, please feel free to do so here!


          1. Sure thing! I’ll work on an article and submit it after my first story’s published! 🙂

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