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Black and White – A Lush Story by Yuzar


Lush story of a naughty college student blackmailing her teacher

Alice and Alex sat across from each other, both looking at each other and devising their latest scheme for one another. As kids, they were raised by their uncle, who taught them that through charm, deceit, and force, the world was theirs. Claiming it piece by piece was their goal and they had far exceeded their late uncle’s expectations. Pride… They always held it above all else. Their parents had no such pride; always feeling ashamed of their two children for choosing to live like their notorious uncle. As a parting gift, he had left the twins his fortune and by the age of 16, both siblings had been given his house and fortune.

Amongst their peers, the twins were a thing of marvel and beauty.  Alex was barely above six feet tall, while his sister appeared petite for her figure. Alex was built like an athlete and everywhere he went, girls admired him and felt the tight grip of desire drive them to want him. Alice was a temptress made flesh, always dressing with dignity, but never shying from exposing the gift nature had given her. She stood barely taller than five feet, but she had curves that made all other girls at their school seem insignificant. Those that saw past their seemingly unnatural beauty feared them for the influence and power they had, never crossing them. Did the twins have flaws? All of humanity was flawed, but these two seemed to work around them by using the one thing they excelled at: charm.

Even their teachers found themselves looking at the twins with wanting or envious eyes. It always brought a smile to their faces knowing so many people marveled at them. The always named their schemes either Black or White. Black schemes involved causing harm to ensure the twins got their wishes fulfilled, while White schemes involved causing pleasure to achieve such goals. Which did they prefer? It depended upon the persons involved, the goal, and ultimately, their desires.

“What do you say, love? Black or White?” Alex whispered to his sister. An ever so sinister grin formed on her face as she gave their geometry teacher, Mr. Giles, a seductive glare. He pretended to ignore it, but Alice knew Mr. Giles was loving the attention. She ran a finger along her lower lip and giggled. It was a good thing for them that they sat in the back, away from their peers and Mr. Giles. Although, it was quite an amazement to them that people never nosed in the twin’s conversations.

“Mmmm… I want to show our good math teacher how well I can do a ninety-degree angle.” Alice purred. Alex chuckled and nodded knowingly.

“White it is.” He said with satisfaction. Alice looked back over at her brother and a sly grin formed on her face.

“Ms. Carmella still wants to see you after classes have ended this week, doesn’t she? I think  Friday night might be your chance.” Alex crossed his arms and nodded in agreement. Ms. Carmella had recently undergone a divorce and both twins knew it would be the ideal time to take advantage of her troubled state. Ms. Carmella was Alice’s bane; the two never got along, despite Alice’s top notch grades.

“Do you really think she’ll get off on the idea of getting revenge on you by spending some time with me?” Alex asked his sister.

“I just wanna see that bitch get played. The whole school knows she has sex with students regularly; why do you think her husband left her? I don’t care what you do to her, but seeing her get fired or even humiliated would please me.” Alex smiled and nodded. His sister was usually the one in command, but she didn’t want to impede on any of his games; she didn’t mind sharing power.

“So, my dear, what is our game plan?” Alex asked, excitement evident in his voice.

“I heard Mr. Giles has a nice swimming pool; might take a dive with him. After the fun is had, I’ll flirt with him and get him to… Let us slide along so we can get this boring class out of the way. I swear, dear brother, how did you ever manage to not understand simple geometry?” Alice giggled. Her brother shrugged and gave her a knowing look.

“Math was never my strong point, what do you want me to say?” Alice narrowed her eyes at him and shook her head in disapproval.

“At least he has some charm… I’m actually kind of excited about him.” She peered at him from the corners of her eyes and the desire to claim their teacher swam over her. Whether her brother had intentionally started messing his grades up or not, she didn’t want to squander the opportunity to have her way with Mr. Giles. It was their senior year after all.

“The bell is about to ring to release us… Hope you’re ready to work your magic.” Alex teased. Alice brushed her blond hair behind her ears and winked at Alex.

“I’m always ready. Thought you knew that?” She replied.

The bell to release the students from classes rang and Alice remained in her seat, while the rest of the students flocked to get to their rides home. Alice looked over at Mr. Giles’ desk and smiled at the unsuspecting victim of her play. Breaking hearts; Alice loved it. She wanted to get into his mind and make him want her like nothing else in the world… And ultimately deny him his wishes. One night of fun was all he was going to get from her. Alice stood up and pulled her skirt up to expose more of her thighs and slightly pulled her shirt up to expose a small portion of her pale stomach. She slowly walked towards the door of the classroom and closed it, leaving only Mr. Giles and herself in the room. When the door closed, Mr. Giles appeared nervous as he gazed at Alice. She gave him and playful smile and sat down on his desk and leaned close to him.

“Y-yes… Alice? What do you need?” She enjoyed the nervousness of the young teacher. He wasn’t muscular or athletic, but she found him quite attractive all the same. Alice lifted one foot up and kicked off her shoe and rested it on her teacher’s lap.

“I was a bit worried about my brother’s grades. I was wondering if…” She ran her foot up to Mr. Giles’ crotch and rubbed it on the bulge forming in his pants. “I could have a little talk with you about it.” She glanced up at her aghast teacher, but smiled as he seemed to enjoyed her foot massaging him.

“Yes… Of course. He’s not failing… but-” She yanked at his tie and pulled him close to her and he seemed especially taken off guard by the close proximity of her. Alice licked along his lips and stared into his eyes.

“I’ve seen the way you look at me… Don’t think I haven’t noticed.” She purred.

“I’m sorry?” She shoved him back against his chair and scoffed. She placed her hands on the arms of the chair and leaned her face close to his, trapping him.

“Don’t play stupid with me… It’s unbecoming of you. Why don’t you take me to your house and we’ll have a more… Private discussion.” She said softly, running her finger on his chest. Mr. Giles was beginning to sweat and smiled at her.

“Certainly… Just let me pack my things and we’ll uhm, head off.” Alice smiled at him and kissed his lips.

“Good boy.” She said, petting his head.

Mr. Giles took longer than Alice wanted, but before she began protesting, the anxious teacher was ready to leave. When they got in his car, Alice leaned back against the window and massaged the still present bulge with her foot. Mr. Giles began exhaling deeply and nervously as he scrambled to start his car. As they drove, Alice would occasionally making soft moaning noises as she continued to rub his crotch. She noticed that it distracted her teacher and found even more amusement in tormenting him with his own lust for her.

They arrived at the house after a short drive, albeit, what felt like a long one for Mr. Giles. As soon as they were in his house, Alice began walking around, surveying his small and cozy home. She enjoyed the smell of vanilla mixed with some kind of cherry fragrance in Mr. Giles’ home.

“So then, Mr. Giles… I heard you have a nice pool; mind if we have our discussion in it? I can see that you’re incredibly nervous about something and I’m sure a little water will relax those tense muscles.” Alice said as she  teasingly lifted her skirt up.

“Please call me Louis…” He muttered as he stared at her crotch. She took notice of this and smiled at him.

“See something you want?” She said, slightly lifting her skirt up and gesturing at him with her finger. Louis seemingly heeded her gesture and slowly walked towards her, lust filling his mind.

“Wait… I can’t do this. You’re my student and I’m nearly ten years older than you… Please, stop.” Louis said backing away from Alice.

“Oh please… Spare me your ‘saint’ charade! I’m offering you something most men will dream of having. One night with me; is that too much for you to handle? Are you not man enough to handle a woman of my quality?” Alice chided at him. He pursed his lips and let out a frustrated sigh. Yes, he wanted her and it was driving him crazy, but it went against his ethics; he was engaged to his high school sweetheart for crying out loud! How could he live with himself if he cheated on her while she was away? In his mental struggle he didn’t notice Alice had removed her shirt, exposing her bare breasts. She cupped one of the plump breasts in her hand and began licking and biting on the nipple as she stared at the wide eyed face of Louis.

“Oh my god… You’re so…” He ran a hand down his face and sighed nervously as she grinned at him. She pulled down her panties and removed the rest of her clothing, leaving her fully exposed to Louis’ lustful eyes. She crossed her arms across her breasts and started slowly walking away, rocking her hips as she rounded into the kitchen.

“I’ll be in the pool; come and join me when you… Feel like you can handle me.” She licked across her lips and winked at him one last time before exiting out the back door. For a moment, he considered calling the cops. Yes! If he reported a strange teen was naked in his pool and had tried to sexually assault him, she wouldn’t bother him ever again! Sure, she would say he gave her a ride, knowing she wanted this, but… No. His fiance would hear about this and he would have to explain all of it; it would be easier to hide it if he just played along and did what Alice wanted. He knew how she played; sex with people for personal benefits. She wanted her brother’s grades up, and in exchange, he got to have sex with her. Not just any casual sex either… He could do anything he wanted; he had no restrictions! How could he say no; she was swimming in his pool, waiting for him!

“Have a fun night with Alice, raise her brother’s grades up, never speak to her again; the end!” Louis thought to himself. The semester was only a few months from over and Alice would be graduating and there was slim to none chance he’d ever have to see her again. Perfect. Discarding his faithfulness and giving in to the lust that had been trying to drown his mind, Louis took off his clothes and walked outside to meet with the troublesome girl. When he saw her, his jaw dropped and he could scarcely believe just how sexy she was… She was sitting on the deck, her blond hair clamped down on her shoulders and back. Louis slowly strode towards her and she turned to look at him.

No, he was very average; no visible muscles, no abs, not even an indication of a six pack. Alice kept her charming smile wide, so as not to discourage her now eager prey. Despite that it was usually easy, seducing people was the fun part to her. Anything that followed usually varied, depending on how  durable her targets were. While Alice felt no room for love, she certainly welcomed any man that had confidence and the ability to back it up.

“So glad you could join me; I was getting lonely. Want to take a swim with me?” She asked in a sweet and alluring voice.

“Yes, I would love to.” He spoke softly, he actually wondered if she had even heard him. She stood up and slowly walked towards him, planting a kiss on his cheek. She looked at him for a brief moment and turned to get back into the pool. Louis watched as she bent over and hopped back into the water. He strode towards the edge of the deck and saw her gaze at him. He hopped into the pool and shivered slightly as he began adjusting to the water. Alice swam to him and pushed him gently to the edge of the pool.

“Now you’re all mine…” She purred as she stroked her hand down his cheek. He grinned at her and placed his hands down on her butt cheeks and squeezed them gently.

“So what do you want to do for your brother’s grades? How badly do you want me to help you?” He tried to keep his voice steady, but Alice could see past his facade; she was in control and she surely doubted this… Boy toy would change that. She moaned softly as he groped her butt and found her hand stroking along the shaft of his penis. She looked up at him innocently and firmly squeezed his member, causing him to stiffen up.

“I want it rough… I want you to fucking rip me apart.” She said between clenched teeth. Louis could barely believe this girl was such an animal! Part of him loved it, while another part of him was terrified of her. She was certainly manipulative, but he would assert himself in this little affair. He quickly grabbed her and shoved her to the wall of the pool, and started shoving himself into her plump round butt. Alice growled at him as he forcefully shoved it into her and began thrusting. Alice leaned back against him as he gripped the edges of the pool for leverage. He rammed into her as fiercely as he could, but Alice was only feigning most her pleasure. It was only the love she held for her brother that allowed her to accept this kind of performance. Still, it wasn’t half bad.

“How does it feel, Alice? Do you love your soft ass getting pummeled like this?” The arrogance! His tone suggested that he was doing a good job, then again it also told Alice that she could perhaps become an actress someday.

“Oh yes… I bet it feels cozy in there doesn’t it?” She teased. Hell, it wasn’t far from being blunt; she could barley feel him moving. He laughed and after a few moments, she felt him tense up and she assumed he had just ejaculated into her. The pig! He grunted a few times and withdrew his member from her butt and helped her back into the pool. She turned around and placed her hands on his shoulders and leaned against him. He eased back and they floated around, both of them gazing into each others eyes. Louis gently rubbed her back and it became apparent that he loved the feel of her butt, as his hands constantly seemed to linger there.

“So, I trust you’ll slip in a little extra credit for my dear brother?” Alice said in a pleading voice. Louis chuckled and nodded.

“After tonight? I most certainly will. Won’t you stay over night? I have a rather nice bed that I’d be more than happy to let you sleep in.” Alice half-smiled and figured it wouldn’t be too bad an idea to take him up on the offer.

“Why don’t we head there now? We can continue our fun, if you’re still up for it.” Alice said, tracing a finger on Louis’ lips. Louis grinned and they both swam to the ladder and got back onto the deck. They quickly dried off and Louis led Alice back into the house and into his bedroom. The room had paintings here and there along with some photos of what Alice assumed were friends and family. The bed was quite inviting with its well made red comforter and the size of it. Alice sat on the end of the bed as Louis tossed the decorative pillows aside and pulled back the comforter and sheets. The two slid under them and Alice situated herself on top of Louis and helped him guide his member into her throbbing wet vagina. Although Louis was a sub-par overall, Alice felt an urge to get some form of release; there would be better spoils later on in life. Besides, she did find him somewhat cute.

Alice began riding atop Louis and rocked her hips from side to side as he squeezed on her breasts. She closed her eyes and her head feel back as she began picking her pace up and going faster and harder on him. She suspected he would get off in mere moments, but she wanted her own release badly. Louis tightened his grip on her breasts to the point where it was starting to hurt. Alice didn’t mind a little pain though; it added a little to the excitement. She began swaying her hips from side to side, the pleasure sending shocks through her body that made her feel like she was in pure blissful ecstasy.

“That’s right, Alice… Ride me! Oh god, you fe-”

“Shut your fucking mouth!” She yelled over him, slapping him across the face. Louis looked at her with a dumbstruck face, but she knew all to well that he didn’t want her to stop. Still, his bravado was becoming quite annoying. He was definitely all talk; a total disappointment. It pissed her off that this guy she had longed to have her way with was a complete bitch.

“Ohhh yes… Almost there! Fuck!” Alice groaned, finally feeling the orgasm she had been anxious for. She saw Louis’ hips buck and his entire body tense up; he was having an orgasm. Alice quickly bounded off of him and rubbed his penis. He groaned loudly as he hit his climax and Alice watched as he ejaculated all over her hands. After his orgasm had seemingly ended, Alice got back onto him and forcefully shoved his penis back into her throbbing vagina.

“Yes! Yes! Almost there… Almost fucking there!!!” Alice screeched as she felt her orgasm forming. It was a feeling of pure bliss, she moaned loudly as she climaxed and dug her nails into Louis’  shoulders. He winced at the pain, but he was in awe of this woman of peerless beauty experiencing an orgasm through him. He felt a sense of pride come over him, even though she had only had sex with him for the sake of her brother. Alice weakly rocked her hips, her head swaying from side to side.

“Oh… Yea…” She moaned softly. She got off of Louis and collapsed beside him on the bed. Her entire body felt amazing, it hadn’t been her best night, but it was definitely a worthy consolation. Louis scooted close to Alice and wrapped his arms around her, pulling the bed sheets over them.

“I expect my brother’s grade to be raised by tomorrow afternoon. If it isn’t… I can guarantee you won’t like the consequences.” She spoke with a calm demeanor, but Louis saw the seriousness of her words. He had no quarrel with holding his end of the deal; so long as his fiance never found out about this.

“Did you enjoy me?” Louis asked, his ego still evident. Alice glanced over at him and all she could do was laugh.

“See you in the morning.” Alice said as she turned away from him and closed her eyes to fall asleep.


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