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Guest Author: Ren Yuzar

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Meet Ren Yuzar!

Ren Yuzar enjoys writing erotic stories, and has already published some of them: three based on a love affair between an older married woman and a high school graduate, and another one about two siblings playing a game called “Black and White”, which is how they commit schemes to get revenge or just have fun.

His other major goal is to publish a novel called Vindicator (non-erotic), on which he has worked for the past two years. He often likes to think of himself  as an amateur who is continuously improving his writing skills and is enjoying sharing his stories on different websites, and now on My Pouty Lips.

His inspirations for his novel are Stephen King, and Richelle Mead, who is well known for her “Succubus Blues” and “Vampire Academy”. As for his erotica, he mostly writes about personal fantasies and ideas that he finds arousing. While erotica is more of a hobby to him, he is serious about his novel and aspires to become a published author in the near future.

You can contact Ren Yuzar by email at [email protected] and add him on Facebook.

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