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Confessions – Day Fourteen


I pull away from his kiss and I stand up. Smiling naughtily while he watches me. I like the way his mouth opens and closes with each move I make. It makes me slimy down there. If he only knew how wet I already am, I’m sure I wouldn’t be needing to tease him! But then, I love to tease, so…

Slowly I run my hands along my sides, in a very sexy manner. Hiking my skirt a bit to expose some of the flesh of my long legs. His eyes look right there instantly, then come back to me. Cupping both my perky breasts with my small hands, I see him swallow a big gulp. I can see his bulging crotch getting bigger now. Mmmmm I so want to touch that, but a little play wont hurt much. Slowly I pull the straps of my bra. One at a time, I let them fall off my shoulders. I hear a soft sigh from him. I pull my dress off me, exposing my bra and tummy, licking my lips as I watch his mouth opening. I press my breasts together. He wants to reach for them, but I order him to remain seated. Hiking my skirt, I start to climb on his laps. I can feel his hot breath on my face as I reach nearer. I smell his masculine scent. I myself am releasing pheromones now. The room is starting to smell like sex.

He cannot wait any longer. He needs to touch me and reaches for my hands. He grips both my wrists in a tight hold. I cannot move my arms anymore and can’t do anything to prevent him to start devouring my breasts. Oh it is awesome! So hot! His mouth is burning with desire. His tongue savors my skin as he starts to lick my boobs. I know he hungers for me now. I can feel it. I try to wriggle free from his firm hold, but he doesn’t allow me the least move. I cannot help but moan. He is ravishing me with lusty greed! Ooohhhh I moan louder as he pulls off my bra with his teeth, and starts to suck my hard nipples! Fuck! I ache! “Ohhh don’t stop… hmmm don’t stop!” His free hand starts to fondle my inner thighs. So wet, I know. I feel his fingers slip in my wet lips and instantly let out a loud moan. He pulls his wet finger out and sucks it dry. Having me watching  him do it grows his appetite, and makes me even more wet. We are on fire!

Save some water for me on my next post. I will surely ignite!


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    1. A very warm welcome to you Servin9! I wish you in advance a nice juicy year for 2011, and should you want to post some of your stories as guest author, you are welcome to contact me in private!
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