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A Gifted Girl


Discover the sexy story of this gifted girl

6 am. You left early for work. You seemed to have completely forgotten what day it was. Kissed her lips and hurried off. You didn’t even had breakfast. You said you had an early meeting with your staff. She sighed. She was laying on her stomach on the bed, her white nighties crumpled on her. Her hair tousled everywhere, she felt like a horrible sight. She groaned and got up. Took a quick shower after she left the bedroom. Didn’t even took the time to fix the bed as she felt bad already.

“Sheesh! It’s Friday! And Christmas Eve! Can’t he afford to have breakfast with meat least?”

Feeling sorry, she prepared some instant coffee. Not in the mood for brewed. She took her cup and went out on the balcony overlooking the ocean. A cool breeze blew on her skin. She was only in her nighties and it sent tingles all over her body. Sipping the hot coffee helped her warm up. Rubbing her cheeks with the palms of her hands, warm from the coffee cup, she started thinking on how to make this day better.

“I’ll teach that man some manners.” she thought with a naughty grin on her lips.

She went back to the bedroom and looked for that little red-velvety dress she knew you love her wearing. Then she soaked in the tub with her favorite jasmine & rose scented bubbly bath. You loved that smell on her skin. She the lathered the same scented bath gel on, and finished with a warm rinse, making sure all parts were washed. Just in case. She giggled.


She took her time to dress up. It was only 10 am. A 30 minutes drive to your office and you would see what happen. She picked her new black lacy brassiere and a matching tiny G-string. She bought them for a special occasion, and today seemed like a perfect time. She slipped them on, walked herself to the bed, and dressed up on the little red dress. The dress was in a velvety fabric, hanging loose on her body and hips, down her knees, exposing shapely legs and calves. The tiny sleeves hanging on her shoulders revealed some fair smooth skin from shoulders to collarbones, and some chest, halting right where the cleavage starts. The long slit on the right thigh made it sultry looking; matching red high heels shoes would finish the touch. No stockings, she liked her legs natural. She would love to picture how your face would look seeing her dressed like the sexiest female Santa on earth! Grinning to herself, she put on a light makeup on her cheeks and eyes, a bright crimson red lipstick to match the dress. She brushed her wavy long hair, wearing it down. Just a tiny hairpin to hold them. Looking at the mirror: posh! She smiled.

“I’m set.”

Walking down the hallway to the entrance door, she clucked noisily with her heels. She hailed a cab, and went to surprise you with a present: herself!

As she entered your building, she felt all eyes on her. Well, she was used to being looked at, but that day felt much different, as if she was dragging all surrounding eye balls to her sexy silhouette. Swaying her hips as she walked down the office aisle, she went straight to your room. Your secretary smiled at her, and was about to push the intercom, when she stopped her, a finger on her lips:


The secretary got the message, and let her in. You were turning your back to the door, your leather office chair facing the glass walls. You were on the phone, a bit tensed it seemed. Like you were in the middle of an argument. Hmmm. She wondered if her timing was really appropriate.

She stood while closing the door, gently, but loud enough for you to hear someone came in.

Turning your big chair swiftly, you let out a “What?!”

Seeing her there, standing beside your big office couch near you made you stop.  She could see your mouth parting as you stared at her. Walking slowly towards you, in front of your table, she saw you gulp a few times.

“We’ll talk tomorrow” were your last words in the receiver before you hung up.

Placing it down without even looking, you smiled at her.

Looking sensually at you she asked,

“Do you like it?”

She walked to you and sat on your lap to give you a kiss.

“Do you remember what day is today?” she whispered as she kissed your ears and ran her hands on your chest.

“Hmmm jasmine & rose, you know how to please all my senses my hot honey!” you said on gritted teeth.

She giggled as your hands ran all over the velvet fabric she was wearing.

“So what’s today?” she asked again.

You were too busy working your lips on her neck to reply. Your big hand cupping one of her breasts, you finally replied in a low voice: “Today…  is…  baby-you-make-me-want-to-ravish-you-right-here day!”

“It’s Christmas Eve honey, did you forget?” she said, pulling your face to look at her.

“No, of course not!” you replied smacking wet kisses on her lips.

“Really? Then why didn’t you greet me this morning?” she pouted, crossing her arms.

Leaning on her, you kissed more of the exposed skin of her breasts and cleavage.
“I have a surprise for you, that’s why.” you said in between kisses on her breasts.

“Oh… Really?” she started grinning.

“Yes baby, but will have to wait till tonight. Meanwhile, why are you here at this time of the day?”

“I wanted to give you my present” she giggled.

“What?” you said with flames in your eyes.

She took your hand and slip your finger in her neckline, letting you feel the lace of her bra. Enjoying the feel of your finger. Your fingers seemed to come to life and slipped in deeper on their own will. She pulled your face and you kissed. Hot and wet in each others’ mouth. Your other hand found its way down to the thong she was wearing, exploring the slit by her thighs.

She moaned softly under your kiss, restless and warm.

“Here?” you asked.

“Yes!” she said.

You squeezed her breasts, and then her ass. She was, caressing your muscled chest, undoing your shirt, exposing that hard body of the man she loves.  She was kissing every inch of your exposed skin. Nibbling on your male nipple. You leaned on your leather chair, and she shifted position, straddling you. Each leg on your side, she ground her hips and let you feel the mounds underneath. She felt your hardness. Raking her fingers on your naked skin, she made you groan.

You took off her dress, changing it into a pool of red fabric down on the carpeted floor. She gasped. Tracing her fingers down to your pants, undoing your fly, slipping in your slacks, she set your cock free and started to play with its tip. You ripped her thong off and touched her now moistened slit. Naked on top of you, she let you explore her pussy with visible enjoyment. She arched her back, exposing her breast. Swaying on your shaft, she felt your hardness. Strong. Big. Juicy. You just couldn’t wait.

“Not yet baby” she whispered. Your shirt, all unbuttoned, was now wide opened on your male body. She pinched you nipples as she climbed down between your strong legs.

Cupping your cock in her hands; such a beautiful cock, big and hard, just for her. Kissing your dick head, she looked up at your dreamy eyes while licking you hole. Kiss-sucking your precum on her lips, smacking soundly. You gulped, feeling your throat a little bit dry. Still kissing your cock, squeezing your balls and the base of your shaft with her small hands, she felt you getting suddenly tensed. Sucking on your dick, she let you slide in deeper and deeper.  Your pulsating cock reached the back of her throat at only halfway of its length. Rubbing your tip hard on her mouth walls, she tasted more of you. Sliding you off her mouth with a loud sip. Licking her lips as she looked up at you. Your jaw tightened as you watched her.

Pulling her up to you again, you knew she was ready to be ravished. Diving your face on her ripe-creamy-breasts, she felt your tongue and mouth sucking her hard, your teeth nipping on hardened nipples. She moaned, louder than she thought. Grabbing your head, her whole body shook, your hands caressing her ass cheeks. Two fingers slipped in her slimy pussy, teasing her more. And she moaned more. You could feel hot juices flowing slowly from her. Burning your fingers as you darted them in and out of her. She was straddling you, her legs parted wide, all for you to touch her hungry cunt.

“I’m wetting your pants honey” she said in a hoarse whisper.

You didn’t care less. Fingers sliding in and out while she bit your neck wildly, licking your skin harder as your fingers touched her deeper. Her nails were digging your shoulders as she kept herself from screaming, squirming all over your laps, waving her body furiously. You hold her tight so she wouldn’t fall. Her legs were shaking, and she was letting out tiny cries of love and pleasure, writhing under your touch!

“Ooohh… Honey… Make e come now!”

Your body was shaking too. You grabbed her waist and thrust in easily, deep inside her pleasure hole, as she was so wet! She felt your cock hit her uterus. Sliding you in her wetness. Driving you in, your leather chair shook in your every move.

“Oohh… Suck on my breasts!” she ordered.

You held onto her ass as she rode you big hard cock.

“Make me scream!”

She could feel you so deep in her, yet she wanted you to reach her spot.

“Turn around, I want to fuck you from behind” you commanded her.

She obeyed, swiftly setting her feet down the carpeted office room, bending over your big office desk. You spread her legs and slid in – slowly but deeply – making her moan like a wild animal!

“Shit! Your boss will hear!”

You started to fuck her faster, your balls bouncing off her pussy. You dug every inch of your dick in her cunt, making her scream some more. You pulled her hair, slapping her ass.

“Yeah! I wanna make you scream, I don’t care if people in the office can hear how good I’m fucking you!” you told her, making her moan louder with each of your thrusts.

“You are so fucking good, you feel so good.” she heard you say hoarsely.
Squeaking sounds from every thrust. You closed your eyes, feeling her vagina embracing your hard cock. Your body quivered, your hands were all over her breasts, squeezing, rubbing. You bit her back as you felt her so tight inside. You leaned on her side and kissed her lips, so hungrily. Your hand ran down her pussy. Slipping a finger, you started to rub her clit.

You were gasping hard.  You lifted her on your table, took both legs on your shoulders, and thrust in her so deep and hard! You hit her spot instantly and she closed her eyes as she felt you grind in her.

“Come with me baby.” you told her out loud.

Kissing her passionately, she screamed in your mouth. Tasting your warm tongue as you sucked hers. Locking her legs on your back.

“I want all of you in me.  Fuck me harder!” she begged.

“Aaaahhh I’m coming!” she shouted, with her legs shaking.

She raked her fingers on your bare back bruising your skin. You let out a hard groan as you felt her hot juices flowing from her. Burning your shaft. Trickling down your thighs. She was gasping, out of breath, and shaking all over. You collapsed on her chest. She could hear you hard breathing on her breasts. Still inside her, rock hard, you hadn’t released… yet!

Restlessly, without letting her taking her breath, you laid her on your table again, getting on top of her, and starting thrusting again. She parted her legs wider so she could feel all of your cock in her, her squirm dripping on your table. You flexed your hard cock in her and release your hot cum in an amazing explosion.

“Ahhhhhh!!!!” you grunted.

And just collapsed on her. You  pulled out of her and let your juices flow out of her dripping cunt.

She quivered as she felt her gushing.

You helped her down the table, and she saw you stare at her.

“I can’t get enough of you baby” you said.

She felt your hardened cock teasing her slit. “Hmmmmm” she could hardly resist that. Just as you were ready to satisfy her one more time, you heard a timid knocking at your office door. You were about to ignore it when it happened again. And another time. Pulling up your pants, you reluctantly went to the door, and slightly opened it, letting out an unhappy “What?!”

Behind the door was your secretary, all blushed as she obviously heard all that happened in your office.

She looked at you with a shy yet admiring glance, and asked in a small voice: “Sir, may I leave now, as time is already passed and I have…”

Without even letting her finish, you told her to go home and wished her a Merry Christmas.

As she was disappearing in the lift, you heard that familiar warm sexy voice behind you asking: “Shall we go home and see what’s under the Christmas tree? I hope Santa brought me some interesting toys this year again!” she said, winking at you.

Holding her by the waist with one arm, grabbing your jacket on the hook on the way, you started walking towards the exit: “Let’s go and check this out! I am sure he didn’t forget you!”

Taking a glance over your shoulder as you were entering the lift, you noticed in what terrible mess you office was! The cleaners will probably have to stay overtime next week to fix all that! You soon wiped this thought off your mind, as more pleasures were waiting for you, underneath your illuminated tree!


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  1. really very well-written, compact and nicely detailed….rubbed my dick as i read….jerked off as the story ended…a good raunchy piece…love to read more such stuff

    1. I am happy my story had that effect on you Nirupam. Glad it gave you pleasure by reading it. Keep on reading the other stories as well for more pleasant time!


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