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Confessions – Day Thirteen


We are sitting on my couch, making out. Heavy kissing is going on. I have no intention to stop him and he apparently doesn’t want it to stop either! We are kissing deep, sucking lips, sliding tongue in one another mouth. Hhmmm… he is kissing so good! With his snaking tongue inside my mouth and mine in his, we sure can tie a cherry stem with no hands!

Speaking of hands, his hands are all over me now. He touches me here and there, and everywhere I like. He seems to instinctively know where i like to be touched, when to touch me lightly and when to press harder. Cupping my firm breast in his big hands, he makes me let out a loud sigh: “Ohhh I love it! Hmmmm”, intentionally pressing myself onto his hand. I can feel his soft squeezes. His fingers kneading my fleshy breast. One of his thumb finds a nipple. He starts flicking it while sucking my lips.

“Jerk it faster” I command. “I love the way you touch…”

As he keeps his hands busy on my chest, I find my fingers roaming along his hard body as well. But I need to touch something else harder than his pecs and abs. I lower my hands, trying to reach his waistband. Soon enough I find his crotch. I touch him right there, and he gasps under my caress. I press my hand a bit more and he lets out a moan. Hmmm he is one sensitive guy I give him a quick lip lick as I pull away from his kiss. I see his mouth then wide open, which makes me smile. I keep touching his crotch. Pressing harder this time, his legs part easily. Seeing him reacting like that makes me bite my lips. His cock is so visible now. His sweat short doesn’t hide much. And I ache to see what’s underneath. I keep biting my lips as I stare. I have to have him. I have to taste that huge bulge now! Licking my lips, our eyes meet. He throws a wolfish smile at me. Tempting me more by opening his legs wider, and thrusting his hips towards me. I giggle. Such a tease! Tease is what he wants, tease is what he will get.

I sure know how to handle that. If you want to learn how, make sure to read my next post!


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