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Confessions – Day Fifteen


Seeing him licking his fingers covered with my slimes is such a sweet torture for me. I envy his fingers, sliding in his mouth, wrapped by his tongue. I keep staring at him, noticing how much he enjoys tasting my juice. He looks back me and smiles. The kind of smile asking if I want some more. Hell yeah! I almost blurt out, but I refrain myself in biting my lips.

He runs his hands all along my exposed legs. I am already on fire. He is as horny as me, but he seems to like teasing a lot before getting into the action. A lot! As I am pressing my body closer to his, he grabs my ass with one hand, and, with his other hand, cups my wet mound. A very achy moan leaves my mouth. He knows I want more, not only because he hears it, but also because he can feel my temperature rising under the palm of his hands!

In a swift manner, he pulls me up over his body and lays me down the other side of my big couch. My head on the armrest and a leg hanging on the backrest, he opens my other leg to fully reveal my intimacy right before his eyes! I moan again as I can see the lust in his eyes.

I see him lowering his mouth on my belly. Kissing and licking me. Trailing wet lines from belly to my waistband. He spreads my legs more and starts to lick the flesh along my panties, on my inner thighs. I love the feel of his hot tongue on my skin! I so want him to lick me there. I squirm and push my hips towards his mouth, with the hope he would just devour my cunt, as I feel warm juices flowing out of it. I can’t resist anymore, and blurt out: “Oh come on! Lick my crack now!” Instantly, his tongue finds its way on my crotch. My panties don’t hide much of my pussy lips, and he definitely can smell me already. I am so fucking wet!

I feel his lips kissing my skin through my panties, meeting my wet lips with hunger. The tip of his tongue slowly slides in my slit, over the fabric. “Ooohhh yeah! Do that again!” I spread my legs more for him, and I feel his mouth clipping my juicy lips! A little push from my hips and his mouth presses on my open slit. So damn good!! I know he loves it too, because I hear him moaning, his breath sending an exciting sensation on my beaver. As he starts sucking my clit, I can’t help letting out a scream! “Fuuuuuuck!!”

Holding his head, I keep pressing it on my cunt, his open mouth on my open lips, as if I am forcing him to munch my secret garden. My panties are soaking wet now! He makes me so horny that he is waking the slut in me! This guy definitely knows how to dine at Y! A few more licks and he pulls my panties aside, and starts licking the flow of my juices down to my ass hole. Feeling his tongue on my anus sends shivers all along my spine. By the way he is licking me, I can tell without any doubt that he does enjoy my taste! He keeps on slurping all he can. He loves it. It is like he can never get enough to quench his thirst for lust!!!

His hands are getting in action now, moving towards my boobs, pinching and playing with my hard nipples. I abandon myself to him. At this very moment he could do anything to me, any thing, and I would just let him do. He got me so turned on that I suddenly feel a rush of hot gush from my crack. He is groaning  as he tries to gulp my hot flows straight from my pussy hole! “Fuck-fuck-fuck!” is all I can utter. I love what he is doing to me. But I crave for more. I feel the need surging in me. And I am going to get what I want right after my legs stop shaking!


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