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Angelicka Gets Towed, An Adult Story by Aramis


An adult story where I get abused by 2 mechanics in their garage

“And my day was going so well, too!” Angelicka thought to herself as she pressed on the brake pedal, slowing her car down with the left rear tire flapping and banging on the rim.  She glanced quickly into the rear view mirror to make sure there wasn’t anyone behind her that could rear-end her, and she saw that the road was empty.  She wasn’t surprised, since she was traveling a rural two-lane roadway out in the country and hadn’t seen another car for the past hour.  She pulled her car, a sporty red convertible with a white leather interior, off the road and onto the shoulder, turning off the engine and then turning on her emergency flashers.  Then she reached into her small purse – she never carried a big one like some of the other girls did – and retrieved her cell phone.

“Thank God for smart phones!” she thought to herself as she opened the navigation program that came with the phone.

After a few seconds the program had pinpointed her location using the GPS device also installed on the phone, and then she did a search for auto repair locations.  She was relieved to see that there was a service station about five miles away on the road she was on that could fix her tire, but she knew she’d never make it that far on the flat.  She then called the service station to ask about a tow.  The phone rang several times before someone answered.

“Bob’s Service Station, this is Earl,” a male voice said.

“Hi, my name’s Angelicka, and I have a flat tire.  Do you have a tow truck that can come help me?” she asked.

“Sure thing, missy, just tell me where you are, and me ‘n old Bob will be there in no time!” the male voice replied.

“The GPS on my cell phone tells me that I’m about five miles south of you on State Road 23,” Angelicka said.

“OK, missy, you just hang tight, we’re on our way!” Earl said, then hung up.

Relieved that help was on the way, Angelicka got out of her car to stretch her legs.  It was a bright sunny day, not a cloud in the sky, and she thought to herself that it could always be worse, it could always be raining.  She stopped by the side of her car and raised her hands above her head, clasping them together and stretching the kinks out of her arms, back and legs.  It felt good to stretch, and the warm sun on her body felt better.

She was wearing what she called her ‘come fuck me!’ outfit – a white cotton tube top and a pair of very short, skintight black nylon shorts that accentuated her long, dark hair and firm body.  The shorts sat very low on her hips and hugged her firm, rounded ass like a second skin, and beneath the shorts she wore a thong so as to not have any panty lines showing.  The tube top was just big enough to cover her full, pear-shaped breasts but small enough so that if she moved wrong, her breasts would pop out.  And as she stretched her hands up above her head, they did just that.

“Whoops!” she said out loud, quickly glancing around to see if anyone had seen her top slip off.  There was no one in sight, and she laughed to herself as she pulled her top back up.

“I bet ol’ Bob would have loved to have seen that!” she said out loud, laughing again.

A few minutes later she was leaning against the front of her car when she saw the tow truck coming down the road.  The driver went past her and then crossed over to her side of the road, backing the truck up to the rear of her car.  She walked along the side of her car and stopped next to the rear bumper as the truck backed up, warning horn beeping.  The truck stopped, the doors of the truck both opened up and two men then got out, and Angelicka immediately felt her nipples harden beneath the cotton fabric of her tube top.

Instead of the old, no-toothed, overall-clad hillbillys she was expecting, the two men were young and muscular, both wearing dark blue work pants and dark blue short sleeve work shirts.  One had dark hair and the other was blonde, and they both looked like they could lift her car up without the help of the tow truck.  Angelicka immediately felt her pussy start to get wet.  The two men caught sight of her, exchanged glances with each other, and then walked over to her.  The dark haired man spoke first.

“Hi, missy, I’m Earl, and this here’s Bob,” he said, jerking his thumb at the blond standing next to him.  “You the one I talked to on the phone?”

“Yes, I’m Angelicka, with a “K”,” she said, smiling.  “Thank you so much for coming to help me!”

“No problem, missy, no problem at all!” Earl said as Bob walked over to look at the tire.  He took one look down at the shredded tire and spoke.

“Not gonna be able to do this here, Earl,” he said, walking back to where they stood.  “Tire’s shredded all to hell, and I’m betting that this car doesn’t have a full-sized spare but one of those little bitty things that aren’t worth a shit on the highway.”

He looked at Angelicka as he continued.  “How ‘bout it, missy, do you know what kind of spare you have in your trunk?”

“Yes, it’s one of those little bitty things that aren’t worth a shit on the highway,” she said, smiling at him.  The two men laughed loudly, and she laughed along with them.  Earl smacked Bob on his chest with the back of his hand as he spoke.

“Damn, Bob, she got you good!  This one’s got spunk!” he said.  Then he turned back to Angelicka and said, “We can put that little bitty thing on for you, but it won’t last you long out here.  You have to replace the tire anyways, so I recommend that you let us tow you back to the station and put a full-size tire on it instead.”

“Yes, let’s do that,” Angelicka said, “since as you said, I have to replace the tire anyway.”

“Okay, then, let’s git ‘er done!” Earl said, and Angelicka watched as the two men hooked her car up to the truck.

A few minutes later the car was hooked up and they were on their way back to the service station, Angelicka sitting on the bench seat of the truck between the two big men.  It was a snug fit with the three of them in the cab, and the feel of their firm thighs against hers and their hips touching hers was making Angelicka tingle from the tips of her toes to the tips of her nipples, which at the moment were rock-hard and standing out for all to see.  And secretly, she hoped the two men did see, just as she hoped Bob had gotten a really good look at her ass when she climbed into the truck before he did.

He had, and Earl had also gotten a good look at her cleavage as well.  The bouncing of the truck along the rural road made her breasts bounce in her tube top, and both men noticed it.  Angelicka stole a glance at each man’s lap and noticed that both of them had bulges there, and that made her pussy even wetter and her nipples stand out even more.

It was a short but intense ride to the service station, and after they arrived Bob got out of the truck and helped Angelicka out as well.  He got the same good look at her cleavage as Earl had when she got in, and Earl was treated to a view of her backside like Bob had gotten.

“You go on into the office there and get yourself a cold drink out of the cooler,” Bob said, motioning to the glass-walled station office, “while me and Earl get your car off of the hook and into the bay so we can get that tire changed for you.”

“Thank you, I will,” Angelicka replied, running the back of her hand across her forehead.  “It is hot out here!”

“Yeah, missy, it surely is hot!” Bob said, smiling at her.

Both men watched her tight ass wiggle in her skin-tight shorts as she walked to the office, her dark flowing hair waving in the breeze as she walked.  Angelicka could feel their eyes on her, and gave her walk a little extra twitch just for them.

The air inside the office was cool, and Angelicka got a drink from the cooler in the corner and then sat down, watching the two hunks work as they got her car down off the tow truck lift and then pushed it into the bay.  She heard herself gasp as she saw the muscles in the men’s arms bulging as they worked, and she felt her pussy tingling more with each passing minute.  She lost track of time as she watched the men work, laughing and joking with each other as they did.  She also saw that each of them would glance over to steal a look at her as they worked, and this excited her more.  She almost didn’t notice it when Earl stood up and waved her over to the bay where her car was.  Both men were standing on the side of the car where the flat tire had been as she came out of the office side door and walked into the bay.  The bay was dim, lit by some weak overhead lights but mostly by daylight coming in through the big open bay door.  She could see an occasional car passing by on the road out front.

“All done, missy!” Bob said, motioning down to the tire.

He was standing near the rear bumper of the car with Earl standing next to the passenger door, wiping his hands clean with a red shop rag, and she walked around Earl to see the new tire.

“Excellent!” she said, looking down at the new tire and then up at Bob.  “Thank you both so much!  How much do I owe you?” she asked.

“Well, missy, that all depends,” Bob said, taking a step towards her, wiping his hands on a shop rag as well.

Intimidated and surprised, Angelicka took a step backwards – and bumped into Earl, who was standing close behind her.  She could feel the hard lump of his cock against her lower back in the brief moment they made contact before she took a half-step forward, nearly bumping into Bob who was now standing close to her – very close.

“Depends?” she said, glancing over her shoulder at Earl who was now standing so close to her that she could lightly feel his hardness against her back again.  “Depends on what?” she asked, looking up at Bob, who was so close to her that her hard nipples were nearly touching his shirt.

“On what happens next, missy,” Earl said from behind her.  Before she could turn she felt his strong hands wrap around her upper arms, gripping them tightly.  She gasped at his touch, and felt her pussy flood.

“Let’s see what she looks like under that top, Earl!” Bob said, reaching for her tube top.

Angelicka was held fast in Earl’s strong grip as Bob pulled her tube top down with both hands, revealing her full breasts and hard nipples.  Angelicka was breathing hard by now, both from fear and excitement, but mostly from excitement.

“Damned if that ain’t the finest set of titties I’ve seen in a long time!” Bob said, reaching out and gently caressing her tits with both hands.

Her mouth fell open and she gasped slightly at his touch, then gasped again as he tweaked and pulled on both nipples at once, lifting her breasts by the nipples. She moaned slightly as he let go and her breasts fell, then fell back against Earl.  Earl felt her relax in his grip.

“Damn, Bob, I think we got ourselves a live one here!” Earl said, pulling her back against him and pressing his hardness against her.  She pushed her hips back against him, letting her head fall back against his upper chest as Bob continued to squeeze her breasts and tug on her nipples.  Earl released his grip on one of her arms and slid his hand down her side and across her flat stomach, then lower to her mound.  He cupped her mound in his hand and squeezed, feeling the heat emanating from her pussy through the nylon shorts.  He also felt her wetness seeping through, and she moaned as he rubbed her mound with the palm of his hand.

“She’s wet already, ain’t she, Earl?” Bob asked, his hands full of Angelicka’s tits.

“She sure as hell is!” Earl replied.

“See?  I told you she was a hot one!” Bob said, grinning at Earl.

“She surely is, I’ll grant you that,” Earl said, sliding his other hand down Angelicka’s stomach to her pussy, grabbing her there with both hands and pulling her against him.  She felt the hard tube of his cock pressing against her, and she knew there would be no stopping these men until they were finished with her.  But she didn’t care; the fire within her was lit now and burning brightly, and she wanted to be taken by these two men and used as their own personal fuck toy, right then and there.  She reached behind her and grabbed Earl’s hard shaft, squeezing it through his pants.   She reached out and placed her palm on Bob’s crotch, discovering that he was hard as a rock as well.  He moved in closer to her and she rubbed his hard shaft with the palm of her hand, squeezing it as well.  Bob lowered his head down to her breast and sucked the hard nipple into his mouth just as Earl slid his hand down the front of her shorts, sliding his fingers across her wet slit, over her clit and into her tight tunnel.  She gasped at the sensations, grabbing each man’s cock hard in response.  She felt Earl press against her hand as he fingered her, and squeezed his cock in response.

Bob released her nipple from his lips and stood up, smiling at her at her as he said, “Time for you to see what I’ve got for you, missy!”

Then he pulled down his zipper and pulled out his cock.  It was big and hard, one of the biggest Angelicka had ever seen, and it was throbbing with the blood pulsing through it.  She reached out and wrapped her fingers around it, and they barely closed around his thickness.  She pulled on it while squeezing, and a large drop of precum appeared at the tip.  Instinctively, she bent down and licked the precum from his cock, then wrapped her soft, full, pouty lips around the head and began sucking on him.  She braced herself with her hands on Bob’s hips as she was bent over working on him.

“Oh, yeah, baby, that’s it, that’s it!” Bob said, watching her slowly gobble up his cock in her wet, sucking mouth.  “Suck that cock, suck it all the way down!”

He put his hand on the back of her head and held it there, not pressing on her head but just holding his hand there, feeling her head go up and down while she worked at getting more and more of his cock into her wet, eager mouth.

“Is she good, Bob?” Earl asked, running his hands over the firm, rounded globes of Angelicka’s ass while she was bent over sucking on Bob.

“Oh, yeah, she’s good!” Bob replied.  “Got a mouth like a vacuum cleaner!”

He leaned forward and reached beneath Angelicka, grabbing one of her breasts and pulling on it while she sucked on his cock.  She moaned as he tweaked her nipple between his fingers, sliding her mouth further down his shaft.

“Let’s see just what we got here!” Earl said, stepping back from Angelicka.  He slipped his fingers beneath the waistband of her nylon shorts and slid both her shorts and her thong down over her ass and down her legs, dropping them to the floor.  She stepped out of them and spread her feet apart, giving Earl a clear view of her tight, rounded ass and her smoothly shaven pussy.
“Damnation!” Earl said, reaching out and sliding his hand across her ass and then down under to her slit.

He slid a finger between her smooth, wet lips and across her clit, making her jump and chirp around Bob’s cock in her mouth.  Then he slid his finger inside her wet tunnel, feeling her clamp down around it.  He slipped another finger inside her tunnel and drove them in deep, then began sliding them in and out of her tunnel.  She moaned around Bob’s cock as he did this, and clamped down on his fingers again.  After finger-fucking her for several moments, he slipped his fingers out and pulled down his own zipper, pulling his rock-hard cock out of his pants.

“Now it’s my turn, missy,” he said, moving into position behind her.  She felt him place the head of his cock against her sopping wet slit and rub it up and down, coating it with her slickness.  She hadn’t seen what his cock looked like, but the head felt huge against her outer lips.  After rubbing it up and down her slit a few times he placed the head against her opening and held it there.  She felt his hands on her hips as he gripped them firmly in his hands, then she felt his cock pressing against her opening and stretching it as he pushed his cock into her.  She moaned loudly around Bob’s cock as the head of Earl’s big cock penetrated her, stretching her opening until the head slipped inside.  She moaned again as Earl pushed forward, driving his cock deep into her with one long, firm, slow stroke.  She gripped Bob’s hips tightly with her hands as Earl’s monster cock invaded her tight, wet pussy, stretching it further than she’d ever felt before.  Just as she was going to lift her mouth from Bob’s cock and scream with pleasure, Bob put his hands on the back of her head and held her there as if he knew what she was about to do.  So she screamed as much as she could with Bob’s cock in her mouth, the scream being muffled as Bob started to thrust in and out of her mouth.  She felt Earl’s cock fill her completely and nudge against her cervix, and she moaned loudly with the pleasure of it all.

“Damn, Bob, this girl is tight!” Earl said, gripping Angelicka by the hips and holding her against him as he felt her pussy adjusting to his length buried inside her.

“Yeah, well, just be careful you don’t make her bite my dick off!” Bob replied.

“I’ll take it slow and easy until you’re done, and then I’ll let her have it!” Earl said.

Then he began sliding his thick, long cock in and out of Angelicka in slow, deep, firm strokes.  Angelicka felt her pussy loosen up a little with each stroke, adjusting to the huge cock inside her, and she began sucking hard on Bob’s cock while Earl fucked her from behind.  She could feel her own orgasm starting to build, so she just let herself go and went with what was happening.  Between the hard cock sliding in and out of her mouth and the bigger one slowly sliding in and out of her pussy, it wasn’t long before she was on the verge of cumming.  Then Earl reached down beneath her and rubbed a finger over her hard clit, and that was it.  She exploded in orgasm, moaning loudly around Bob’s cock as her pussy clamped down on Earl’s cock as the waves of pleasure washed over and shook her body.  She slammed back against Earl, driving his hard cock deeper inside her, and this set off another smaller, yet equally intense orgasm.  She gripped Bob’s hips hard with her hands as she came, grinding her hips around on Earl’s cock as her inner muscles fluttered around it.  When she finally stopped cumming she was nearly breathless, gasping for air around Bob’s shaft.  After letting her catch her breath for a few moments, Bob placed his hand on the back of her head and pushed downward gently, and his message was loud and clear.

Now that she had cum, she wanted to make the two men cum just as hard with Bob being first.  She swirled her tongue over and around Bob’s cock as she sucked on him, urging him to cum in her mouth.  She was able to take nearly all of his cock into her mouth, sucking on him hard as he gripped her head in his hands.  Earl was very slowly sliding his big cock in and out of her pussy, penetrating deep with each forward thrust, gripping her hips tightly in his hands as he slowly fucked her.  She worked harder on Bob’s cock, taking it into her wet, sucking mouth as deeply as possible, urging him to orgasm.  She sucked him harder when she heard him moan.

“Hang on, missy, here it comes!” he said, and she felt his cock widen in her mouth.

He gripped her head harder and moved her mouth up and down on his cock faster, and then he groaned loudly as his cock exploded in Angelicka’s mouth.  She felt his cock bucking and pumping in her mouth, shooting stream after stream of hot, thick cum into her mouth and down her throat.  She swallowed quickly, then swallowed again trying to keep up with the jumping, spurting cock between her lips, but Bob was cumming so hard and so much that she couldn’t keep up.  The cum filled her mouth and then overflowed, spilling from her mouth and running down her chin, then dropping to the floor.  Five, six, seven times Bob’s cock throbbed in her mouth, shooting stream after stream of cum into her waiting, sucking mouth.  She kept swallowing, feeling the head of his cock at the back of her throat, and finally the spasms stopped and the last feeble spurt of cum landed on her tongue.  She swallowed the last of it and then slowly slipped her mouth from his softening cock, sucking hard on the way up and releasing the head from her mouth with a soft ‘pop.’

Before she could do anything else, Earl picked her up by the waist and swiveled to the right, tossing her roughly across the fender of her car.  His cock slipped out of her along the way, and Earl grabbed her by the hips and pulled her back towards him, her arms splayed out in front of her on the hood of the car.  She felt him move in between her legs and spread her legs apart by pushing his feet against hers, then she felt his hand on her back holding her down while he moved his cock into position to re-enter her.

“Now it’s my turn, missy!” he said, placing the head of his cock against her opening.  Then he shoved his cock deep inside her with one hard thrust, and she lifted her head and cried out at the suddenness of it.  Earl grabbed her by the hips and began thrusting his big, thick cock in and out of her in long, hard, deep strokes, hitting bottom and nudging her cervix with each thrust.  He wasn’t thrusting all that fast but he was thrusting hard, and Angelicka felt each thrust all the way down to her toes.  He gripped her hard by the hips and pulled her back against him as he thrust, and Angelicka lifted her upper body from the car with her hands and tried to steady herself.  Her hair was flying, her breasts bouncing and swaying with the force of his thrusts, and she was moaning out loud in time to his thrusts.

“OH… OH… AHH… AAGH… UMMM… YES… YESS… FUCK… ME… FUCK… ME… HARD… HARD!!” she gasped at each thrust, Earl’s huge cock filling her again and again.

Earl looked down and saw the cheeks of her ass rippling with each thrust, and this made his thrust harder and faster.  Angelicka fell down to her elbows as Earl fucked her harder and faster, pistoning his telephone pole cock in and out of her sopping wet pussy.  Earl reached out and tangled his hand in her hair, then pulled back and lifted her head up as he stroked her pussy.

“Get ready, missy,” Earl said between thrusts, “because here I cum!”

Earl began pumping in and out of her faster, and then Angelica felt his cock widen inside her pussy.  With a mighty shove forward and a loud cry, Earl’s orgasm hit and his cock erupted inside her pussy.  Angelicka felt it throbbing and pulsing inside her tunnel as it shot stream after stream of cum deep inside her, and she clamped her inner muscles down around the pulsing, throbbing tube in an effort to make him cum harder.  She felt the cum hitting her cervix and filling her up, Earl still thrusting as his cock spurted again and again deep inside her wet, clutching pussy.  This triggered her own orgasm which hit hard and fast, and it was all she could do to hang on while her cumming shook her body as he fucked her.  His cock pumped again and again, and Angelicka thought he’d never stop cumming.  As her own orgasm slowed she felt her pussy fill up and his cum start to overflow out of her, pooling on the fender of her car and then sliding down the side.  And still his cock continued to pump inside her!  She had never felt a man cum so long, so hard, and shoot so much cum!

Finally she felt Earl push forward one last time, holding his cock in place while the last spasms ran through it and the last jet of cum spit out of his cock and into her flooded pussy.  She collapsed forward onto the fender of her car, gasping and panting for breath as Earl fell forward on top of her, his monster cock still embedded inside her but slowly starting to soften.  After a few moments she felt him lift himself up off of her and step back, his cock slipping out of her and releasing a flood of cum.

“Damn, Earl, you done killed her!” she heard Bob say from her left.

She turned her head and saw him standing off to the side, a smile on his face.

“You done fucked her to death!”

“Nah, I got a feeling that it’d take a hell of a lot more than that to get the best of this little girl, right, missy?” Earl said from behind her.

“Right,” Angelicka said in a small voice as she lifted herself up from the fender of her car and stood, pausing for a moment with her hands on the fender as she worked the kinks out of her back.  “But I have to admit, it was a damned good try!” she said, looking at Earl and smiling.

Earl had put himself back together by that time, as had Bob.  That was the thing about guys, Angelicka thought, it was always so easy for them to compose themselves afterward!  All they had to do was tuck and zip and that was it, but as for the woman… well, not so easy.  And right now it was Angelicka’s turn to put herself back together.

“Bathroom’s through the office in the back, missy,” Bob said as if reading her thoughts.  “There’s a stack of clean washcloths in the cabinet to the side of the toilet.”

“Thank you,” Angelicka said, bending down to retrieve her shorts and thong from the floor.  She didn’t even bother to pull up her tube top as she walked out of the service bay, staggering for the first few paces, and into the office, then on to the bathroom.
When she emerged from the bathroom ten minutes later and looking almost as if nothing had happened, her car was out of the service bay and was parked in front of the service station, all evidence on the hood and side of the car cleaned away.  Bob and Earl were sitting in the office, one behind the desk and the other in a chair off to the side, and they both stood up as she came in.

“Well, as I said before all of the festivities started, how much do I owe you?” Angelicka asked.

“For what, missy?” Earl said, smiling.  Angelicka was a bit confused as she replied.

“For the tow and the tire, of course!” she replied, looking from man to man.  Both were smiling.

“What tow, missy?” Bob said.

“What tire, missy?” Earl said.

Angelicka smiled at each of the two men as it dawned on her.  She walked over to each one and kissed each on the lips, softly and quickly, then walked to the door, stopping and turning with her hand on the knob.

“You two are sweet!” she said.  “Thank you so much… for everything!”

“Thank you, too, missy,” Earl said.  “And if you ever get by this way again…”

“I’ll be sure to stop by and say ‘hello!’” Angelicka said, finishing the sentence for him.

She flashed them both a quick smile and then opened the door, left the station, got in her car, and drove off down the road she had been traveling.

She was smiling all the way home.


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  1. A very special thank you to Aramis, who contacted me a few weeks back saying he would love to write a story about me. And here we go today! After asking me some questions, sometimes very personal and intimate, Aramis came with this very exciting story that materializes one of my fantasies.
    Thanks for this beautiful present!

  2. Angelika, I thank you for inspiring Aramis to write such a wonderful tale. He has long been a writer with well thought and well devised stories, you seem to have been captured well….from what I can tell. Thanks again.

  3. Damn that was a great tale, it make me drip my pants for all read history, that’s in wonderful cum after finish reading… that’s for ya shi doshi.. luv ya

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