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Confessions – Day Twenty One


8:00 am – Sitting at Starbuck’s in Central World Mall.

It’s Valentine’s!!! Red hearts are around me, everywhere! The whole city is breathing love. I have to do some serious thinking though. May be writing it down here in my diary will help me find the solution.

Jake (my last movie date), in his very specific style, texted me he would come to pick me up today at 7 pm for an amazing surprise. The text is so totally confident that it is not even giving me the choice! On top of that, he is out in the countryside with cell reception (unless he climbs on top of the nearest hill, so he says!), and I didn’t manage to reach him since yesterday!

Tony (my hot jogging neighbour) slipped a letter under my door last night. He is saying that he booked a table for two in Le Beaulieu, that chic and fancy restaurant that I particularly like. He also mentioned that, before we head for dinner, he would bring the champagne to my loft at.. 7 pm! And of course he is gone diving all day, so impossible to reach him as well!

So big dilemma. What to do? Impossible to reach any of them. They are both planning to come to my place at the same time. And of course Jake doesn’t know about Tony, and vice versa!

Think, think, think Angelicka! Think!

01:31 pm – In the taxi on the way to the office

I have just finished my frantic shopping therapy. My best catch of the day was this cute little checkered skirt that I spotted right away in the window of Mango. It was love at first sight, and I felt the urge to try it on.
Jessica, the sweet little sales girl there, instantly noticed the shine in my eyes, and handed me my size without even me asking for it! She starts to know me by now! She preceded me to the back of the shop, towards the fitting rooms. As usual, she helped me out with the fitting. She seems to take a particular pleasure to help me remove my clothes; she is always taking her time for assisting me in my undressing and dressing, and I feel there is an unusual amount of skin contact every time. I wonder if she is lesbian really! Today, when Jessica helped me removed my shorts, she couldn’t stop complimenting me on how my G-string is hot, even feeling the silky fabric with the tip of her fingers. And she kept on an on, saying that my round butt is a pure tease, especially with that checkered school-like skirt on, asking me if i was waxing or using hair removal cream, questioning me how I get that amazing creamy tone for my skin…
I bathed in her attention and compliments while admiring in the mirror that perfectly fitted skirt on my hips. She did really turn me on at some point, but I wiped the idea of my head, having lot on my plate already. But I am taking good note of it for the near future. Anyway, I promised her to take her with me to the beauty parlor for my next Brazilian waxing.

To cut it short, I left a fortune at Victoria’s Secret and Mango this morning, but it helped me see things a bit clearer. I finally narrowed the whole problem down to a few options:

1) I play chicken-shit and take a week vacation in Barbados without telling anyone.

2) Ask a girl friend to join me, and play it ambiguous with the two guys.

3) Tell my dad to come over and open the door for me when they come (that would be so mean!).

4) Double date them together??

No time to decide now! I have to show my face at the office as a few important clients are coming in the afternoon to negotiate new contracts, and the taxi almost reached. Better switch to work mode ASAP!

5:02 pm – In the now empty meeting room.

That was a tough deal! It went on for much longer than expected! These clients exhausted me with their continuous pressure to get more for less, but they finally signed! Yippee! Now I don’t have much time left to get dressed for tonight, and more importantly to make up my mind with what to do! The wise solution would be to just vanish, but I am in a playful mode today. And it’s the day of Love. So let’s play it naughty! I will call Lucy in minute and ask her to join me tonight! That’s it. I made up my min. I think that’s the best idea ever! I will introduce her to the guys as my formal lover. I love that idea! I can’t wait to see the face of my two stallions when they will see me with her, and see each others as well!

5:23 pm

Girl that’s my day! Lucy is just so hot about my little plan! Her actual boyfriend is on a business trip in Los Angeles for another week or so, and she had no plan for tonight.That’s just great! Plus she will be able to welcome the guys in my house while I finish preparing myself, because I am running awfully late now! Time to go back home! I probably won’t have time to write more today, as my Machiavellian plan is promising to keep me quite busy tonight!

Bye for now, my favorite diary!


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