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13 Ways To Know If Your Partner Is Cheating

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Spot a cheating guy (or girl) in no time

I was cheated once by my ex boyfriend (he is my ex since then!). I was smart enough at that time to have bought myself one of these software that track mobile phones. I was suspicious already because of different signs that made me curious, and i was sensing there was some cheating in the air. So here is the list of what should ring the alarm bell (this applies to both male and female partners, with some signs more for the ones than for the others).

Cheat Tip #1

Your partner shows a sudden interest in a new kind of music, in new sex positions, more porn, etc

Cheat Tip #2

Your partner’s colleagues and friends don’t seem to feel comfortable when you are around.

Cheat Tip #3

Your partner suddenly takes extra care of his/her appearance.

Cheat Tip #4

Your partner spends a lot of time in front of the computer while you are sleeping.

Cheat Tip #5

Take the toilet bowl seat test: men never put it back down, women never put it up! Mind you, it could also be a same-sex relation, in which case the seat test fails!

Cheat Tip #6

You get calls where the caller hangs up when hearing your voice.

Cheat Tip #7

Your partners carries condoms out of the home.

Cheat Tip #8

You can’t even get your partner to fight with you anymore.

Cheat Tip #9

You find cum stains on your partner’s underwear.

Cheat Tip #10

The list of incoming phone calls on your partner’s mobile is empty.

Cheat Tip #11

Your partner goes straight to the shower when reaching home.

Cheat Tip #12

Your partner’s genitals smell/taste different.

Cheat Tip #13

The passenger’s seat of the car is found repetitively in an unusual position.

That day he told me a series of events that didn’t really match together. So when he went for his supposedly late work meeting at the office, I tracked him down. And located him in another part of the town! I got there with the tracking device. I knew the building because we went there a few times to attend to parties organized by one of his female colleague (married). I gave 50$ to the security guard to let me in, pretending I wanted to make a surprise to my “friend” (that bitch!). When I got to her floor and reached her apartment door, it was not even locked! The lusty bastard was probably too much in a rush to get laid to lock it behind him! I went inside, my iPhone in hand filming the whole stuff, and broke into the bedroom. She was kneeling in front of him, giving him head. He was just about to release his load in her mouth, but when I came in he suddenly turned and ejaculated all over the place! They were quite surprised indeed, and I caught it all on cam hahahaha!

Needless to say that he never saw me again after that day, despite the Gucci bag he sent me, a few pairs of shoes, bunches of roses, and even a nice emerald necklace. I sold them all on eBay (except for the roses).

If you suspect your man to cheat on you, just be confident. Don’t think too much. Act! Take things in hand. If you are interested in this tracking software, you can always check it out here (and the funny thing is I bought it with his credit card at that time hahahaha! Bitchy? Me?).  I highly recommend it as it worked wonders for me. Go to the “crime scene”, make them understand that you are not a fool, and just turn the page. You will probably get some nice presents too, but don’t fall for that! You deserve them.

I don’t regret it after all, it was an intense thrill, I played the private investigator,

Have you ever been cheated? How did you find out? What happened then? Please let us all know about it in the comments below!


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