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Woman-On-Top Positions: Discover My Favorites!

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My favorite Woman-On-Top Positions

Many of you asked me very intimate questions, and one that keeps coming back is to know what is my favorite position. Most of the time I like to be in control and I do enjoy the fact that i can go get my pleasure how I want it and when I want it. Top positions I prefer for the most intense orgasm are mainly involving me being on top! Read further and discover my favs woman-on-top positions and how I like to do it in order to reach the most intense climax!

Sex Position #1 The Andromaque

In this woman-on top position, the woman sits with her legs on each sides of the man, and she rides him like she would ride a stallion, except that this one has a jut on the saddle! This gives the woman full control on the depth of penetration, on the rhythm, and on the angle of the pumping motions. That’s a great position if you have a lazy boyfriend, or if like me you just want to enjoy yourself the way you like it on your partner’s hard cock!

the cowgirl
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Sex Position #2 The Stars

This woman-on-top position combines control with much body contact. A lot of skin to skin makes it feel quite romantic. It is quite a tease for the guy who happens to be in sandwich between his girl and the bed (or the carpet, the grass or whatever he is laying on!) and only has to let it happen. He can stimulate her clit or her breasts with his hands to add some spice. I really like this one because it gives a feel of total freedom, and transforms my partner into a romantic sex object! I can move and rub myself on his hot body, and take my vaginal or anal pleasure the way I enjoy it most!

lay on top
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Sex Position #3 The Horsewoman

That’s a very horny woman-on-top position indeed! For him it is just pure pleasure! A very relaxing position, with full view on her moon, as if her little tiny hole was starring back at him, and a tight grip of her vagina on his cock, almost like having a virgin girlfriend! For the girl, she can enjoy deep sensation, again with total control, as well as the exciting view of his cock penetrating her pussy. I do love watching it coming in and out me, and I must confess that one of my pleasures is to play with his balls when I ride him that way!

reverse cow girl
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Sex Position #4 The Coach

Here the girl is facing the man, sitting on his laps (well on his cock really!), with her legs wrapped around his waist. He can enjoy holding her in a tight embrace and quenching his thirst of lust by feeding from her breasts. This position allow him a better control of his ejaculation and a nice sensation around his dick. The girl can can bounce and impale herself on him as deep as she wants. They can both thrust in unison to create a banging sensation and a very extreme feeling! Hot! I had my most intense orgasms in that position, up to the point that i fainted quite a few times with pleasure! A must!

tight embrace
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Sex Position #5 The Empress

This woman-on-top position is extremely erotic, not to say pornographic! She is sitting on top of him, facing him with her legs wide open, offering him a perfect view on her hungry beaver and bouncy breasts. He can easily see his cock digging her pussy, and get turned on more and more by the view. He can play with her clit and labia to enhance her sensations. If you own sex toys, it is time to use them in this position: a vibrator on her clit will definitely take her to new heights! I love the feeling this position gives, not only on the physical point of view, but also as it boosts my fantasies and titillates my exhibitionist side!

open butterfly
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So what are you waiting for? Try them now and leave me some nice comments on which woman-on-top positions you liked best!


13 thoughts on “Woman-On-Top Positions: Discover My Favorites!

  1. Oh my God … I *love* positions where the woman is on top! Not because I’m lazy, but because a) I love breasts, and just about every position with the woman on top gives me great visual and hands-on access to those firm mounds, and b) visuals *really* turn me on, and seeing a pair of breasts bouncing inches from my face, or watching my length slip in and out of a girl … I can think of few things better sexually!

    Great read — gave me a few ideas for a couple articles. I’ll share them on Facebook!

      1. I love doggy. He drives him in deep and can thrust as much as he likes. I can push my hips back, or if his hammering is too strong can go forward with every thrust. He grabs my tits and massages them, Best is parallel to a big mirror where I can see us from the side.

          1. and it stimulates the G spot quite strongly if the guy knows his thing, but my favourite is still the Coach as it gives the most intense orgasms.

        1. yes looking at it in the mirror while doing it is a real turn on! I sometimes turn on the cam too and we watch it together afterwards, that’s real hot!

  2. I like the coach and the empress best. The coach lets me pleaseure her with my hands and mouth while she can control the rythem and depth, I like the empress for some of the same reasons but lets me see that awsome body while masaging her clit, both give mind blowing orgasms.

  3. I love the coach, as well i can get all or as much of my cock in her as she wants, i can suck a breast, or a pasionate kiss and still tease her anal hole with a finger, Orgasms are out of sit and the amount of stimulation by each partner can allo us to orgasm together. Angelicka, you have such a talent for wrighting and for usefull information for both men and women. Keep up the good work and i will continue to read, I love your mysterious feature, it is if you can be anyone and everyone while i read. Love to see that lovely body in action. Thanks keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Donaldraie, thank you so much for your nice encouragements! I am so happy that you like reading me! The coach is definitely one my my top favourite position! It is mind blowing!

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