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Confessions – Day Eighteen


I am standing before my closet now, staring at my wardrobe. I need something nice and cool to wear on this movie date. Not that I need to impress my “date” but rather I want to have fun tonight. I pick the black tube top and my little black ruffled skirt. Yeah that will do. I just need to find my strappy high heels to match the clothes.

“Ah! Here they are!”

My phone rings; it’s my girlfriend.

“Yes, sweetie, I am getting ready.” I am answering her. “And no he is not in here. Let me finish so I can meet you there. Ok then, fine. What? You gotta be kidding me!! You’ve got to be realistic darling. Talk soon.”

Ten minutes? She wants me to be ready in ten minutes! That would be a historical record for me. Only shower takes me at least twenty minutes! Off I go and head to the bathroom. Good thing I already had my hair ready earlier. I am wearing it down tonight since I am wearing a tube top.

till in my bathrobe, I hear a loud knocking at my door. Peeking through the peephole. I see him, Mr. Fresh! Oh, I mean Jake. He sure looks fresh alright. But I am not yet ready!

“Hm, can you just wait out there?” I blurt out.

What am I thinking?! Open the door and let him in! Sometimes my subconscious thinks faster than me. I unlock the door and open it.

“Hi. Come on in.” I say in a very nervous tone. Since when do I get nervous around men?! I lead him to my big couch and ask him to excuse myself so that i can finish dressing up. He smiles and sits down.

I finish my outfit in a swift movement. Do a little make up, perfume, grab my purse and shawl, one more look at myself in the full length mirror and head out.

He is not there. Maybe he found me too slow and couldn’t wait any longer. I got my keys from the kitchen counter, and there I just hear:

“You look amazing Angel.”

I turn around and yell “Do not startle me like that ever!” He grins at me. So crazy that man.


In the movie house we occupy seats pair by pair. Of course, these girlfriends of mine have all the intention to sit far from us. Our tickets say that our seats are in the back row. In the corner. Nice, very nice! I pout. This is a set up.

The movie is good so far, and my popcorn is making me thirsty. It seems he can sense that I need a drink because he instantly hands me my soda. I have to admit, he is nice to me. Half way of the movie and it starts getting boring. Jake seems watching it much interest, and has not been naughty or annoyingly-funny at all. He looks at me and says:

“Is there something you need? Still thirsty?”

This man is testing me. I keep silent but intensely stare at him. He suddenly leans on to me and plants a kiss right on my slightly open mouth. His kiss is gentle but firm. I can feel him trying to restrain himself. I want him to keep kissing me, so I hold the back of his neck and pull him closer to me. He lets out a moan. I giggle in between his kisses. Soon enough we are making out. Deep kissing and necking right there in the movie theater. His hands roam all over and I like how he touches every bit of me. He is burning right there, I can feel it! I guide his hand everywhere I want his touch; my waist, my sides, my legs, my thighs, up to my neck and right on my breasts, while he is busy sucking my mouth and tongue. I press myself to his hand. I let him squeeze my boobs, which makes him hungry for more. He breaks the kiss and cups my breast for an instant suckling action! I am trying not to moan loud. He is so good with his mouth and lips! I take his finger in my mouth to suck on so I will not make a sound. That makes him crazier! Pulling my top off to expose my chest, he pinches on each hard nipple. He licks each one of them while he looks at me. A teaser!

When he is sure that I like what he does to me, he slips off his seat and sits on the floor between my legs. OMG! I am totally giggling. I am nervous yet very excited! Sure it is dark in here but I can sense what he is planning to do. And I am right.

He places his hand on my knee. He is slowly grazing to my thighs. Further it goes till it slips inside my skirt. I am looking at him as he is staring at me. Our faces show lusty seriousness. And then I feel his fingers slips right in my panties. No more teasing, but straightforward fingering my slit. I open my thighs more; he likes it and dives to where his fingers are.


I let out a hush cry. I can feel his tongue sliding up and down my cunt. I want more. I pull his head towards me and he knows what I need and starts to suck my bald pussy harder. I know I am flowing juices now because he is sucking loudly. My legs are resting on each armrest of the chairs and that gives him wider space to eat me. We know we cannot keep doing this for long, ushers may come and flash bright light to us anytime. He stops what he is doing and pulls me from my seat. He is almost dragging me out of the cinema, not caring much that my legs are shaking. Not to mention the pussy juices on my thighs.

Hand in hand we cross the street and go into the small hotel a few meters away. We get a room fast as we both cannot wait. We do not mind that we practically strip each other in the hallway to our room.

He opens the door we finish undressing quickly. I push him in the center of the big bed, all naked and ready, but I want to tease this time…


8 thoughts on “Confessions – Day Eighteen

  1. very nice story. could “feel” the moment between the two lovers and all the while pictured myself there. Makes me want to go out to the movies tonight. Another great job by Angel!!!! Write more…and more..and more….!

    1. Hi Shaunmac54! I might see you in the movie then! Make sure you don’t sit too far, I wouldn’t mind to take a sneak peak at you and your partner!

      1. I’ve read most of them, still working through them (the site is blocked where I work, which cuts into my reading time).

        Tomorrow? Color me slightly confused. 😛

  2. My what control you have, your pussy dripping and you want to tease, Now that is a sexy lady. Cant wait to see how you two make out. Got me interested and hard.

    1. You know, us women don’t necessarily need to get it inside us to climax, I can have an intense orgasm just by thinking of something that makes me hot, or just by teasing and see the desire in the eye of my partner!

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