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Guest author: Jeff Cunningham

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Meet Jeff Cunningham a.k.a. Cowboy_Witch!

Jeff Cunningham enjoys writing in various forms, even writing for a living. Much of Jeff’s career has involved sports writing for newspapers and the Internet, and he currently works in an athletic media relations department at a private university. On top of his professional writing, Jeff writes – among other things – comic books, serial stories, screenplays and fan fiction.

Jeff is relatively new to erotica writing, and many of his stories are at least partially based on real life situations. His erotica stories have been published on websites such as Literotica and Lush.

Jeff would like to become a published writer; he is currently writing a supernatural novel and is working on a pair of screenplays based on his original comic book ideas. He also writes blogs for politics (Pulled Left and Right), sports (Last Four on the Clock) and NASCAR (Stuck in the Pits) – as well as serial stories: Notna and the fan fiction Faith the Vampire Slayer.

You can contact Jeff at [email protected] and add him on Facebook.

Jeff Cunningham is the author of “Phone Sex Tips For Long Distance Couples”:

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