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69 Hot Sensual Ideas To Make Your Sex Life Hotter

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Ready for some thrilling grilling? Download this free eBook, courtesy of Lloyd Lester, and discover 69 hot sensual ideas to transform your sexual routine into toe-curling erotic adventures in (and out!) of the bedroom!

Inside you’ll discover a lot of amazing ideas to break the day to day habits of your sex life. If you have spend already quite some years together with your sex partners, it can sometimes be a bit hard to find some fresh new kinky ideas.

Sensual idea #8

One easy technique that doubles women’s pleasure and “primes” them for a jaw-dropping orgasm… in half the time!

Sensual idea #64

90% of women crave this move. They will just drop everything and do it on the spot like a porn star!

Sensual idea #10

The sensual ideas for cunnilingus technique that will have any woman quivering with uncontrollable erotic spasms.

Sensual idea #25

The sex position women lust after – and a naughty variation that triggers sheet-gripping female orgasms.

Sensual idea #61

Dirty sex: one sex move so new and naughty you could only read it here!

And much much more!

Sounds like something you could handle despite being very hot?

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It is not often that people contact me to give away free gifts! Feel free to share this free eBook with your buddies as well, they will be grateful for that! I am always pleased to share any sensual ideas I have in mind, or to welcome sensual ideas from my dear readers. So if you have some more to add to it, feel free to leave them in your comments below!


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