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Confessions – Day Twenty Five


02:30 pm – Sitting at my desk at the office

It’s my birthday today!

I am in such great mood! All festivities going on around me in Bangkok makes me think the whole country celebrates me!

And as a good thing never comes alone, I found a very nice present when passing at the office today! The receptionist mentioned  to me that “someone” came early in the morning and left a gift for me.

Intrigued by this mystery person and the gift, I went to my desk where she deposited the parcel. I found a large rectangle of about 50×70 cm, wrapped in ruby red paper with a gold ribbon. A small envelop was attached to it.

Very curious about it, i reached for the envelop, wondering who could have sent this to me.  Once I opened it, I instantly recalled that random encounter which had remained hidden to some remote corner of my memory in the frenzy of my hectic work week.

I was lunching at a chic French restaurant, admiring some pencil drawings hung on the wall, when that tattooed guy appeared out of nowhere, handing me a phone. Surprised by his looks (he didn’t really fit in the posh environment of the restaurant) and his gesture, I kind of froze, a big question mark on my face. He started to talk in his cute French accent, letting me know that I just dropped my iPhone on the floor. After a quick glance in my bag, i noticed that my cell was missing, and that I probably slipped it outside the bag by mistake. So I thanked him and we started a very casual conversation. He proved to be very interesting indeed, so I offered him to join me for lunch. The man looked and dressed like a veteran, has a Polynesian tattoo covering his arm from hand to shoulder, and happened to be the artist who drew thee whole exhibition! He called it “Tranches de Siam” that could be translated as “Slices of Thailand”. Well to cut a long story short, he confessed that he admired me when I got into the restaurant and that I was imprinted in his retina forever! I thought that was funny so I dared him to draw me from memory. He agreed to the challenge then we talked of different things, finished lunch and parted ways.

I haven’t heard from him since then and I must admit that he slipped out of my mind. But apparently he didn’t forget me, nor my challenge. He recalled where my office was and even remembered my birthday that I mentioned during our conversation!

When I opened the gift I was truly amazed! He probably was telling the truth about me being imprinted in his retina! He drew my in this manga style that I really affectionate, and it so looks like real me!

Angelicka drawn by Alain Joannis
Image: Alain Joannis

I stuck a snapshot of it here in the pages of my diary. I just have to blur the face a little bit to protect my privacy. Hey I don’t want my wealthy family to learn about me running an erotica blog and giving hot tips. And I would certainly prefer to avoid being blackmailed for that as well! But I promised to myself that anyone being kind enough to make a donation for my blog would get a link to a high resolution of this artwork without any blurred part at all!

I am such a sweet girl!


10 thoughts on “Confessions – Day Twenty Five

  1. very beautiful and fascinating the story … the intriguing story of the girl remains impressed in the retina of the French guy and it turns out to be true …. Keep up the good ‘, do a long way … a sugggerimento … perhaps there should be a bit ‘about sex in the stories …

    1. Oh Wecanflyband, thank you so much for your sweet comment.
      As for sex, I invite you to read the rest of the confessions and erotica. There is a lot to discover.

  2.  The picture looks amazingly sexual.  If I saw such an image in a restaurant I would have been equally mesmerized and perhaps even have whiplash from turning my head so far and so quickly just to see.

    1.  WOW Frank, it’s the first time I hear that I look sexual in my suit. Thanks for the sweet comment and please mind your neck…

    1. Aww thanks Sandokankann_vann sweetie! So nice of you!
      You should read the other stories though, they are much more hmmm… sensexional!

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