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Dirk and the Maneater – An Adult Story by Aramis


When a biker gets hooked in a bar by a maneater

Dirk walked into the bar a little past midnight, well past the prime grazing period for the singles that usually haunted bars on Friday and Saturday nights. On most nights he’d be out there competing for female companionship with the best of them, and he could count on one hand the number of times he’d gone home alone after closing time. He had his favorite bars to hang out in, and this bar wasn’t one of them. Hell, he wasn’t even in his own town. He’d just gotten in from a long road trip on his Harley-Davidson and had finished unpacking at his motel when he got the urge for a beer, so he headed for the nearest bar to get one.

He stopped at the first one he came to, a fairly decent looking place called “Jessie’s Bar and Grill,” parked the bike in front and came inside. His leather jacket and chaps drew a little bit of attention as he walked across the room; he guessed they didn’t get many bikers there since he didn’t see any parked out front. He found himself a table in the back where he could sit and watch the little bit of action going on in the bar, ordered up a beer, and sat back to relax and unwind. As soon as the waitress showed up with his beer he took a long swallow; the beer felt good going down. He put the beer down on the table and then sat back, relaxing as he looked around the room.

The first thing he noticed was an intense brunette sitting at the far end of the bar. She was intense in more ways than one – her brown hair was long, past her shoulders, and she was wearing a strapless white tube dress that fit her lithe body like a glove, showing off every curve and bump. And man, did she have some bumps! Her breasts were very large, round and full, her nipples showing through the tight material of the dress. She was looking right at him, and the look on her face told Dirk at once that this woman meant business – she had ‘man-eater’ written all over her, but Dirk didn’t care. She had him fixed with an intent gaze, her dark eyes looking right at him, and as Dirk watched a small half-smile crept to her lips. She picked up her beer and got off her stool, showing plenty of leg as she did so, and walked towards him without taking her eyes off of him. Dirk could tell by the way her big breasts wobbled when she walked that she was braless; not that she needed one that badly, anyhow. And if her rear end moved the way her front did, the guys behind her were getting quite a show. She kept her eyes fixed on Dirk as she walked over to his table, and Dirk glanced around to see every male pair of eyes in the room following her as she walked. He could only wonder what they were thinking.

“Mind if I sit down?” she asked in a smooth, sultry voice.

“Now why in the world would I mind?” Dirk asked.

She smiled that half-smile again in response and then sat down, crossing her shapely legs.

“I’m Kelly,” she said, her brown eyes fixed on him. “You’re new here.”

“Dirk; and you’re right, I’ve never been here before,” he replied. “I just got into town about an hour ago. As soon as I checked in to the motel I felt the need for a beer, and this was the first place I found. So here I am.”

“I thought so; I know most of the men who come in here by sight, and I’d have remembered you if you’d been here before,” she said, taking a sip of her beer.

“And why would you have remembered me?” Dirk asked.

“Because your ass looks really good in those chaps, and no one else around here has the balls to wear them, much less ride a bike,” she said, not missing a beat. “If you’d been in here before, I’d remember you!”

‘Ah,’ Dirk thought to himself, ‘a woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind!’

“What kind of bike do you ride?” she asked.

“Harley,” he replied.

“Nice. Which model?”

“Heritage Softail Classic.”

“Very nice; my favorite,” she said, leaning forward and putting her elbows on the table.

Her large breasts hung forward, creating some impressive cleavage for Dirk to admire, which he did.

“Wanna take me for a ride?” she asked.

“Sure,” he said, “where do you want to go?” he asked.

“Your motel room,” she replied. The game was on.

“Now why would you want to go there?” Dirk asked.

Time to see if this girl was serious or just fucking around. She smiled as she replied, and the smile said man-eater.

“Because I want to see just how much cum I can squeeze out of your cock,” she said without hesitating a bit.

“You really speak your mind, don’t you?” Dirk asked, taking a long pull on his beer.

“Yes, I do. It’s the fastest way to get what I want, and right now I want to fuck you so bad my pussy is throbbing,” she said. “So, Dirk, are we going for that ride now?”

“Yes, we are,” Dirk said, standing up and finishing his beer.

She stood and walked towards the door, giving Dirk a chance to see that her ass did in fact wiggle as much as her tits did when she walked as he followed her out the door. He felt the eyes of every male in the bar on him as they left. They walked over to his bike and he got on, putting up the kickstand. She lifted her already-short skirt up higher and got on the bike behind him, and as she did so he saw that she was wearing a tiny white thong to match her dress. She settled into the seat and wrapped her arms around him, pressing her big tits into his back.

“Let’s go!” she said in his ear, and Dirk fired up the bike.

They pulled away from the bar and he accelerated down the street, heading for his motel. She clung to him as they rode, pressing her body against his back. Halfway to the motel Dirk felt her hand slide down his side and over his thigh, settling on his crotch. She squeezed his cock through his jeans, feeling his immediate response.

“I can’t wait to give you a blow job!” she said in his ear, then ran her tongue around the outside of his ear before darting it quickly in and out.

She squeezed his cock once more and then took her hand away, wrapping her arms around him again.

A few minutes later they arrived at the motel, and Dirk stopped the bike in front of his room. He held the bike upright while she got off, getting a good look at her ass when she did, then put the kickstand down and got off himself. He locked up the bike and they walked to the door of his room. He opened the door to let her in and followed her, closing the door behind him. She turned on one of the lamps on the table as he slipped out of his leather jacket, tossing it over a chair. Without a word she walked over to him, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him long and deep, pressing her body hard against his, her silky tongue snaking its way into his mouth. She had the longest, most agile tongue he’d ever seen, and she was good with it. He felt his cock getting hard and she did, too, pressing her hips up against it. He slid his hands down her back and grabbed the full, firm globes of her ass and pulled her hard against him. She thrust her tongue deeper into his mouth as her passion quickly rose, and he squeezed her ass hard. She slid her hand down his stomach and gripped his cock through his jeans, squeezing and massaging it hard. She finally broke the kiss, leaving both of them breathless.

She led him over to the bed and turned him so his back was to the bed.

“First, I’m going to give you the best blow job you’ve ever had,” she said, sitting him down on the bed and spreading his knees apart, standing between them.

“Then I’m going to wrap my big tits around your cock and tit-fuck you.”

She knelt down in front of him and reached up for his zipper, working it down as she spoke.

“And then I’m going to suck your cock some more,” she said as she opened his fly and reached inside his boxers, never taking her eyes off him. She pulled out his hard cock and smiled as she said,

“And after that, I’m going to lay you down, slide my tight, wet pussy down on your cock, and squeeze the cum out of it!”

She reached back inside his boxers and pulled out his balls, smiling when she saw that they were shaven smooth.

“I see you shave your balls, Dirk,” she said, squeezing them in her hand as she wrapped her other hand around his cock.

“Been doing it for as long as I can remember,” Dirk replied, sitting back on his elbows and watching her work.

“Good! I like it when a man’s balls are shaven smooth,” she said, “it makes sucking on them so much easier!”

With that she leaned forward and ran her long, wet tongue over his balls. She looked him right in the eyes as she sucked his balls into her mouth one at a time. Dirk moaned with pleasure as she rolled them around in her mouth, pumping on his shaft as she did so. She released his balls from her lips after several long, very pleasurable minutes.

“You’ve got a nice cock, Dirk; big and thick, just like I like them,” she said, looking up at him. “I bet you can cum buckets!”

She kept on pumping his long, hard shaft with one hand while she massaged and squeezed his balls in the other.

“You keep that up and you’ll find out,” he said.

“Oh, I intend to!” she replied. Then she opened her mouth and slid her long, wet tongue out and slowly licked the underside of Dirk’s cock from top to bottom. When she got to the tip of his cock she slipped her lips around it and slid her mouth down on his shaft, taking all of it with one gulp. She immediately began sliding her wet, sucking mouth up and down his shaft in long, firm strokes, taking it all with each dip of her head. She was still looking at him so she saw his reaction; she slipped his cock out of her mouth just long enough to say a couple of words.

“I don’t have a gag reflex,” she said, licking his cock with her long, wet tongue, “that’s how I can deep-throat your big cock!”

Then she went back to sucking his cock, hard and fast, pumping his shaft with one hand and squeezing his balls with the other. She was intent on making him cum and wasn’t going to give up until he did; Dirk knew that if she kept this up it wouldn’t be long before he was blowing his load down her throat.

Kelly sucked his cock hard and fast, the shaft glistening with her saliva as she slid her mouth up and down. She moaned as she sucked on him, occasionally slipping her mouth from his cock long enough to suck on his balls, firmly pumping his shaft with her hand as she did so. After several very pleasurable minutes she slid her mouth from his cock and gripped it with one hand, pumping it as she sat up.

“And now for that tit-fuck!” she said, pulling down the top of her dress with her free hand.

Her tits were big and full, very round with just a little bit of sag, and her nipples were rock-hard. She leaned forward and plopped them down on either side of his cock, then pressed the shaft against her chest as she wrapped her big tits around it. She pressed them together hard, squeezing his cock between them, and immediately began to slide them up and down his shaft. His cock was slippery with her saliva, and the precum pouring out of the tip of his cock helped make the valley between her tits even more slippery. Her face was split with a big grin as she slid her tits up and down his shaft.

“Oh, yeah, I love it! I love feeling your cock trapped between my big tits!” she said, grinning that maneater grin as she slid her big tits rapidly up and down his shaft.

She lowered her head down and sucked the head of his cock into her mouth as she slid her mounds up and down his shaft, running her tongue over the head and licking his precum up with her tongue.

“I could make you cum like this, but I’ll save that for later,” she said. “Right now I want to fuck you, so get out of your clothes and get on the bed!”

She stood up and slipped the tube dress down over her hips, followed by the thong panties. Dirk stood up and stripped off his t-shirt and then his chaps, followed by his boots and jeans. Kelly laid down on the bed as he did so, spreading her legs and fingering her wet pussy as he got undressed. Her dark patch of pubic hair was trimmed close and in a strip, her outer lips shaven smooth. She squeezed one of her tits as she slipped a finger inside her pussy, rubbing it over her clit. Dirk, naked now with his hard cock standing out in front of him, walked over to the bed and laid down next to her. She immediately went for his cock, sucking it into her mouth and swallowing it whole, throwing her leg over his head as she did so. Before Dirk could say a word she dropped her hips down and planted her pussy right on his mouth. Dirk reached up and grabbed the cheeks of her ass with both hands and squeezed them hard as he drove his tongue deep inside her wet pussy. Kelly moaned around his cock as he licked and nibbled her clit, and before Dirk knew it she was drenching his face with her juices as she came. She screamed around his cock as the orgasm rocked her body, clamping her smooth thighs around Dirk’s head. She came hard, and when her orgasm faded she released Dirks’ cock from her mouth and quickly spun around to mount him.

“I want this cock inside me, and I want it now!” she said as she grabbed his cock and pointed it up towards her pussy.

She slipped the head of his cock inside her opening and then dropped down on it, impaling herself on his hard cock. She threw her head back and moaned loudly, grinding her hips around and around on his cock. Dirk could feel her squeezing it with her pussy muscles, her ass resting on his balls. Then she started to move, sliding up and down his cock in long, hard, and fast strokes. She was intent on fucking him as hard and as fast as she could, and she told him so.

“I’m gonna fuck you hard, Dirk,” she said, leaning forward on her hands as she slid up and down on his cock, her big breasts swaying and bobbing with her motions.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard you’ll remember it for the rest of your life!”

“So do it!” Dirk replied, causing Kelly to grin back at him.

Dirk reached up and grabbed her big breasts in his hands, massaging and squeezing them as she pounded up and down on his cock. She was taking all of his shaft in long, deep strokes, nearly pulling all the way off when she slid up but not quite; then she’d drop her hips down onto his cock, impaling it deep inside her with every thrust. Dirk hung on to her big tits, pulling on the nipples hard, which seemed to drive Kelly wild. She squeezed his cock hard with her pussy in return, and then she said straight up. She drove her hips down onto his cock as she cried out in orgasm, and Dirk squeezed her big breasts hard as her pussy fluttered around his shaft. She ground her hips around on his cock as she came, and then starting sliding her hips forward and back, still sitting straight up. She reached around behind her and grabbed Dirk’s balls, squeezing them firmly and causing Dirk to moan. He squeezed her tits harder in return and Kelly came again, harder this time. Dirk could feel her juices flooding his cock and running down his shaft. This girl was a regular sex machine!

“I’m gonna make you cum now, Dirk,” she said, looking down at him, “but I want to feel you cum all over my tits! You can cum in my pussy later, but right now I want to feel your hot cum all over my tits!”

She quickly dismounted Dirk and slid down between his legs, quickly grabbing his cock and wrapping her big tits around it. She squeezed them hard and began sliding them up and down his cock fast and hard, just like she did before. Dirk knew that it wouldn’t be long before he was going to cum, and Kelly knew it, too.

“Come on, baby, cum all over my big tits!” she said, gripping her tits and squeezing them harder around his cock. “Shoot your hot, thick load all over them! You know you want to, so do it! Cum for Kelly, baby! Cum all over my big tits!”

And he did. Dirk threw his head back and moaned loudly as he came, his cock spurting out long streams of cum which were trapped between Kelly’s tits. She laughed and continued to tit-fuck him, sliding her tits fast up and down the length of his spurting, throbbing cock. Then she let her tits fall away from his cock and quickly grabbed it, pumping it as he continued to cum. She pointed his cock at her tits and let the cum spray all over them, sliding her hand up and down the shaft and squeezing his balls with her other hand as stream after stream of hot, thick cum landed on her big tits. Then she dropped her head down and sucked on the end of his cock, sucking the last of his cum from him as his orgasm slowed. She sucked on his shaft until there was nothing left, then sat up and smiled at him as she rubbed his cum all over her tits.

“You came good, baby!” she said, licking her fingers. “I just love making a man cum hard like that!”

Gasping for breath, Dirk replied, “Man, you’re really something!”

“Like I said, I don’t waste time when I see something I like,” she replied, still looking him in the eyes as she sucked the cum off her fingers. “And after we’ve had a chance to catch our breath, I’m going to fuck you again, only this time I want to feel you cum inside my pussy!”

“I have a feeling it’s going to be a very long but very enjoyable night,” Dirk replied, smiling.

“Baby,” Kelly replied, “you ain’t seen nothing yet!”


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