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Publication of our First eBook: Phone Sex Tips For Couples!

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The Complete Phone Sex Tips eBook!

Here it is!

A few months back, Jeff Cunningham and I met on Lushstories, a website for Erotica writers. Jeff was excited to publish a story on My Pouty Lips and sent me a first draft. Unfortunately, his first draft was not really adapted to the format of the site, so I couldn’t publish it. He was kind enough though to send me another story titled The Wicked Idea, which was published here.

But the first draft he sent me was very good (some interesting tips for long distance couples, based on real life experience), so I didn’t want to keep it sleeping in my mailbox, accumulating the dust without anyone reading it. That’s when I thought we could make it a nice guide in form of an eBook. Just then, still on Lush, I was contacted by Sherry who was talking about a website, Smash Words. And you know what Smash Words does? It helps publishers create their eBooks and sell them online! Talk about fate! And not only just sell them online, but also register them with all major eBook retailers, including Amazon, Apple, Sony, Barnes & Noble…

Smash Words is free to sign up, but it is not an easy process to put your eBook in the right format though. It takes time and efforts, and you probably won’t get it right the first couple of times. It needs to fit exactly their format in order to be accepted for the Premium status.

So here we go! Welcome to our very first published eBook: Phone Sex Tips For Long-Distance Couples! It retails for $2.99 only and there are different versions adapted to different readers for the best reading experience. And the hot tips Jeff is giving there are really worth it!

Phone Sex Tips For Long-Distance Couples

As I do have a publisher account now, I am able to publish different authors. So if you also have a novel, a compilation of short erotica or some hot tips you want to publish in eBook format, feel free to contact me and I will be able to help!

A special thanks to Jeff for his patience and his writing skills, and to Sherry for letting me know about Smash Words!

Please note that this title is available as follows:
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