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Confessions – Day Twenty Four


09:37 pm – At home, sitting on a stool at my kitchen counter

Another day, another million dollar! The past few weeks have been pretty busy with business trips and deals, but very profitable as well. Dad will be proud of me and the way I manage the company. If I continue like this I might get another apartment for my birthday!

Well, I am quite proud of myself too and I think I deserve a nice little break, with a nice glass of wine (I might just open a bottle of Mouton Rotschild for the occasion!) and of course my favourite diary. Funny how I can never seem to finish putting my Valentine’s dinner in my secret pages!

But first thing first: a nice glass of fine wine!

09:52 pm – Still at my kitchen counter

So, from hunter I became hunted, in the blink of an eye. And we hardly had one glass of champagne yet! This series of kisses by Lucy and then Tony really did turn me on, and obviously my two playmates were not the least shy. Lucy got really into it, and took the excuse of Tony’s toast to physically check the poutyness of my lips with her mouth, one more time. But this time she got more adventurous, sliding her hand along my thighs up to my crotch. It was hard to stay in control given the sensuality of her kiss, but feeling her hand touching my already wet pussy through the fabric of my panties was more than I could handle. I just abandoned myself to her. Tony was watching us while sipping his champagne. I could see him smiling like a wolf through my semi-closed eyes.

As Lucy was slowing down a little bit trying to catch her breath, Tony came closer and put his hand on my thigh as well, feeling the smoothness of my skin all the way up to my skirt. I was trapped! Tony took my arm and placed my hand on his trousers. He was already hard like wood, and I could feel with my finger some moisture on the fabric; my stallion was already wet with precum! He helped my hand through his pants as his cock obviously needed to be released from this tight space. Lucy already pulled my cotton panties half way down and was caressing the wet lips of my pussy, sliding from time to time a finger inside it. I was literally dripping, and each time her finger would slide out, I released a long flow of gush.

Tony’s cock was so hard and warm in my hand, a rod of steel in a velvet sheath. It really felt like polishing a hot rod when i was stroking it. It was so tensed under my tiny fingers, so full of life, full of its own will. I was feeling like a fairy holding a powerful magic wand. The contact send shivers all along my spine. Lucy must have felt it because at the very same moment, she started to slide down on the floor and kneel right in between my legs, that she spread a little further. Her mouth had swapped my pouty lips for my juicy lips. She got herself busy trying to lick me clean with her inquisitive tongue, although each time she was lapping me up she only managed to make me even more wet.

Tony immediately took advantage of my mouth being free again to cover it with hungry kisses. We all lost total control and at that moment we just turned into animals full of lust. I stroke him faster and he reached for my breasts, squeezing them, twisting my hard nipples until i moan of half pain, half pleasure. Lucy was digging her tongue in my dripping pussy, sometimes pulling it out only to lick my slit from my ass hole up to my clit.I was starting to feel my orgasm build up, which made me more horny of course.

Tony was getting hotter every minute, and more pressing. He started to turn me on the couch, slowly but with a powerful determination, until I found myself on my four, my breasts hanging out of my open blouse, my cunt dripping loads of gooey cum on my thighs, my mini skirt up to my waist revealing my firm round butt and my clean shaven pussy, and my cotton panties down to my knees. Lucy swiftly followed the movement and was in no time below me, her head below my waist, and her waist right below my head. That was more that I could resist and I dug my head between her legs, quenching my thirst for lust with the delicious nectar coming from her sweet pussy. While we were there pleasing each others, Tony grabbed my waist and started to do me doggie style, forcing his huge cock in my pussy, then pulling it out to let Lucy lick it for a while before putting it back in.

Lucy started to continuously flow on my tongue so I knew she was to come anytime soon. I was holding my orgasm so that we could climax together, and I felt I could let it go soon. I slid two fingers in her slit, reaching for her G-spot while my my tongue was flicking her swollen clit.We were both moaning louder and louder like two females in heat, which we were at that time. Lucy’s mouth was now completely busy with Tony’s cock, offering him a warm and hungry shelter. I could hear her gag as he was trying to deep throat her with his huge tool and seemed to have difficulties to go all the way through! The gagging sound of Lucy was driving me crazy. But as she was struggling to take that big dick in her mouth, I could feel something hard and cold penetrating me.

As it was sliding inside me, I felt my orgasm escape from my weak control and burst into an extraordinary fireworks, that I accompanied with a long loud scream. Lucy followed me just the blink of an eye later, and I could feel her body convulsing under me. But she had no chance to verbally express her intense pleasure. Tony was releasing load after load in her mouth and she had a hard time to keep up with the rhythm of his shots and the amount of semen he was releasing. She was trying to gulp load after load while I was screaming my pleasure out loud! My body was shaking like a washing machine in spin mode due to the intensity of my orgasm. I heard Lucy slowing down on the gulping, meaning that our hot stallion was now done as well. Then I felt  something sliding out of my pussy: Tony was pulling out… the bottle of champagne that he inserted inside me! I would never have imagined that such a basic object could trigger so much pleasure! As the bottle was still half full when he inserted it, he did fill me up with quite a few glasses of champagne by doing so. And of course when he pulled it out, well, I kinda flushed the golden bubbly liquid all over Lucy’s face, and she almost drowned in the sparkling wine!

It took me quite a while to manage making a move and finally sit on the couch. There was a real liquid mess on the cushions, a mix of champagne, Lucy’s cum and mine, and some of Tony’s sperm that she couldn’t swallow. Lucy was looking completely washed out and empty, and Tony was on cloud nine. He went to my fridge to grab another bottle of champagne and filled the glasses again. We sipped the glasses, surfing on the wave of pleasure that we just had, everyone of us in his own bubble. When we recovered our spirit, Lucy and I went for a clean up and changed. In the meantime tony had called the restaurant to book for an extra person, and when we came back down in the living, he was there waiting for us, ready to take us both for dinner!

What an amazing guy really!

Dinner was most pleasant, and we had a really great time, getting to know each others, drinking more champagne, and laughing out loud. When we finished dining, while Tony was paying for the bill, I proposed them tom come have another drink at home. And of course to stay for the night. With a king size bed, I could accommodate them both without any problem at all!

10:48 pm –On the balcony

Recalling the events of my Valentine’s night and putting them on paper actually turn me on more that I could have expected. I had to change my panties as they were soaking wet! I am now finishing my glass of wine on the balcony, may be hoping that Tony passes by after a late night jogging, but mostly I want to enjoy the rather fresh air that the night is offering me, bewitched by the scent of jasmine.


54 thoughts on “Confessions – Day Twenty Four

  1. Hi Angelicka,
    You must be a very busy lady during the day,as I am too, being a Manager,of a very stressful job[can’t say what]BUT, when I get home I like to get into a hot bath with lots of babyoil in the water,and on then on to my hard “dick” and balls getting it nice and red and throbbing….then…when I get out I dry off[as noramal] shake on some very girly powder and slip into a very sexy vintage babydoll nylon nightie [ light blue] and peignoir, both have a very wide sweep,with lots of sexy slippery nylon, which I love.I continue to play with myself through the 4 layers of nylon in the lounge whilst watching TV.Then later I have supper,in my nightie
    and negligee, and hope into bed with satin sheets,again playing with my now large cock in my nightie, I love to slip and slide around in those sexy satin sheets, its a real buzz. If I get to carried away I sometmes you-know-what.

  2. Hi Angelicka
    I have another HOT confession for you,I hope that you’ll like it, and tell me what you think of it Angelicka.
    Later on today I was passing a Vintage shop that sells a lot of vintage goods and clothing as well as vintage nighties/negligee’s and peignoir’s I just could not resist buying this real beauty nightie and negligee,It has lots of long nylon ribbons to the hem,and are set out like this, one in the front two either side and it is held on by ribbons over the shoulder tied in to sexy bows.The ribbons are fantastic and I have it on at this moment along with the negligee it too, has long ribbons and a sexy bow. As usual I had a bath and slipped into this sexy nightie and playing with all those ribbons with a huge hard-on, Angelicka. I love to get those ribbons around my hard shaft, as I am now…This what I love doing,I get the outer chiffon layer with both hands and pull it back and forth on the under side of my shaft and balls but this time along with the ribbons as well,till I start to c-m….then I’m on a high,like, I’m doing right at this moment, wow, what a buzz, I just love playing with myself as I said with all that chiffon nylon and sexy nylon ribbons and bows….Angelicka. I’ve seen on the Internet, a lot of men love wearing vintage nylon nighties. Also Angelicka, apart from what I said I am a very straight guy, its just that I love nylon nighties especially babydoll type, which that latest is.

    1. Oh my god, Bevan! It looks like you found a very special way of pleasing yourself, and it seems it can bring you to higher levels of climax! Everyone of us has a secret garden that, once discovered, can take us to unexpected levels of pleasure.
      I love your confessions, Keep on writing anytime you fel like it.
      Thank you for sharing your pleasure with us!

  3. Thank you Angelicka, for your kind reply,I love it.Yes, I will Angelicka, try to do more confessions as they come along,maybe with my girlfriend[Yes,I do have one] So, thanks once again, and all the best to you Angelicka.

  4. Hi Again Angelicka,
    Yes,Angelicka, she knows that I’m into vintage nighties, peignoirs,and satin sheets on my bed,which is great,she sometimes stays over and she too, likes to wear these nylon chiffon nighties as well, which is great.She quite likes to watch me playing with myself,which it, too, gives me another big buzz and really love.Especially when she can’t make love [u know what I mean Angelicka] She loves to get up very close, I love her doing this too.Watching me cum into the chiffon,nylon,I’m usually shaking all over in delight as well.Better go and have my usual bath, Angelicka.

  5. It certainly is Angelicka,I haven’t said anything about what I’ve said to you, Angelicka, and I think that it’s better this way,don’t you think….Actually I do get quite turned-on telling you,Ang,.I love your replies, Angelicka, I’ve just got out of my bath and slipped again into my new nylon babydoll chiffon nightie and neg, and feeling quite sexy with all those ribbons floating around me and playing with them….mmmmmm

  6. Hey, Ang, I meant to have said,too. I loved you saying “probably one of the hottest confessions ever…..I really feel fantastic now, I’ll be thinking about that at work…

  7. No, Ang, I’m as straight as a dye at work… These sort of things as far as work is concerned I keep to myself,and every thing is all good….Angelicka….

  8. That’s true Ang, But its real buzz doing these confessions,like playing with the chiffon layer of my nylon babydoll nightie,I’ll expain in more detail Angelicka. I get in front of my full length mirror in the nude spreed my legs apart then hold the top of my nightie, Ang,in my right hand put the chiffon through my legs and hold the chiffon layer in my left hand at the back, and then pull it back and forth along with any long nylon ribbons on the bottom of my hard shaft and balls till I start to quiver, this is just fantastic,after quite a few times Angelicka,THEN… I start to cum,I pull my cum back till it coats my penis and balls,by this time, Ang, I’m on a high,I’ve just been doing this,… and Now I feel on top of the world….I have cum all over the chiffon layer and I’m shaking with excitement…. I better go and cool off Angelicka….Also the long nylon ribbons are very exciting on my shaft too…Ang, Whew…Id love know what you say, as always Ang,….I hope its not to over the top….Angelicka. … about secret garden…..but I love it…

  9. I’ve taken today off Angelicka,Had a great nights sleep,so,I’m going have a nice long bath with lots of baby oil in and on over my penis to get it really hard and red,then put on my new babydoll nightie the one with lots of long ribbons,and bows Ang, hop into bed with the satin sheets and do the slip-sliding-around with all the chiffon nylon playing with all the long ribbons and bows.I’ll be locking all the doors and windows and pulling the blinds, to make it look like I’m not home.So…I’m all excited Ang, I better get going…..MMMmmmm…

  10. Yes,they certainly were Ang,I had to strip my double bed and put the satin sheets and nighties out to the wash,with all that cum over the ribbons chiffon and satin,but, what a morning I had,I’s so turned-on,so a good nights sleep tonight,in ordinary P.J.s
    and cotton sheets.will be the order of the night Angelicka,Thanks for your comment too.
    When are you going to dress-up your boy friend???

  11. Angelicka, what I meant to have said was….that I was in “True Ecstasy” this morning.
    My girl friend is coming over later on this evening, I think, that, I may pluck up courage and ask her, if I could do something really outrageous to do, using my nighties ribbons and chiffon,and see what she come’s up with..what do U reckon Angelicka????

  12. Hi again Ang, Yeah, I thought Angelicka, how much I love chatting to you about my love of nylon chiffon, babydoll, frilly, sissy, sexy vintage nighties and peignoirs with nice long nylon ribbons tied into sexy bows,and masturbating on them and with them,you are so so understanding, and I love it.My girl fiend says she has this nightie for me and she has sown on heeps more long nylon ribbons for me,she says it has three bows on the shoulders,and,three bows,either side of a big bow in the middle
    of the nightie,sounds great,don’t you think Ang, with 14 long nylon ribbons, I’ll be in my element, I can’t wait to have a play with them plus the sexy chiffon,I’m getting stiff just thinking about it,oh,and she says it has a negligee to with two long ribbons either side to close it off,so,WOW,I thought, BRING-IT-ON…
    I let you know when I see it, and get into it Angelicka ….

  13. Hey,Angelicka, I got my addition wrong on the long nylon ribbons it is 26 not 14 as I was so excited telling U plus the 4 long ribbons on neg,I’m really excited that my girl friend is doing that just for me and I guess for her too.,,Ang. 30 long wide nylon ribbons I’ll be on a high…when playing with them all….

  14. That is a very good idea Ang, BUT, I think that she has other idea’s,she has just come over, with the nightie and neg, but she had to duck out for a short while,and I’m not to open the parcel till she gets back. So I’m getting quite excited, Ang.
    I’ll let U know when she arrives back and see what she has in mind.Bye the way she’s been looking at me… something’s up, for sure Ang.

  15. Well Ang, Sam, is back so I’m about to unwrap the parcel……WOW, Sam, wants me to tell you while I’m doing this typing…it looks amazing with multi-colored ribbons down to the hem,tied into sexy bows too….so now I have to put it on it has two layers of light blue chiffon and the ribbons just float all around, feels fantastic.along with the neg and all those ribbons…..Now..Sam has another supprise she wants me to show five of her friends.I think about this but is very exciting.I’m just about to have a bath,and Sam, is going to work on my penis with lots of baby oil…

  16. I’ve just got out of the bath with a real hard on,and I have the nightie & neg on too I did a few twirlls the ribbons floating gracefully around,while Sam, is bringing her friends I had to say yes as Sam got me into a high whilst I’s in the bath.She has now taken her friend into the lounge,and I am going to show them my new exciting babydoll vintage nightie & neg,my heart is beating so fast now……I walked in saying WAA-LAA and they too all had nylon nighties on as well…then I have to take off the neg,show them all the ribbons and do a few whirls…they all said “FANTASTIC” now I have take off my nightie and do the pull-through-thing showing each girl up close…using the ribbons as well, up and down my shaft….the girls were getting so turned-on,like me, I had to slip my cock into their pussy one by one,Sam was playing with my balls on the last girl I was so worked-up I gave her a big “cream-pie” all the way in her pussy, my cum was running out on to my nightie.We ended up trying on each others nighties, whep,WOW, what a fantastic evening Angelicka, with cum,ribbons,chiffon,fannies,nighties the lot,the girls all loved it too. I loved dipping my penis in each girl with their nightie’s on then finally cumming in Sam’s friend she thought it was great, I loved it as well.

  17. Hi Ang,
    You are right…I can’t believe this really happened either,and Sam is NOT happy with me either after me doing what I did accidently with one of her friends, so she’s taken away all of my nighties [not that I had too many anyway]she said that she is going to give them to some charity shop somewhere.I did say that I’s going take a pic’s of some, for you Ang, but they are all gone now, I guess for punishment.Sam,didn’t realize what had happened.SO, never mined, Ang,these things happen I guess, and I’ve been feeling pretty guilty all day,and I went out by myself for a drive,came back,and thought I’d tell you.So now I’m going back to being normal at nights Angelicka….

    1. Oh no! She is tough with you! She kind of prvoqued it after all and can’t blame you for that. Mmmm you should try to talk with her about it, and you should accept both your responsibilities in what happened, and move forward. You can still buy some new nighties anyway!

  18. Yeah, Ang, U are right,She did sort-of-set me up,I she’ll come round.I think I may leave it for a couple of days,and then give her a call.What do U think Ang,??? I suppose I could buy some more nighties,but I think I’ll give that a break in the mean time too……Angelicka, thank you for your advice, it great…..

  19. I’m sure they will Ang.Just a little bit of time, Your advice has been wonderful,sometimes males just need positive thinking from the opposite sex, Angelicka, and you have been fantastic for just that…..I give you a big THANK-YOU…Ang,….

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