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Confessions – Day Twenty Six


10:34 a.m. — Lazying on my sofa

Dear Diary,

so I am sitting here all by my lonesome, munching on a late breakfast after tumbling out of bed; and that’s after tumbling in at an ungodly hour the night before.  I’m planning on spending a quiet day here at home, maybe relaxing in a bubble bath with one of my favorite naughty books — but wait a minute, somebody has slipped a little pink note under my door!  Uh-oh, this looks like trouble…

10:39 a.m. — With a cup of coffee at my kitchen counter

Told you I was staying in today!  But not for long, though.  That mysterious note is from my sexy Lucy, my best friend and partner in mischief.  It reads, “Meet me at 7 p.m. tonight at Club Sin”. It is so thoughtful of her that she didn’t ring the bell to wake me up!

At least I guess from the dainty and unmistakable handwriting that it is my baby girl; ah, but where is this Club Sin that she is luring me to, mysteriously and under the cover of night?

Well the best way to know is to open my laptop and Google the club name I guess!

11:12 a.m. — Back to the sofa

Well, I clicked on the website that promised to tell me everything I wanted to know but was afraid to ask about the illusive Club Sin.

My eyes flew wide as the page opened to reveal a semi-nude photo of a gorgeous, muscular man with a firm, toned body and long, silken hair of gold.  Ah, but it is his eyes that captured me the most—no, really it is!  In fact the sight of his steel blue gaze made me all excited. Let me just take another peek at it…

The mystery man, apparently, goes by the single name of Drake.  The lead dancer of a male revue that headlines at Club Sin (a downtown night club that caters to ladies only) he is seduction personified; all wrapped up in a sexy package that includes a tight black g-string.

My private parts are throbbing and my nipples hardening as I admire his perfection; I crave to meet him, just like a little girl would crave for that big Italian ice cream cone in a hot summer day.  And tonight, I guess I will…

5:49 p.m. — In my bedroom

I am now officially ready for a night at Club Sin!

I slipped into some erotic lacy lingerie and put on my sexiest little pink dress. I took a while to brush my long dark hair until it shone. I then put on a fresh coat of ruby red lipstick as well as a big ol’ grin.

It has been so long since I hit a male strip club; I saw some hot shows in college, and even dated a guy who danced (private shows!  OMG!), but it has been a long time since I actually saw one, and I’m all hot and bothered just thinking about it.

Lucy is always getting me into trouble, that little minx!

Oh well, gotta go grab a quick dinner on the way if I don’t want to be late!  Wish me luck tonight, dear Diary!

Catch ya later!


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