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Guest Author: Lynn Myshe’ Joseph

Guest Authors

Meet Lynn Myshe’ Joseph!

Married mother of three, this writer is fairly new to erotica wrig, but possesses a vivid, strong, sensual and kinky imagination, which showcases her various sides of writing.

By day, she holds a position in corporate America; all stiff, staunchy and business. By night, she taps into her wild side, and reveals a personality that is put to paper.

She has published a book of short tales of different and interesting erotic situations: “Submit To Your Fantasies“.

Her writings do not stem from personal experiences; rather it all comes from the deep recesses in her mind, where all sorts of fantasies lie!

You can contact Lynn Myshe’ Joseph by email on: [email protected]

Lynn Myshe’ Joseph is the author of “Submit To Your Fantasies”:


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